Dead Cats: VetsDay, 11/11/16, (24)01: James Brody


JANET: Citizens for Liberty

ISSUES: RUSHBO – Dem demise; OLIPHANT – Pardon Assange?; DRUDGE LINKS 11/10/16, 11/11/16; BATCHELOR –  HANSON; KURSON – Efficient win; TARANTO – Zombie apocalypse; WILLIAMSON – RIP Clintons.

NOTES: Conway Woman of the Year?; GEICO Ads; LEVIN – About Corker.

Max Bennett, Patch: “Delco Veterans Day Parade Beings At 11:11 a.m. Friday”

The parade will kick off at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Parade begins at State and Edgemont streets in Media.

“The Delaware County Council, District Attorney Jack Whelan, Media Mayor Bob McMahon, and other local officials will honor the county’s veterans and thank them for their service and dedication.

“Dozens of World War II veterans, various high schools marching bands, local students and others will be participating in this year’s parade, which is the largest Veterans Day Parade in the area. ‘



REPLAY: Did Comey lie about reviewing all the emails in an impossible time in order to infuriate us and spur votes for Trump? It worked! Meanwhile, read a history of the Foundation’s deceit at Learn who paid for Chelsea’s wedding and for the mutually assured destruction’ between the Clintons, Huma, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband, and even Billy Gates and your kid’s education.

James Brody: We chose between two Americas, between an entrepreneur and a thief, between a constitutional democracy and a cancer, between Christianity and paganism.

It is also true that Obama protected his next job by a “pardon” of Hillary’s thefts that she managed through the Clinton Foundation. He campaigned for her to retain his credibility with Islam and UN globalists such as Mr. Soros. This is classic Cloward-Piven maneuvering by building first a crisis and then expanding government agencies and regulations to manage it. Obama builds his own future by appearing to be the one man who manages both sides in global disputes.

He lost when Hillary lost and cell phones were partly responsible!

(Yoshiki Kuramoto (Kuramoto, Yoshiki (1984/2003) Chemical Oscillations, Waves, and Turbulence. Orig: Springer. Reprint – NY: Dover) demonstrated that a field of oscillators will move into synchrony if there is some form of linkage between the oscillators. (See also Strogatz, Steven. 2003, Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order. NY: Hyperion.)

Cell phones make the links between enormous numbers of human oscillators. We all duplicate a Kuramoto field. Your phone made possible an instant, massive “bull shit” reaction to Comey! They also make fluid, rapid waves of liberals who use them to organize for “flash mobs”!

Another complication: Human brains don’t mature until age 25! Our “snowflake” youth easily make swarms of impulsive, same-thinkers that clever people can organize quickly.  Such conditions make platoons  possible but not thoughtful, independent voters!

See Charlie Nash, Breitbart, “Anti-Trump Protests Emerge in New York, Chicago, DC, California, Boston”

Rushbo: Demise of Democrats

“. . . I’m talking about the demise of the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party since 2010, the midterm elections in 2010, they lost 900 seats in that election in the House, in the Senate, go to governorships, mayors, town council, if you go all over the country, they got a shellacking.  We now know that if Donald Trump had run for president in 2012 using the exact data he got versus what Obama got in 2012, Donald Trump would have beaten Obama in 2012, if you take the data from this election and measure it against what Obama had.

“Hillary Clinton got six million fewer votes than Barack Obama in 2012.  In 2014, the next set of midterms, the Democrats lost another 700 seats.  The Democrat Party has been decimated.  They have no bench.  They don’t have anybody bringing up the rear in case Hillary lost.  They have literally been shellacked.  We have been governed by a minority against our will, and the illusion has been that they are the majority and gaining the majority and growing the majority.

“The illusion has been that we are the ones dwindling away to nothing, and it’s been the exact opposite.  The pollsters didn’t miss anything.  They didn’t get anything wrong.  They just didn’t tell us the truth about what they were seeing in these polls.  You go back and look at it now.  The data there was.  They, exactly as I asked on the day of the election, if we’re not gonna believe them all of these months when they report the news, why believe the polls that they produce?

“They didn’t miss anything.  What they’re doing by saying, “Man, how did we miss it? Oh, my God, we’ve gotta go back and examine it.”  They didn’t miss it.  They didn’t tell the truth.  They weren’t honest about what they were finding.  They weren’t honest about trying to find what was actually going on.  The idea they don’t know who Trump voters are — BS.  They know exactly who the Trump voter is.  They ignored them.  They impugned them.  They knew exactly where the Trump supporter was coming from and they chose to ignore it.  They chose to report that it didn’t exist.  They chose to report that it wasn’t relevant.

“So now we have all these riots going on, exactly as I predicted. And, folks, aside from these little snowflakes that are melting on campus today, the kids, all of these riots that you’re seeing in New York and Philadelphia and Chicago and Los Angeles are bought and paid for. . .”

Vicki Oliphant, UK Express: “Is Trump about to help pardon Assange? Shock calls after WikiLeaks release Clinton e-mails”

“. . . Despite having only been elected in the early hours of this morning, the Republican candidate is already facing his first major decision over calls for Mr Assange to be cleared over sex assault allegations.

“WikiLeaks has long sought to expand privacy rights and has strongly opposed secret wiretaps, drone strikes, and the Guantánamo Bay prison facility.

Mr Trump, on the other hand, has suggested “closing up the internet” and had often wondered aloud whether the US should consider using nuclear weapons more often.

“However despite their differences, the two men have been brought together by the race for the White House.

“Thousands of private e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta were leaked last month, soon after the leak of a video of Mr Trump making vulgar comments about women in 2005.

“Mr Assange claims he wanted to “change the conversation”, but as Mr Trump continued to be accused of sexism several extra batches of e-mails were released, with WikiLeaks promising more leaks.

“Now Trump supporters, who are still celebrating his historic win last night that saw him secure 279 votes in the electoral college, say the WikiLeaks activist should be pardoned for helping to bring home the victory. . .”

Drudge Links 11/10

Analysis: Trump Would Have Beaten Obama in ’12! 
Victory ensures conservative majority on Supreme Court for generation…
Californians plan secession…
Celebrity ‘Moving Sale’ Posters Flood LA… Liberals Compare to 9/11…
Justice Ginsburg ‘Dissents’…
Win exposes social media’s blind spot…
Pollsters suffer biggest embarrassment in history…
‘You gonna pay for that shit!’…

Protests turn violent…
‘People have to die’…

Drudge Links 11/11

Trump could walk away from decades of ‘climate’ deals…

John Batchelor: Hour One
Thursday 10 November 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, in re: We were all expecting defeat of the GOP

“Instead we have the White House, the Congress, the Senate. Mrs Clinton as a billion dollars and an excellent ground game; Trump was derided for not. Gucifer and Wikileaks: disparaging Hispanics, lying, all the deeply unethical deeds – all corrupt. Ivy League degree, Wall Street: all that means nothing as they have no soul.
“Any Senator who ran with Trump won.  Most Republicans agree on Second Amendment, divorce, fossil fuels, et al.
“Obama’s legacy will be overturned.
“Note that African-Americans don’t care for the immigration problem and certainly are not sold on the transgender stuff.
“The whole liberal pretense of monolithic ideology is shattered. In Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, people do not resonate with the current demonstrations.
Mrs Clinton kept saying, “Vote early,” because she knew more scandals were about to emerge.
“In my former campus I can get counseling for the traumatic election.
—oops – Trump is back on twitter.
“Thursday  10 November 2016 / Hour 1, Block B:  Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, in re: Mr Trump is someone who builds building n welcomes guests I his hotels.  He successfully manages his workers all across America. . . .  He has an outer-borough patois; you may not like him but he’s authentic. Populism is a state of mind.  Bill Clinton should have been a populist, was for a moment but morphed into an elitist.
“Trump is an authentic American: probably only the US could produce such a person. In Europe: bankruptcy? yellow hair?  Acceptable here.
“He began tweeting again a few moments ago. Reminiscent of George Patton: you wouldn’t want him over for dinner, but you wouldn’t want him not to be your general.  Russia and China? Must be uncomfortable.
Thursday  10 November 2016 / Hour 1, Block C:  Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, in re: . . .  economy, prosperity. Obama Adm took many steps that frankly were extralegal.  People won’t be afraid of the IRS, SEC, or DoJ; attention on creating jobs and wealth.
EPA, SEC, FCC, and CFPB: all these are burdens on the American taxpayer.
Mexicans and Canadians will visit Trump and continue NAFTA will any concessions to the US.
Profl bureaucrats with a deep dislike of prosperity and wealth. Trump will curb them. Deep down. Even the left knew this wasn’t sustainable.  Hubris incurs nemesis; Trump will have to be humble. Will build a be-yootiful and yuge wall.

Ken Kurson, Observer: “Donald Trump Didn’t Just Win; He Won With Unprecedented Efficiency”

“Improbable first-time candidate spent a fraction as much as his rivals

“Somewhat lost amid the avalanche of “How could this have happened?” election coverage is a related process story that could be titled ‘How could this have happened so cheaply?’

“Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by outperforming recent GOP nominees in just about every conceivable demographic. Despite making a wall on the Mexican border a centerpiece of his campaign, Trump received 29 percent of the Latino vote compared to Romney’s 27 percent, and he also got 8 percent of African-Americans compared to Romney’s 7 percent. While Trump’s 24 percent of the Jewish votedidn’t match Romney’s 30 percent, it exceeded McCain’s 22 percent.

“What’s notable, however, is that Trump notched those gains while being massively outspent by his opponent.

“According to figures compiled by the Center for Competitive Politics, an Alexandria group that opposes caps on political spending, Clinton’s campaign outspent the Trump campaign by more than 2 to 1. While full spending reports are not yet compiled, campaigns typically spend just about all they raise. As of October 28, Clinton had raised $687 million compared to Trump’s $307 million—a 124 percent advantage.

“And that doesn’t even count the spending by outside groups (better known as ‘outside groups’). When added to the candidates’ own ads, Pro-Clinton ads outnumbered pro-Trump ads 3 to 1—a mind-numbing 383,512 ads for Clinton compared to 125,617 supporting Trump. Outside groups raised and spent more than three times as much on Clinton as on Trump. Super PACs and other groups supporting Clinton raised almost $190 million; those supporting Trump pocketed only $60 million.

“The results speak for themselves, obviously, but the striking thing here is that Clinton actually did worse in the places where spending was highest. . .”

James Taranto, WSJ: “Zombie Apocalypse”

“Trump-haters take to the streets, promote party unity.

““It’s surreal in NYC,” tweeted Katy Tur of NBC Wednesday evening. “People are walking around like zombies with thousand yard stares.” She was referring to street demonstrators, who she said numbered in the thousands, who marched up Manhattan to express their displeasure with President-elect Trump at his eponymous Fifth Avenue tower.

The anti-Trump zombie apocalypse was not contained to New York. “ ‘Not my president,’ protesters chanted in rallies coast to coast,” CNN reports. “Tens of thousands filled the streets in at least 25 US cities overnight—with demonstrations outside Trump’s properties across the country.” (“Not my president” was widely considered a racist slogan when Barack Obama was an able-bodied duck.)

““Most protesters were peaceful,” the network adds, but “some turned violent.” In Oakland, Calif., they “hurled Molotov cocktails, rocks and fireworks at police,” wounding three officers. “Trash fires smoldered on a highway, and a downtown business was set ablaze. By Thursday morning, emergency workers extinguished about 40 fires.”

“Evidently Trump foes are jealous of the poorly educated. CNN: “A few miles away [from Oakland] at Berkeley High School, about 1,500 students walked out of classes Wednesday—one of numerous high school walkouts that occurred nationwide after the election.” Des Moines, Iowa is the origin of the 1969 Tinkercase, in which the U.S. Supreme Court held that free expression doesn’t end “at the schoolhouse gate.” Hundreds of high-school students there ditched class, the Des Moines Register reports.

In Richmond, Va., local station WWBT-TV reports a zombie physically attacked one of its reporters. . .”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: RIP Clinton, Inc.


“. . .He put his wife, a controversial figure who had said many stupid and mean-spirited things during the campaign, in charge of reforming the nation’s health-care system. That project went down like a Soviet jetliner and, in 1994, President Clinton was effectively relieved of the burdens of government by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich . . .”
“A shadow is lifted.

“A few days ago, I asked a senior Republican elected official what he thought about Donald Trump’s election. He became rather . . . formal, his face draining a bit and his voice going cold: “He was not the nominee I wanted, but —” and there I cut him off: “But how about watching Hillary lose?” At that point, there was a shift in mood worthy of Olivier himself.
“Oh, that. That was . . . oh . . . that was good. Very good.”
“Big, goofy grin.
“I have been writing about the Clinton political-criminal syndicate since I was a teenager; now I am closer to the age of Social Security eligibility than I am to the age I was when the luckiest man in modern American politics was keeping a strategically low profile in Arkansas while the more accomplished men of the Democratic party, facing the ghastly pangs of George H. W. Bush’s purportedly inevitable reelection, dropped down one by one like the Ancient Mariner’s shipmates. Mario Cuomo, doing his “Hamlet on the Hudson” bit, dropped out at the last possible moment. Bill Bradley and Jay Rockefeller decided that they weren’t quite ready, and Dick Gephardt had no stomach for the fight. Clinton was left to deal with the likes of Paul Tsongas and Jerry Brown (yeah, that Jerry Brown: Moonbeam Immortal) and Bob Kerrey, who gave him a pretty good run of it for a hot minute.
“It was Georgia where Clinton really, definitively took the lead. Millennials may not know this, but Clinton, and then Clinton-Gore, ran a campaign that today’s Democrats would denounce as “neo-Confederate.” Bill Clinton and Al Gore boasted of being the “Double Bubba” ticket, two relatively conservative white Southern men who were going to make the Democratic party once again safe for businessmen by purging the McGovernite pansies and Sister Souljah, who were going to bring some by-God law-and-order to our cities and, well, Make America Great Again.
Lots of Confederate flags and Redemption talk. . .”


Rumor: Kellyanne Conway has been named “Woman of the Year” by NOW

Complaint: Can someone get rid of the GEICO ads?

Mark Levin (11/10/16) About Corker

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, President-elect Trump must not nominate Sen. Bob Corker for secretary of state. Corker single-handedly undermined the constitution, undermined the treaty provision, and helped hand President Obama exactly what he wanted with Iran. We’re sick and tired of Republicans like this and cannot have any more losers as secretary of state. Conservatives ought to be prepared to fight this. These personnel decisions are going to make or break the Trump administration. Presidential appointees will determine the fate of this administration and this country.

“In addition, does this sound like an outsider administration to you with Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie and Bob Corker being considered for presidential appointments? We need some new and fresh blood in Washington. The Republican Whigs are trying to populate the Trump administration with their own people. Trump has to be careful that he doesn’t become another President Nixon.

“After that, Republicans have monopoly power now and must do something effective and not dance around the edges. They should start by cutting government and making other needed changes. Who is to stop Republicans from cleaning the D.C. swamp but themselves?


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