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JANET: Citizens for Liberty

HANSON – Why he won; HANNAN – Warming to Trump; SIMON – The greatest; LOWRY – Dems collapse; WSJ – Reid & his horse; SKATERS – Hillary’s “Good People.”

ISSUES: POLLAK – Red Diaper Babies; DURDEN – From Canada.

PA: SNYDER – PoliticsPA 11/11/16.


“In other words, even as Obama left the Democrats with ideological and political detritus, he also had established an electoral calculus built on his own transformative identity that neither had coattails nor was transferrable to other candidates. Indeed, his hard-left positions on redistribution, social issues, sanctuary cities, amnesty, foreign policy, and spending would likely doom candidates other than himself who embraced them.”

Victor Davis Hanson,

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover: Why Trump Won”

“… Republican voters, along with working class Democrats and Independents voted into power a Republican President, Republican Congress, and, in essence, a Republican judiciary. Trump’s cunning and energy, and his unique appeal to the disaffected white working class, did not destroy the Republican down ballot, but more likely saved it. Senators and Representatives followed in Trump’s wake, as did state legislatures and executive officers. Any Republican senatorial candidate who voted for him won election; any who did not, lost. Trump got a greater percentage of Latinos, blacks, and non-minority women than did Romney, and proved to be medicine rather than poison for Republican candidates. With hindsight, it is hard to fathom how any other Republican candidate might have defeated Clinton Inc.—or how, again with hindsight, the Party could be in a stronger, more unified position.

“In contrast, the Democratic Party is torn and rent. Barack Obama entered office in 2009 with both houses of Congress, two likely Supreme Court picks, and the good will of the nation. By 2010 he had lost the House; by 2012, the Senate. And by 2016, Obama had ensured that his would-be successor could not win by running on his platform.

“A failed health care law, non-existent economic growth, serial zero interest rates, near record labor non-participation rates, $20 trillion in national debt, a Middle East in ruins, failed reset and redlines, and the Iran deal were albatrosses around Democratic Party’s neck. Obama divided the country with the apology tour, the Cairo Speech, the beer summit, the rhetoric of disparagement (‘you didn’t build that,’ ‘punish our enemies,’ etc.), the encouragement of the Black Lives Matter movement, and a series of anti-Constitutional executive orders.

“In other words, even as Obama left the Democrats with ideological and political detritus, he also had established an electoral calculus built on his own transformative identity that neither had coattails nor was transferrable to other candidates. Indeed, his hard-left positions on redistribution, social issues, sanctuary cities, amnesty, foreign policy, and spending would likely doom candidates other than himself who embraced them.

“The Bernie Sanders candidacy was the natural response, on the left, to Obama’s ideological presidency. But the cranky socialist septuagenarian mesmerized primary voters on platitudes that would have proven disastrous in a general election—before meekly whining about Clinton sabotage and then endorsing the ticket. What then has the Democratic Party become other than a hard left and elite progressive force, which without Obama’s personal appeal to bloc-voting minorities, resonates with only about 40 percent of the country?

“The Democratic Party is now neither a centrist nor a coalition party. Instead, it finds itself at a dead-end: had Hillary Clinton emulated her husband’s pragmatic politics of the 1990s, she would have never won the nomination—even though she would have had a far better chance of winning the general election.

“Wikileaks reminded us that the party is run by rich, snobbish, and often ethically bankrupt grandees. In John Podesta’s world, it’s normal and acceptable for Democratic apparatchiks to talk about their stock portfolios and name-drop the Hamptons, while making cruel asides about “needy” Latinos, medieval Catholics, and African-Americans with silly names—who are nonetheless expected to keep them in power. Such paradoxes are not sustainable. Nor is the liberal nexus of colluding journalists, compromised lobbyists, narcissistic Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, family dynasties, and Clintonian get-rich ethics. . .”

Daniel Hannan, Washington Examiner: “Warming to Trump”

“Any nation that could elect such a man, Euro-sophists assured one another, was plainly made up of rednecks, racists and retards. Barack Obama had been a blip. Americans were back to their swaggering, unilateralist, know-nothing bigotry.”

“An odd thing has happened since last week. I’ve started warming to Donald Trump. Maybe it was his gracious acceptance speech or some of his appointments. Maybe it’s that I want the best for America. But mainly, if I’m honest, it’s the gibbering, drooling, pant-hooting rage of the other side.

“It started a few hours after the polls closed when I read an article by the editor of the New Yorker, David Remnick, which contained, without irony, the following sentence: “Fascism is not our future — it cannot be; we cannot allow it to be so — but this is surely the way fascism can begin.”

“I can’t believe this needs saying, but America is a pluralist democracy. It has just conducted a free and peaceful election, as a result of which power will be transferred in an orderly manner, without anyone being exiled or shot.

“The winner reached out to those who hadn’t voted for him, asking for their help and guidance; the loser made a fine concession speech; the outgoing president put his staff at his successor’s disposal to ensure a smooth transition. Fascism?

“The hysteria of the American Left is exceeded across the Atlantic.

Roger Simon, PJM: Donald Trump Will Prove to Be One of the Greatest and Most Consequential Presidents”

“As one who predicted back in August 2015 — five months before the Iowa caucuses — that the presidency was Donald Trump’s to lose, I should quit while I’m ahead.

But I won’t.

“Throwing caution to the (where else?) wind, I now have another prediction.

“Donald Trump will prove to be one of the greatest and most consequential American presidents, at least since Ronald Reagan and possibly before. No one will ever approach Washington or Lincoln, but Trump is positioned to be one of our most important leaders and be a true change-maker, turning this country around at a time when American power and greatness were on the wane.

“Although I had previously suspected as much, I was convinced of this watching his performance on 60 Minutes Sunday. What we saw was Trump in the presidential mode he has long promised and he slipped into it remarkably easily, as if it had always been there and needed no coaxing. The daffy Donald of the primaries and later was far in the rearview mirror. (Was it ever real or just a masquerade?) . . .”

Rich Lowry, NY Post: “Obama’s main legacy: the collapse of the Democratic Party

Thank Kuramoto, Covey, and all those cell phones!

“. . . As of 7 p.m. Tuesday, the Reagan standard looked to be in Obama’s grasp. His approval rating stood above 50 percent. He campaigned vigorously, and apparently effectively, in front of adoring crowds. The last round of public polling and the exit polls on Election Day showed Hillary Clinton getting over the top, and her victory seemed likely to precipitate an ugly, self-destructive Republican civil war.

“By the wee hours of Wednesday, this scenario turned to ashes and Obama could only survey the wreckage of the Democratic Party, and by extension, his highest ambition.

“Obama is a once-in-a-generation political athlete who will always be remembered as the nation’s first African-American president. But a goodly portion of what he has labored for over two terms could now wash out with the political tide.

“His party has been devastated beneath him. It began in 2010, when Republicans took the House by winning 63 seats, the biggest pickup since 1948, and six seats in the Senate. In 2014, Republicans gained another 13 House seats and took control of the Senate. Democrats lost more than 900 state legislative seats in this period.

“This was chalked up to the midterm effect, the product of a smaller, more Republican-leaning electorate in nonpresidential years. Well, on Tuesday night, the GOP won Senate races in blue states. It minimized losses in the House. It picked up more governorships, including in Vermont, and made striking gains in state legislatures from Kentucky to Connecticut.

“All in a presidential year. The GOP controls the presidency, the US Senate and House, and roughly two-thirds of the country’s governorships and state legislatures. The Democrats are now, judging by the scorecard of major offices, the nation’s minority party. . .”

WSJ: “Harry Reid and the Horse He Rode In On”

“Trump should revive the nuclear repository at Yucca Mt. in Nevada.

“. . .Mr. Reid will be gone with the current Congress but Republicans may miss him considering all he has done to help them. By killing the filibuster for nominees, he has made it easier for Mr. Trump to get his nominees confirmed and fill Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court. By stretching the rules for budget reconciliation, he has set a precedent for Republicans to repeal much of ObamaCare by ducking a filibuster.

And by blocking vote after vote as Senate Majority Leader, Mr. Reid made it impossible for Democrats in swing states to differentiate themselves from President Obama and paved the way for a GOP Senate in 2014. A Republican Congress can now go far to repealing much of Mr. Obama’s legacy.

“Oh, and we hope the Trump Administration takes another look at the nuclear-waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. In an under-reported political bargain, Mr. Reid promised Mr. Obama that he would do the President’s dirty work on Capitol Hill if the President blocked the Yucca project. Mr. Obama named Reid aide Gregory Jaczko as chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2009, and a year later Mr. Jaczko shut it down.

“Mr. Jaczko later resigned after the four other commissioners, Democrat and Republican, denounced his abusive management style. A pair of D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rulings have since rebuked the Administration for violating the law in relation to Yucca, and in 2014 a government study found that the Yucca design for waste is environmentally safe. The U.S. still needs a solution for nuclear waste that is piling up at sites around the country.

“Mr. Trump owes no political debt to Nevada, which due to Mr. Reid’s efforts voted last week for Hillary Clinton and defeated the GOP’s Senate candidate. Reviving Yucca would be a sign the Senate is moving past Mr. Reid’s era of dishonest political manipulation and partisan rancor.”

SKATERS: Hillary’s “Good People”

Hillary reached the same conclusion that CATs reached a week earlier: Covey’s last message awoke the American voters to “bullshit” and spurred Trump’s victory. She still belongs in an orange jumpsuit although Trump hints of a delay in further investigations. Bill can take some more chick flights, Chelsea runs for office, and her husband avoids jail. Huma and her Weiner are free as is Jarrett. Even Obama himself escapes from email charges and Foundation escapades.  CAIR is a success, ISL fights on, and the Russians get to keep the American uranium that Hillary sold them. The need for pardons vanishes at least until BHO is out of office and no longer in a position to grant them, not even to himself.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump considers a fence, deporting only the criminal illegals, pulling GOP regulars into his staff, and key provisions of OCare will remain intact. Reince Priebus is his new Chief of Staff and Stephen Bannon (from Breitbart) the new chief strategist.

Comey not only keeps his job but will find his likeness under the bow of the Old Ironsides.

Bill Shakespeare could have scripted this . . .


Joel Pollak, Big Govt: “Red Diaper Babies: Anti-Trump Protesters Adopt Safety Pin as Symbol”

“Safety pins were once associated with diapers, and were ubiquitous in the age before disposable diapers.

USA Today reports:

‘Safety pins have become a symbol of solidarity with refugees and other migrants since the historic Brexit vote to leave the European Union in June.

Now, people in the United States are showing that they are allies with groups — including LGBT, minorities and women — who say they feel threatened by Donald Trump’s election.’

New York magazine, which taunted Donald Trump with a cover story entitled “LOSER”, printed and distributed before the actual vote, reports further:

‘As stories of post-election violence and hate speech circulate online, some people have begun wearing safety pins to identify themselves as allies in the fight against intolerance, and to show solidarity with women, LGBT people, immigrants, and people of color feeling frightened by Trump’s presidency and the vitriol that some of his supporters display.

“Many of the stores of “hate crimes” by Trump supporters have been fabricated or exaggerated. Nevertheless, many anti-Trump celebrities have taken to wearing safety pins.”

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge: “Meanwhile from Canada”

Thx Joanne!

“The flood of Trump-fearing American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week. The Republican presidential campaign is prompting an exodus among left-leaning Americans who fear they’ll soon be required to hunt, pray, pay taxes, and live according to the Constitution. Canadian border residents say it’s not uncommon to see dozens of sociology professors, liberal arts majors, global-warming activists, and ‘green’ energy proponents crossing their fields at night.

‘I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn,’ said southern Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield, whose acreage borders North Dakota . ‘He was cold, exhausted and hungry, and begged me for a latte and some free-range chicken.  When I said I didn’t have any, he left before I even got a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?’

“In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher fences, but the liberals scaled them. He then installed loudspeakers that blared Rush Limbaugh across the fields, but they just stuck their fingers in their ears and kept coming. Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals just south of the border, pack them into electric cars, and drive them across the border, where they are simply left to fend for themselves after the battery dies. ‘A lot of these people are not prepared for our rugged conditions,’ an Alberta border patrolman said. ‘I found one carload without a single bottle of Perrier water, or any gemelli with shrimp and arugula. All they had was a nice little Napa Valley cabernet and some kale chips.  When liberals are caught,they’re sent back across the border, often wailing that they fear persecution from Trump high-hairers. [sic}

“Rumors are circulating about plans being made to build re-education camps where liberals will be forced to drink domestic beer, study the Constitution, and find jobs that actually contribute to the economy.

“In recent days, liberals have turned to ingenious ways of crossing the border. Some have been disguised as senior citizens taking a bus trip to buy cheap Canadian prescription drugs. After catching a half-dozen young vegans in blue-hair wig disguises, Canadian immigration authorities began stopping buses and quizzing the supposed senior citizens about Perry Como and Rosemary Clooney to prove that they were alive in the ’50s. ‘If they can’t identify the accordion player on The Lawrence Welk Show, we become very suspicious about their age,’ an official said.

“Canadian citizens have complained that the illegal immigrants are creating an organic-broccoli shortage, are buying up all the Barbara Streisand CD’s, and are overloading the internet while downloading jazzercise apps to their cell phones. “I really feel sorry for American liberals, but the Canadian economy just can’t support them,” an Ottawa resident said.  “After all, how many art-history majors does one country need?”


Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA 11/11/16

Donald Trump. What more can be said? A political upset that pushes aside 1948 as the most shocking of all time.

Hillary Clinton. If: The most painful word in the English language. “What if? If only.” Those thoughts will linger in the former Secretary of State’s mind for the rest of her life.

Pat Toomey. Polls had him down, sometimes by double digitsPrognosticators believed he was going to lose. The popular PresidentVice President and First Lady campaigned against him. His own party’s nominee twisted him into knots to the point when he waited until about an hour before the polls closed to reveal his vote. With all that against him, Pat Toomey still won a second term.

PA Dems. Pennsylvania was a blue state for six straight presidential elections.Not anymore. Additionally, the GOP won so many legislative seats that they now have a veto-proof majority in the State Senate and their largest majority in the State House since the 1950’s. The bench is thin for Democrats almost everywhere and that includes the Keystone State.

Eric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is week twenty-two.”


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