Dead Cats: ByeBye???, 01/11/17, (25)12: James Brody

CONTENTS: MORGENSTERN – Obama farewell; SULLIVAN – Ocare puzzle; HANSON – Trumpism; SIMON – Hungary to stifle Soros; GOLLE – Small business optimism; BALAKRISHANAN – Alibaba; DRUDGE – Hearings; ROSS – FBI 300 more pages.

LEADS: HANNITY – Recap; RUSHBO – Libs surreal; PHILLIPS – UN 2334; SIMON – Move to Jerusalem; HEALY – Bye BO; OLSON – BO destroys public records.

NOTES: LOTT – Self defense.

Madeleine Morgenstern, Washington Examiner: “Obama’s farewell address longer than Reagan’s, Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s combined”

BO, like most government employees, prepared for his next job – CAIR, Cloward-Piven, and using Islam to make himself necessary . . .Iran, Soros, North Africa, Malaysia . . .

“Clinton spoke for 7 minutes, 25 seconds; Reagan spoke for 20 minutes, 42 seconds; and George W. Bush spoke for 13 minutes, 7 seconds. Obama spoke for 51 minutes, 10 seconds, nearly 10 minutes longer that the other three put together.

“Obama also broke from the tradition of delivering his final speech from the White House. Clinton and Reagan both spoke from the Oval Office, and George W. Bush spoke in front of a small audience in the White House East Room; the Obama administration distributed public tickets for his speech at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago.”

Peter Sullivan, The Hill: “Trump, GOP at crossroads on repealing ObamaCare” 

“In a significant development, President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Republicans to pass an ObamaCare replacement within “weeks” after repeal.

“Trump’s comments urging his party to act quickly on a replacement come as a growing group of congressional Republicans is expressing serious concerns about moving forward quickly on repeal without having a replacement plan ready, or at the least the outlines of one.

“Just weeks ago, Republicans had floated the possibility of passing a replacement bill two or even three years down the road.

“‘Long to me would be weeks,’ Trump told The New York Times on Tuesday. “It won’t be repeal and then two years later go in with another plan.”

“However, Republican congressional leaders have declined to commit to passing a replacement in “weeks” or providing any specific timeline beyond sometime this year. They are still moving forward with their plan to pass a repeal of the law before a full replacement is ready. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “What Exactly Is Trumpism?”
“First sketches of a list, starting with tradition, populism, and American greatness

“Donald Trump is hated by liberal Democrats because, among other things, he is likely to reverse the entire Obama project. And, far worse, he probably will seek fundamental ways of obstructing its future resurgence — even perhaps by peeling off traditional Democratic constituencies.
“The proverbial mainstream media despise Trump. Culturally, he has become a totem of their fears: coarseness, ostentatiousness, flamboyance, and the equation of big money with taste and success. His new approach to the media may make them irrelevant, and they fear their downfall could be well earned.
“The Republican Washington–to–New York establishment is alienated by Trump. It finds his behavior reckless and his ideology unpredictable — especially given his cruel destruction of in-house Republican candidates in the primaries and his past flirtations with liberal ideas and politicians. That he has now brought them more opportunity for conservative political change than any Republican candidate in a century only adds insult to their sense of injury.
“Trumpism promotes traditionalism. Trump showcases “Merry Christmas!” because his parents did. He believes in dressing formally and being addressed as Mr. Trump. And he insists that his children be well-behaved and polite. You might object that Trump is thrice-married, Petronian in his tastes, and ethically sloppy or worse in his own business dealings. No matter: Trump seeks a return to normalcy all the more. His personal excesses apparently spur his impulses for traditional norms. . .”

Zoltan Simon, Bloomberg, “Hungary Plans to Crackdown on All Soros-Funded NGOs”

“Hungary plans to crack down on non-governmental organizations linked to billionaire George Soros now that Donald Trump will occupy the White House, according to the deputy head of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party.

“The European Union member will use ‘all the tools at its disposal’ to ‘sweep out’ NGOs funded by the Hungarian-born financier, which ‘serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments,’ Szilard Nemeth, a vice president of the ruling Fidesz party, told reporters on Tuesday. No one answered the phone at the Open Society Institute in Budapest when Bloomberg News called outside business hours.

“‘I feel that there is an opportunity for this, internationally,’ because of Trump’s election, state news service MTI reported Nemeth as saying. Lawmakers will start debating a bill to let authorities audit NGO executives, according to parliament’s legislative agenda. . .”

Vince Golle, Bloomberg: “U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most since 1980”

“The share of business owners who say now is a good time to expand is three times the average of the current expansion, according to the NFIB’s data. More companies also said they plan to increase investment and keep hiring, which reflects optimism surrounding President-elect Donald Trump’s plans of spurring the economy through deregulation, tax reform and infrastructure spending.

“‘Rising confidence adds to the economy’s upward momentum,’ Jim O’Sullivan, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics in Valhalla, New York, said in a note. At the same time, the ‘NFIB membership appears to be disproportionately Republican, so it is possible that the data will start overstating strength, opposite the pattern during the Obama administration.’

“The NFIB report was based on a survey of 619 small-business owners through Dec. 28. Small companies represent more than 99 percent of all U.S employers, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. A small business is defined as an independent enterprise with no more than 500 employees. . .”

Anita Balakrishnan, CNBC: “Alibaba job boom: Jack Ma chats with Trump about how to create 1 million US jobs over 5 years”

“President-elect Donald Trump said he had a ‘great meeting’ with Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma on Monday, when they discussed 1 million new U.S. jobs.

“Ma said that Alibaba’s expansion would focus on products like garments, wine and fruits, especially in the Midwest.

“‘We’re focused on small business,’ Ma told reporters. ‘We specifically talked about … supporting 1 million small businesses, especially in the Midwest of America. Small businesses on the platform selling products — agriculture products and America services — to China and Asia, because we’re pretty big in Asia.’

“Where those jobs would come from is unclear. . .”

Drudge Report 1/11/17

Russia slams ‘nonsense’ claims about perverted hooker romp…
Pulp Fiction… 

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller: “FBI Quietly Releases 300 Pages of Hillary Clinton Investigation Records”

“. . . This is the fifth release of Clinton investigation records from the FBI. The documents deal with the handling of computer hardware collected from Clinton’s lawyers for the investigation and also contain emails from FBI officials discussing the classification of Clinton’s emails.

“The FBI has previously released notes from interviews it conducted during its investigation of Clinton’s handling of classified information. FBI director James Comey declined to recommend that Clinton be charged in the case, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch accepted that advice.

“The emails included in the documents are from the months prior to the formal opening of the Clinton email probe, which occurred on July 10, 2015. The exchanges show disagreements between the FBI and State Department over whether some of Clinton’s personal emails should be classified. . .”


Hannity 01-10-17: Radio Show Recap: Jan 10

“4:05PM ET – Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, has a new replacement plan for Obamacare, he is not happy with the current budget proposal, the intended spending schedule and the lack of options the GOP is offering the American people.
Paul is leading a small but growing number of GOP lawmakers concerned about repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan hashed out.
“He added another curveball to the ongoing debate on Friday, saying President-elect Donald Trump agrees with him that the two should be moved together. (h/t The Hill) “

Rushbo: “Liberals Reject Reality”

“CALLER:  And I was just wondering, in light of the vicious attacks on President-Elect Trump, his family, his cabinet, are you rethinking of substituting the word “funny” with “pathetic”?

RUSH:  Well, I actually hadn’t thought about it ’til you called.  That’s why I wanted to take your call.  I’m glad you reminded me of it.  I can’t remember all of the things I say; nobody could.  For some reason, that stuck with you.  And at the time I uttered it, it was absolutely correct: “When liberals are in power, they’re dangerous.”  That’s still true.  When they’re out of power, they were funny.

“CALLER:  Yes.

“RUSH:  The thing that I realize now looking back on it, is while we were laughing at them, there were a lot of people believing their insanity.  It turns out to be not nearly as many as we feared prior to the election.  I still think that they pose a great, great opportunity with humor to laugh at them, such as Code Pink today and these protesters.  They’re just unhinged now. I don’t mind the word “pathetic” as a descriptive, but I would not to relax too much.  These people are not going away.  The people that you’re talking about still teach your kids in high school and college.

“These people that are now out of power at least electorally still run Hollywood.  They still assemble, write, and produce most of what you see in prime time entertainment television.  They still run the publishing industry.  So they’re not going away, and they’re becoming more and more unhinged and deranged as time goes on.  Now, I think for a while the more of that, the better.  They don’t realize that they are the reason, one of the many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost; they’re one of the many reasons why Donald Trump won.  But I’m not gonna stop laughing at them.

“They are some of the greatest source of smiles when they lose that you’ll ever come across, but “pathetic”? Yeah, I can understand the use of the word “pathetic.”  They do look pathetic. “But also keep in mind they’re not going anywhere, and they don’t understand… This is very important.  I’m gonna build off something I said yesterday.  They don’t understand the concept of defeat, and I don’t mean this in an upbeat way, in a positive way.  The way you’re supposed to deal with defeat is as a learning experience. You analyze why, and you double your efforts, and you come back and you try to win the next time.

That’s not them.  When I say, “They don’t recognize defeat,” what I mean by that is that they do not think they lost. . .”

Melania Phillips, Breaking: UN Resolution 2334

“Last week, the US House of Representatives passed a measure by 342-80 disavowing UN resolution 2334. This UN resolution purports unilaterally to draw the borders of Israel along the indefensible “Auschwitz” ceasefire lines of 1949; negates both UN resolution 242 and the Oslo Accords which make any yielding by Israel of the disputed territories contingent on the cessation of hostilities against it and require the borders of Israel to be determined through negotiation; and puts diplomatic rocket fuel behind the boycott movement and delegitimisation of Israel intended to bring about its destruction.

“The US House resolution, which is likely to be followed by a similar move in the Senate, states that the US “should oppose and veto future United Nations Security Council resolutions that seek to impose solutions to final status issues, or are one-sided and anti-Israel.”

“Tellingly, the strength of feeling about the iniquitous nature of resolution 2334 was so strong that the House measure was co-sponsored by 31 Democrats. Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida said resolution 2334 “characterises Jews praying at the Western Wall as violating international law while it ignores Palestinian terrorism, incitement to violence, and payments to families of terrorists.”

Roger Simon, PJM: “Time to Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem to Save the Two-State Solution”

“. . . Abbas was apparently concentrating on other matters.  He had something far more important on his mind than yet another bloody terror attack perpetrated by his would-be countrymen — the possibility that the U.S., under Donald Trump, would actually move its embassy to Jerusalem.

“Indeed, Abbas has evidently written to Trump urging him not to change the embassy location, Palestinian media were reporting Monday. According to Wafa, such a move would have a “disastrous impact on the peace process, on the two-state solution and on the stability and security of the entire region,”

“Really? As opposed to what? The U.S. embassy has been in Tel Aviv since 1966 and almost nothing positive has happened. The 1993 Oslo Accords have come and (more or less) gone. Through all this, the Palestinians have shown little indication they want a two-state solution or “security and stability” of any sort.

What we have had is outbursts of terror, long and short, intermixed with quieter periods when Palestinian leaders enrich themselves at the expense of mostly American and European taxpayers, while doing absolutely nothing to advance peace. . .”

Gene Healy, Reason: “Goodbye, Obama”

“The outgoing president leaves a loaded gun in the Oval Office.

“. . . By the time the Oval Office was in his sights, he’d decided “his mission was to leave a legacy as a president of consequence.”

Mission accomplished: As Obama’s tenure comes to a close, it’s clear his has been a presidency of enormous consequence. But his most lasting legacy will be one few—perhaps least of all Obama himself—expected. He will leave to his successor a presidency even more powerful and dangerous than the one he inherited from Bush. The new powers he’s forged now pass on to celebreality billionaire Donald J. Trump, a man Obama considers “unfit to serve as president”—someone who can’t be trusted with his own Twitter account, let alone the nuclear launch codes. Perhaps only those incorrigible “cynics” Obama regularly chides from the bully pulpit could have predicted this would come to pass.

Kyle Olson, American Mirror: “ASSANGE: Obama administration destroying public records ‘now’”

“. . . Past administrations of both Republican and Democratic players have engaged in mass destruction of records as they left office,” Assange said in response to a question.

“We are told that destruction of records is occurring now in different parts of the Obama administration in different departments or agencies.

“‘That’s what happens when an administration leaves office,’ Assange said.

“Our philosophy is that such information is a part of history. It belongs, legally and philosophically, to the American people and more broadly, insofar as the United States interacts with the world, it belongs to the people of the world.

“‘It is part of human history and the destruction of major archives of human history, frankly, should be formally listed as a crime against humanity because those archives belong to humanity,’ he said. . .”



John Lott Jr. NRO: “Psychiatrists Can’t Predict Mass Shootings — Meanwhile, Let the Public Defend Itself”

“. . . Psychiatrists have every incentive to get the diagnosis right. Besides their own professional pride and desire to help, they are legally obligated to inform authorities of cases that they believe represent threats.
“There is a whole academic literature devoted to this diagnostic failure. It has been suggested that psychiatrists become desensitized to danger or seek to prove their fearlessness. It’s possible that added training would help to improve diagnoses of unusual cases.

“But it will always be hard to predict mass public shootings, which are extremely rare events. What seem like obvious telltale signs in retrospect are often not so obvious before the attack.
“Schizophrenia alone can be found in roughly 1.6 million people nationwide. From 2009 through 2015, mentally ill individuals were responsible for 15 out of 25 mass public shootings. Even if all 15 individuals had schizophrenia (and that is clearly not the case), this comes to one mass public shooting for every 100,000 schizophrenics. To stop one person who is going to do something terrible, you could have to confine thousands of people who seem dangerous. . .”


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