Dead Cats: U.N., 01/07/17, (25)10: James Brody


McCARTHY – Leave the UN; NRO – How to repeal; FOX – Shake Intel; LYMAN – Domestic terror; STRASSEL – Barry failed; WEXLER – Thanks; GUY FAULCONBRIDGE & RITVIK CARVALHO – ISIS women.

LEADS: POLLAK – Hate in Cicero; KIRBY – Jailbirds to build wall; ABDOLLAH – State security.

NOTES: SPENCER – Frigid 48; TMZ – BO’s own wall.

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Don’t Defund the U.N., Just Say ‘Go!’”

“The organization of crooks and dictators needs us much more than we need it.
“There are some swamps that we have to drain because they’re our swamps. Washington is our swamp. The lesson of the 2016 election is that people across the ideological spectrum are furious at Washington. Our incoming president won because he convinced enough people that, while Hillary was a swamp creature, he — the self-styled outsider non-politician — would make like a big, shiny Trump colander. But Washington is not going away; once the ooze seeps out, the idea is to build something better — like how New Jersey keeps building new stadiums on the marshy Meadowlands.
“Well, good luck with that.
“But look, even if we’re not very good at cleaning up our own messes, the fact that we know we should, that we know our messes sully us, is a sign of mental health.
“So let’s see if that healthy instinct can help us grasp a principle that ought to be easier to apply: When it’s not your swamp and yet you’re being sullied by it, you don’t drain it. You leave it.
“That’s what we ought to be doing about the United Nations.
“Republicans are irate over the latest U.N. outrage, the Security Council resolution orchestrated by the Obama administration to reward Palestinian jihadists with territory while rendering Israel a pariah. In truth, the resolution is just business as usual at the U.N. It is also not nearly the worst use our post-American president has made of this ersatz global government.
“As usual, though, the GOP response is a hollow gesture, couched in hot rhetoric. . .”

NRO: “How to Repeal Obamacare”

“Republicans should not settle for a phony win.”

“On health care, congressional Republicans should listen to Donald Trump. The president-elect may not be chock-full of ideas about health-care policy, but he has the right political instincts. He has said that Obamacare should be replaced, that its beneficiaries should not simply be stripped of coverage, and that people with pre-existing conditions should be protected. It is possible and desirable to devise legislation that meets these objectives. Trump has also warned congressional Republicans to be careful — and he is right about that, too, because their current course does not look likely to accomplish the repeal of Obamacare or its replacement by something better.

“Senate Republicans want to pass a bill that repeals the taxes and spending in Obamacare, but not its regulations. That’s because they think that they can use a legislative process to avoid Democratic filibusters only if they leave the regulations alone. They think that this partial repeal of Obamacare will set the stage for later legislation that repeals the rest of the law and creates a replacement.
“This seems highly unlikely. Leaving Obamacare’s regulations in place while getting rid of its individual mandate — a tax measure, which Republicans would eliminate in their first bill — would further destabilize health-insurance markets. No one would cheer the Republicans for producing that outcome: not conservatives, who would know that Republican boasts of having repealed the law were false; not the many voters of all kinds who would see their insurance disappear or grow still more expensive; not the Democrats, who would be happy to blame Republicans for this mistake and everything else that goes wrong with health care afterward.
“A better course would begin with the recognition that Obamacare’s regulations are the heart of what is wrong with it. The federal government had been subsidizing the purchase of health insurance for scores of millions of people for decades before Obamacare came along, in ways that created some serious problems. But it was not until Obamacare that the federal government became the chief regulator of health insurance. . .”

FOX: “A Useful Trump Intelligence Shakeup: The White House Intel Shop Can Be Shrunk and Its Staff Improved”

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – Donald Trump may or may not be planning to reorganize the 17 separate U.S. intelligence agencies, and the mere suggestion seems to be a breach of Beltway etiquette. But the intelligence services shouldn’t be immune from a bureaucratic shakeup, especially at the White House, and we have some suggestions.

“The Journal reported this week that the Trump team believes the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) has become ‘bloated and politicized,’ though incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer called the story “100% false.” The transition also said that Mr. Trump will nominate Dan Coats, a former Indiana Senator and political grownup, as DNI, perhaps to calm the uproar.

“Mr. Trump’s opponents are portraying the reorganization as his payback to the intelligence community for concluding that Russia hacked Democrats to throw him the election, and Mr. Trump’s tweets don’t help. ‘The ‘Intelligence’ briefing on so-called ‘Russian hacking’ was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!’ the President-elect tweeted this week, though he later called himself ‘a big fan!’ of U.S. spooks.

“This brawling is a shame because the truth is that the DNI has become the stagnant, permanent bureaucracy that critics predicted when the office was proposed in the panicked runup to the 2004 election. The 9/11 Commission identified multiple failures to coordinate activities and share information across the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency and so forth, and the commissioners lobbied for the new DNI as a maestro in the war on terror. . .”


“Are extremists preparing for violence to stop Trump?

“A group calling itself Refuse Fascism, led by the likes of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and black Marxist Cornel West, are spearheading the final effort to block Trump’s inauguration and have taken out a full page ad in the New York Times declaring, ‘NO! In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America!’

“The ad goes on to lay out the plan of action to stop Trump, utilizing all of the predictable buzzwords and rhetoric necessary to justify acting ‘together outside normal channels,’ and comparing the ‘Trump regime’ to that of Hitler and the rise of Nazi Germany.

“The Trump Regime Must and Can Be Stopped Before It Starts!” reads the hysterical propaganda. ‘By any definition, Donald Trump is a fascist. He has put together a regime who will carry out this program, and worse.’

“Our anger must now become massive resistance—before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands. Should we fail to rise with determination and daring in our millions now to stop this, the consequences for humanity will be disastrous.”

Kimberley Strassel, WSJ: “Lessons from Obama’s Failure”

“Republicans must sell their replacement to ObamaCare—the way the president didn’t.

“President Obama does few favors for Republicans, but he did them a parting one this week when he sojourned to Capitol Hill, where he exhorted Democrats to defend ObamaCare. The vision of the president calling on his party’s members to—yet again—lay down their political lives for his ‘signature’ law was a reminder of how this disaster began. Only if Republicans remember that history do they have a chance of succeeding where Mr. Obama failed.

“The media are already labeling the Republican strategy of ‘repeal and replace’ a mess, obsessing over the GOP’s lack of a fully formed ‘replace’ plan. The suggestion is that disorder and disunity reign. This is the same media that all of seven weeks ago was assuring the GOP it needn’t even bother drawing up a bill, since President Hillary Clinton would veto any changes to ObamaCare.

“True enough, eight years ago congressional Republicans were clueless about health-care policy. But a great deal has changed in that time—in ideas, education and the quality of the health and human services, who offered in Congress his own detailed replacement plan.

“Republicans already agree on the general contours of a free-market proposal—one based on tax credits, entitlement reform, freer insurance markets, portable policies and fewer mandates. The internal debates are over scope and details, not approach. . .”

Tzvia Wexler, FIDF: “Dear Friends”

“Happy New Year!  As those of us at FIDF reflect on 2016, we thank you for your unyielding support, effort and dedication to the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.

In 2016, the FIDF Pennsylvania & Southern NJ Chapter achieved $1,858,486 to fulfill the needs of the IDF soldiers.  We would like to inform you that these contributions funded the following Programs:

* Education –

* Wounded Soldiers –

* Wellbeing –

* Lone Soldiers –

* Spirit –

* Dignity –

* Spiritual –

We encourage you to review the FIDF Programs by clicking the links above.

Your generosity continues to touch the lives of thousands of IDF soldiers.  Your involvement in FIDF ensures that wounded soldiers are assisted, lone soldiers are cared for, bereaved families are comforted, and that soldiers in need receive educational and moral support.  The connection between Israel’s soldiers and the FIDF Family in this region remains vital, and you have been instrumental in helping this Chapter reach new heights.

As we welcome the new year, we wish your lives to be filled with as many blessings as you are bestowing upon the brave soldiers of the IDF. . .”

Sign up for 2017 FIDF Missions to Israel!

This year, FIDF has planned several exciting Missions to choose from … Women’s Mission in March, Delegation to Poland and Israel in April/May, Young Leadership Mission this Summer, Cycling Tour in October, and National Leadership Mission in November.
A Pennsylvania/Southern NJ Mission to Israel is also being planned.

Please contact for further details.


Tzvia Wexler, Executive Director

Pennsylvania & Southern New Jersey  

Guy Faulconbridge & Ritvik Carvalho, Yahoo!:” Beheading attire and sexy suicide vests? Satire of ISIS wives stirs anger and praise”

. . . In a clip from the BBC’s “Revolting” TV comedy show, entitled “Real Housewives of ISIS” which aired on Tuesday, one “wife” of a militant fighter in Syria says: “It’s only three days to the beheading and I’ve got no idea what to wear.”

“This is my sixth marriage – I have been widowed five times,” another woman says with a sigh before an explosion which prompts her to say: “Six times.”

For the clip, please see:

The segment is a parody of the successful reality TV franchise which began in 2006 with “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and now has spin-off versions worldwide including one set in Cheshire in northern England.

The women, dressed in hijabs and speaking with clear English accents, also compare their looks in suicide vests while posting the pictures online but then argue over the fact that their attire clashes as two have the same suicide vest.

“”You’re gonna need a lot of Semtex to kill that one,” one says. While another scrubs the floor, she says: “Didn’t have to do this in [the English city of] Birmingham.”

“Tens of thousands of people have travelled to fight in Syria and Iraq where many end up with militant groups such as Islamic State, which uses an extreme interpretation of Islam to justify attacks on its foes and impose repressive rule in areas it has captured.

“Islamic State has used the internet to tempt recruits from across the world, including sometimes well-educated young men and women from British cities.

“British police said last January 56 women and girls from Britain had gone to Syria and there have been several high-profile cases including three schoolgirls who left London in February, 2015. One of the girls was reported to have been killed last August. . .”


Joel Pollak, BigGovt: “Blue State Blues: Hate Crime in the Chicago Obama Created”

“Next week, President Barack Obama will travel to Chicago to deliver a farewell address. Though Obama built his political career there, it is a strange setting for a valediction.

“No place better represents Obama’s failure as president than Chicago, which has suffered mightily on his watch. More people were murdered in Chicago last year than New York and Los Angeles combined, and this week’s live-streamed torture of a disabled white teenager is a reflection of the sad state of race relations.

“Chicago is important to Obama’s biography, but it has been totally unimportant to his presidency. Aside from the occasional speech — such as a 2013 “economic” speech primarily devoted to gun control — Obama has barely done anything to help the city where he built his political persona.

“Not that he did much as a state senator, either. He had no achievements in Springfield until Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones decided to “make me a U.S. Senator” and gave Obama credit for others’ legislation.

“What impact State Sen. Obama had on Chicago was usually negative. . .”

Brendan Kirby, Polizette: “Massachusetts Sheriff Offers Inmates to Build Border Wall”

“Sheriff suggests national prison work program for natural disaster cleanup, border wall construction

“Thomas M. Hodgson, who was sworn in to a fifth four-year term on Wednesday as sheriff of Bristol County, is pitching a plan to create a nationwide consortium of sheriffs who agree to make inmate labor available to respond to the aftermath of hurricanes and natural disasters — and for ambitious national building projects. One possible application would be to provide labor for the construction of a border wall.

“‘I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall,’ Hodgson said in a prepared statement. ‘Aside from learning and perfecting construction skills, the symbolism of these inmates building a wall to prevent crime in communities around the country, and to preserve jobs and work opportunities for them and other Americans upon release, can be very powerful.’

“The spectacle of Massachusetts inmates working to build a “big, beautiful wall” is unusual for reasons of geography and politics.


“A 2013 presidential directive identified 16 sectors as critical infrastructures, including energy, financial services, health care, transportation, food and agriculture and communications.

“The designation announced Friday places responsibilities on the Homeland Security secretary to identify and prioritize those sectors, considering physical and cyber threats against them. The secretary is also required to conduct security checks and provide information about emerging and imminent threats.

“Such a change does not require presidential action, and only requires the secretary to first consult with the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism.

“Discussions about whether to designate elections systems as critical infrastructure surfaced after hackers targeted the voter registration systems of more than 20 states in the

“While the designation puts responsibilities on the Department of Homeland Security, it does not require entities that are determined “critical infrastructure” to participate. Much of the nation’s critical infrastructure is in the private sector. . .”


Roy Spencer, “The Frigid 48: U.S. Average Temperature 11 deg. F”

As predicted here ten days ago, portions of all of the Lower 48 states are below 32 deg. F at 6 a.m. EST this morning (animation here)


A home for CAIR?

President Obama is taking a cue from Donald Trump … he’s building himself a wall.

We got photos of construction at Obama’s soon-to-be D.C. rental. “You also see construction in the garage. As we reported, it will become an office with a bathroom.

“We broke the story … the rental will be home until Sasha graduates so the Obamas needed the property outfitted for the Secret Service and … it needed more fortification.

“BTW … he’s getting a new neighbor. Ivanka Trump and fam are moving nearby to a rental.

“At least the landlords know the checks will clear.”


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