Dead Cats: CommaCored, 11/21/16, (24)05: James Brody


Joanne: Stop Common Core; WSJ: The Emerging Trump Cabinet; GOLDBERG – House of Clinton.

ISSUES: DINAN – Sessions for AG; WASHINGTON TIMES: Count the losers; O’NEILL – Clinton Bullshit; WALSH – Clinton Foundation Dries Up.

PA: SNYDER – PoliticsPA.


Joanne: To All Common Core Opponents:

Billy Gates: Are you listening?

“The President-Elect, Donald Trump, is in the process of selecting his Secretary of Education.  Although he has stated that he would get rid of Common Core (easier said than done, but at least he should try!), one of those whom he’s interviewing for that position is Michelle Rhee.

“The following description of Rhee is a clear indication that Rhee is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for this position —  “Michelle Rhee, the pro-Common Core former chancellor of Washington, D.C. public schools and the founder of Students First, an organization whose board of directors once included Common Core architect David Coleman and math standards writer Jason Zimba”…

“Common Core opponents on BOTH sides of the political aisle oppose Rhee for a variety of reasons.  The following articles provide information and documentation in this regard.

Article in The Federalist by Joy Pullman entitled “Michelle Rhee Would be a Terrible Choice for Education Secretary”

Article in the Huffington Post entitled “Post (Washington Post) Buries Scandals of Rhee and Henderson”

Article in the American Thinker entitled “Michelle Rhee: School Choice AND Common Core Cheerleader”


Mr. Trump has set up a web site where the public SUPPOSEDLY can make our voices heard.  There’s no guarantee of course, but it’s worth a try.  Here is the URL for that site:

If you agree that Rhee should not serve as Education Secretary, please express your educated concerns on this site and suggest more acceptable choices such as are given below, each of whom is a strong opponent of Common Core.  Since cabinet positions for the next administration are being selected NOW, time is of the essence and it is crucial that you act ASAP.  Note that Donna Garner, a knowledgeable Texas educator and strong opponent of Common Core, has provided some of the descriptions given below, but multiple Common Core opponents have echoed her choices.



Dr. Williamson Evers has been an outspoken opponent of the Common Core Standards Initiative.  He supports students’ learning the foundational knowledge and skills needed for success in life.  (Note that Dr. Evers seems to be the first choice of multiple Common Core opponents.)

Robert Scott, attorney and former Texas Commissioner of Education “was the first to reveal to the entire nation that Commissioners of Education were pressured by the USDOE to sign on to the national standards BEFORE THE STANDARDS WERE EVEN COMPLETED.  Until the end of his tenure as Texas Commissioner of Education in July 2012, he stood solidly and publicly against the Common Core Standards Initiative.”

Jane Robbins: attorney and senior fellow with the American Principles Project;

Dr. Peg Luksik: a PA education activist and co-founder of Center for American Heritage;

Dr. Duke Pesta: staunch opponent of the Common Core Standards Initiative, English professor at the University of Wisconsin, Academic Director of Freedom Project Education

Dr. Sandra Stotsky: Professor emerita in the Dept. of Education at the University of Arkansas, leading education researcher

Dr. Jim Milgram: Professor emeritus of mathematics at Stanford University, outspoken opponent of the Common Core Standards Initiative




Thank you for listening.  Please act on this ASAP.  If we don’t speak up now, we can’t complain later if an unacceptable choice is made.

Joanne Yurchak, West Chester, PA



Daily Mail: “Percolator protest! Republican voters fight election backlash by telling Starbucks baristas their name is ‘Trump’ so they have to shout the name when their cup of Joe is ready”

WSJ: The Emerging Trump Cabinet

The first three picks go to loyalists amid signs of political outreach

“Donald Trump’s transition seems to be emerging from its early turmoil, and on Friday he filled three important jobs with campaign loyalists. More encouraging is that he appears to be looking for figures of stature outside his inner circle.

“The President-elect has a penchant for rewarding political loyalty, and that has paid off for Jeff Sessions as Mr. Trump’s choice for Attorney General. The Alabama Republican was the first sitting Senator to endorse Mr. Trump, and he and aide Stephen Millerrefined the candidate’s populist message and defended him through the squalls.

“If there’s any doubt that Mr. Trump will follow through on his immigration promises, the choice of Mr. Sessions puts that to rest. He opposes illegal and most legal immigration, including H-1B visas for high-skilled professionals. He’ll oversee the civil-rights division and immigration courts, and let’s hope Mr. Sessions’s governance will be more tolerant than his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“Then again, Mr. Sessions is an accomplished lawyer who has served as a U.S. Attorney and state AG. His opposition to President Obama’s executive immigration orders were grounded in his separation-of-powers constitutionalism more than mere politics. He has also joined with Democrats in pursuing criminal-justice reform.

Progressives are nonetheless already smearing Mr. Sessions as a racist, but that’s what they say about every Southern Republican. In 1986 a Joe Biden-Ted Kennedy special derailed the young lawyer from Mobile for a federal judgeship with innuendo and hearsay. Modern liberals may be surprised to learn that Mr. Sessions helped to desegregate Alabama public schools as U.S. Attorney, and he won a death-penalty conviction for the head of the state KKK in a capital murder trial. The 1981 case broke the Klan in the heart of dixie.

“Mr. Trump also turned to a campaign ally for National Security Adviser in former Lt. Gen.Michael Flynn, who retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey calls “the best intelligence officer of his generation.” Mr. Flynn earned a reputation as an adept if combative officer over his 33-year military career. In 2012 President Obama named him to run the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s spy service, but he forced him out in 2014 amid feuding with his superiors over Islamist terror and Russia.

“Mr. Flynn has sometimes been given to rash statements since he emerged in the Trump orbit. His Moscow speaking gig in 2015—on behalf of its state-sponsored propaganda network RT, where he was seated next to Vladimir Putin—was a major lapse of judgment. Mr. Flynn may have Mr. Trump’s trust, which is important, but his accommodating instincts toward the Kremlin are a concern.

“One question is whether Mr. Flynn has a strategic vision of his own about America’s role in the world. The tension is that as the gatekeeper of information and options, he has to make sure the President sees all the arguments and a full set of options. Can he fairly marshall the arguments from all comers?

“Mr. Trump’s most impressive appointment so far is Mike Pompeo to run the Central Intelligence Agency. An Army vet and Harvard Law grad, the Kansas Congressman will bring an analytical and operational talent to the premier U.S. counterterrorism outfit. He supported Mr. Trump after Marco Rubio dropped out but has been an independent voice on the House Intelligence Committee. Mr. Pompeo led the opposition to the post-Snowden panic over U.S. surveillance capabilities and he’s a fierce opponent of the Iran nuclear deal.

“Perhaps Mr. Trump’s biggest surprise so far is his invitation to meet this weekend with Mitt Romney . . .”

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “The Fall of House Clinton”

“This time, I think the Clintons might really be finished.
Dear Reader (and all ships at sea),
“Last night was the traditional National Review smoker on our splendid post-election cruise. This is an ancient tradition, the origins of which stretch back into the mists before time and the stories of a young solo sailor by the name of William F. Buckley Jr. — sweat, sea water, and shark blood glistening off his chest — who settled in to enjoy a relaxing cigar after killing the great white beast with his bare hands.
“I bring this up for two reasons. First, to alert the reader that I am feeling a bit hungover from both smoke and spirit alike (so please, stop reading so loudly!); second, because I think I must say goodbye to another great white beast: Bill Clinton — and his remora bride, Hillary.
“This is a good time to do it. The feeding frenzy atmosphere around the Trump transition is bananas given that there’s so little to say about it. My position on Trump remains unchanged from last week’s G-File: Like Bill Clinton after taking a blood test, I am entirely in wait-and-see mode.
“Meanwhile, if I wait too long to give the Clintons a send-off, it will seem not only gratuitous — which would be fine, that’s what I’m going for — but also stale. The bad taste of the Clintons lingers on enough, though — like the acidic after-burp from my lunch in Mexico yesterday — that it still seems a bit relevant.
“I feel a little like a hungry Sid Blumenthal looking down at a box full of live, white mice: “Where to begin? . . .”


Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: “Jeff Sessions may prosecute ‘sanctuary cities’ if confirmed as attorney general”

“Sen. Jeff Sessions is on record saying so-called “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal immigrants should be prosecuted. He himself may get that chance next year.

“Mr. Sessions is president-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next attorney general, and if he’s confirmed — a very large if, at this point — he will mark a 180-degree turn from the Obama administration on a host of issues, but nowhere more so than on immigration, where he’s been the Senate’s leading crackdown proponent.

“From his first day in office, Mr. Sessions will have the power to strip some federal funding from sanctuary cities, thanks to rulings this year by the Justice Department’s inspector general, who said federal law requires localities to cooperate with immigration agents — and who provided an initial list of a handful of the worst offenders.

“The sanctuary cities thing is huge. I think most jurisdictions are going to fold like a cheap suit,” said Rosemary Jenks, government relations manager at NumbersUSA, which lobbies for stricter immigration laws.

“Some sanctuary cities have already said they’ll resist any effort to change their behavior. They are being prodded by immigrant rights advocates who are calling on Senate Democrats to deny Mr. Sessions the chance to be attorney general, saying he represents a massive step backward for the Justice Department. . .”

Washington Times: “Counting up the losers”

“Hillary, her pantsuit, a president’s legacy, family dynasties, the media lead the way

“The No. 1 loser this year was Hillary Clinton, of course, but we might shed a tear for the man who stocked his warehouse with women’s pants suits in all colors and sizes, expecting millions of women to make a run on the most unflattering ladies’ garment dreamed up since Eve discarded her fig leaf for a bearskin.

Following closely was President Obama’s legacy. Donald Trump promises to “repeal and replace” the irreparably flawed Affordable Care Act, which the president regards as his “signature” legislative “achievement.” His badly bruised legacy includes Mr. Obama’s lost opportunities in the Middle East and his many unconstitutional executive orders.

The Democratic Party lost big time by failing to hold the White House, making negligible gains in Congress, and taking a drubbing in state houses from coast to coast. The Democrats, who have lost 816 state legislative seats since 2009, suffered a net loss this year of 13 governorships, nine U.S. Senate seats, 63 House seats and 29 state legislative chambers.

The Clinton Foundation lost double: With neither Hillary nor Bubba as officeholders or candidates for the first time since 1992, the “two for the price of one” power couple now has no influence to sell for seven-figure donations to the family slush fund. Worse, federal investigations into their foundation are proceeding apace, enough to keep their lawyers busy forever.

Brendan O’Neill, Reason: “America Called Bullshit on the Cult of Clinton”

“The one good thing about Trump’s win? It shows a willingness among Americans to blaspheme against saints and reject the religion of hollow progressiveness.

“Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, all eyes, and wringing hands, have been on the white blob who voted for him. These “loud, illiterate and credulous people,” as a sap at Salon brands them, think on an “emotional level.” Bill Moyers warned that ours is a “dark age of unreason,” in which “low information” folks are lining up behind “The Trump Emotion Machine.” Andrew Sullivan said Trump supporters relate to him as a “cult leader fused with the idea of the nation.”

“What’s funny about this is not simply that it’s the biggest chattering-class hissy fit of the 21st century so far — and chattering-class hissy fits are always funny. It’s that whatever you think of Trump (I’m not a fan) or his supporters (I think they’re mostly normal, good people), the fact is they’ve got nothing on the Clinton cult when it comes to creepy, pious worship of a politician.

“By the Cult of Hillary Clinton, I don’t mean the nearly 62 million Americans who voted for her. I have not one doubt that they are as mixed and normal a bag of people as the Trumpites are. No, I mean the Hillary machine—the celebs and activists and hacks who were so devoted to getting her elected and who have spent the past week sobbing and moaning over her loss. These people exhibit cult-like behavior far more than any Trump cheerer I’ve come across. . .”

Michael Walsh, PJM:” Shocker: In Wake of Hillary’s Defeat, Donations to Clinton Foundation Dry Up”

“. . . Who could have seen this coming?

Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted amid Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run, it has been revealed. The non-profit organization’s latest tax filings show contributions fell 37 per cent to $108million – down from $172million in 2014, according to the New York Post.

Donations fell as the former Secretary of State left the group in April last year shortly after announcing her run for the White House. Her departure also meant that revenue brought in from paid speeches plunged from $3.6 million in 2014 to just $357,500.

The foundation became an issue during the presidential campaign when Donald Trump pledged to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate it amid pay-to-play allegations. Trump called the foundation ‘the most corrupt enterprise in political history’ adding, ‘It must be shut down immediately.’


Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: Ups & Downs 11/18/16

Lou Barletta and Tom Marino. Donald Trump values loyalty and Pennsylvania Congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino were among the first public officials to endorse the real estate tycoon. As a result, they were two of the sixteen members named to the official transition team. Given the massive number of jobs to filland the chaotic rush to do so, it’s quite likely that one or both of these men could end up with a major position.

John Yudichak. The Lehigh Valley State Senator really wanted to be Caucus Secretary. Considering that the man who holds the job, Larry Farnese, is facing thirteen counts of vote buying, Yudichak likely thought his attempt at a promotion would be a slam-dunk. The leadership, however, were unmoved by Farnese’s predicament. In retaliation, Yudichak publicly blasted Farnese and the “ be more damaging for Yudichak’s hopes than criminal charges.

Dwight Evans. After thirty-five tumultuous years in Harrisburg, Dwight Evans is finally moving down South. After Chaka Fattah’s legal troubles opened the door, the long-time State Rep. was able to win the Democratic nomination. He cruised to victory on the 8th and this week was sworn in early to fill the vacancy in PA-2. Here’s hoping his tenure in Congress can be the capstone of a lengthy career in public service.

Stan Saylor. The Appropriations Committee Chair wields the most powerful gavel in the Capitol. The retirement of Bill Adolph left a gigantic power vacuum that Stan Saylor and Scott Petri each attempted to fill. This week, Saylor emerged the victor and will head the most influential committee in the legislature.

Eric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We’re now up to week twenty-three.


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