Dead Cats:O’Keefe!, 01/18/17, (25)16: James Brody


RUSHBO – Putin’s hookers; HANSON – Putin, Obama, Trump; BEDARD – Cut 20%?; WILLIAMSON – Barry’s lies.

O’KEEFE: HANNITY – Veritas tape; HEINE- O’KEEFE scored;  GELLER – Getting Ugly; STRANAHAN – Blackbox terror; STRANAHAN – BO’s rules to cover terrorists?

LEADS: Drudge (1-17-17); MURPHY – Hungary to screw down Soros; ZITO – Mayors + TheDonald?

NOTES: LEWIS – DeVOS HOPEFUL SIGN; BRODY – The Bamster’s next job.

Rushbo: (1/17/17) “Putin: Russian Prostitutes Are Best in the World, But Even They Can’t Hold a Candle to the Democrats Attacking Trump”

“RUSH: ‘Have you heard what Putin has said about Trump? This is hilarious, folks. The American left and John McCain are going to go nuts over this. This happened this morning in Moscow. Vladimir Putin held a joint press conference with the president of Moldova.

‘His name is Igor Dodon, and, during the Q&A, reporter said, ‘You couldn’t make any comments on reports that we’ve been gathering compromising materials on U.S. President Trump supposedly about his meetings with hookers in Moscow hotels. So have you seen those videos, Mr. Putin? Do you know anything about prostitutes in Moscow hotels to help Trump? People in the U.S. want to know. Tell us, Mr. Putin, what do you have to say about this?’

“PUTIN (via translator): When Trump came to Moscow, I don’t even remember when it happened, actually. He wasn’t a political actor. We didn’t know whether he had any political ambitions. You think that our intelligence are pursuing each and every billionaire? No. That is absolutely not true. And he’s a mature man. He’s an adult already. So, all his life, many years, he’s been organizing beauty contests, in conversation and many meetings with beautiful women around the world. So I cannot imagine that he decided to go to some hotel to meet Russian… Well, girls with special responsibilities being at the lowest. But they [are] also the best in the world, I’m sure.”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Putin, Obama – and Trump”

“Let’s hope that the era of ‘lead from behind’ and violated red lines is over.
“For eight years, the Obama administration misjudged Vladimir Putin’s Russia, as it misjudged most of the Middle East, China, and the rest of the world as well. Obama got wise to Russia only when Putin imperiled not just U.S. strategic interests and government records but also supposedly went so far as to tamper with sacrosanct Democratic-party secrets, thereby endangering the legacy of Barack Obama.
“Putin was probably bewildered by Obama’s media-driven and belated concern, given that the Russians, like the Chinese, had in the past hacked U.S. government documents that were far more sensitive than the information it may have mined and leaked in 2016 — and they received nothing but an occasional Obama “cut it out” whine. Neurotic passive-aggression doesn’t merely bother the Russians; it apparently incites and emboldens them.
“Obama’s strange approach to Putin since 2009 apparently has run something like the following. Putin surely was understandably angry with the U.S. under the cowboy imperialist George W. Bush, according to the logic of the “reset.” After all, Obama by 2009 was criticizing Bush more than he was Putin for the supposed ills of the world. But Barack Obama was not quite an American nationalist who sought to advance U.S. interests.
“Instead, he posed as a new sort of soft-power moralistic politician — not seen since Jimmy Carter — far more interested in rectifying the supposed damage rather than the continuing good that his country has done. If Putin by 2008 was angry at Bush for his belated pushback over Georgia, at least he was not as miffed at Bush as Obama himself was. . .”

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner: “Boom: Trump eyes 10% spending cuts, 20% slash of federal workers”

“Making good on a promise to slash government, President-elect Trump has asked his incoming team to pursue spending and staffing cuts.

Insiders said that the spending reductions in some departments could go as high as 10 percent and staff cuts to 20 percent, numbers that would rock Washington if he follows through.

At least two so-called ‘landing teams’ in Cabinet agencies have relayed the call for cuts as part of their marching orders to shrink the flab in government.

The cuts would target discretionary spending, not mandated programs such as Medicare or Social Security, the sources said. . .”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “The Worst Perversion”

“The lame-duck columns have been nearly unanimous on the point: Barack Obama is remarkable among recent presidents for having been utterly untouched by scandal, personal or political.
“The personal can be conceded: There is no serious allegation that President Obama suffered from the liberated appetites of a Bill Clinton, and the White House interns have by all accounts gone unmolested. But this is hardly remarkable: There were no such allegations about George W. Bush, either, or about George H. W. Bush, or about Ronald Reagan, or Jimmy Carter. Richard Nixon’s name is a byword for scandal, but not scandal of that sort. Nixon’s shocking personal perversion was his taste for cottage cheese with ketchup.
“So, three cheers for Barack Obama’s manful efforts to live up to the standard of Gerald Ford. “Well done.
“The political issue is a different question entirely.

“Not only was the Obama administration marked by scandal of the most serious sort — perverting the machinery of the state for political ends — it was on that front, which is the most important one, the most scandal-scarred administration in modern presidential history.
“For your consideration . . .”


Hannity et al.: Veritas Tape

The schemes multiply . . .

“On Monday, Project Veritas, the investigative team run by James O’Keefe, released a video which exposes left-wing groups planning to engage in criminal activity at Donald Trump’s inauguration. In the video, a group known as the “DC Anti-fascist Coalition” is seen plotting to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration by deploying butyric acid at the National Press Club during an event scheduled for the night before the inauguration known as the ‘Deploraball.’

“Yeah, if you had…a pint of butyric acid, I don’t care how big the building is, it’s closing and it’s staying closed for a while too,” said Luke Kuhn, a member of the Coalition. Butyric acid is essentially a stink bomb that would force an evacuation of the National Press Club.

“As O’Keefe notes in the video, the actions discussed are a violation of D.C. anti-terrorism laws.

“Check out the undercover video above!

Follow-Up: Debra Heine, PJM: “DisruptJ20 Dramatically Scales Back Plans to Sabotage Inauguration after Project Veritas Sting”

O’Keefe for Attorney General!

“After two Project Veritas videos shined a light on their nefarious activities, the activist coalition DisruptJ20 has ‘dramatically scaled back’ their plans to sabotage the inauguration of Donald Trump, according to reports.

“Legba Carrefour, the self-described glam anarchist’ who was caught on tape plotting bridge and train blockades, came up with a convenient cover story for the media. ‘The amount of chaos is being intentionally overstated’ by his group, he said.”

Pam Geller, AFDI: “Man your battle stations, it’s getting ugly #war”

“Get ready to fight for Trump!”

“If anyone thought the left would accept defeat and respect the democratic process, they have not been paying attention for the past 40 years. Much like the jihad movement with with whom align, if something or someone does not go their way, they ….. blow it up.

“The left’s army of goons is fueled by incendiary rhetoric by the media, academia, Hollywood airheads and even Michelle Obama.

“Many conservatives are understandably thinking we can relax now: the nightmare of the Obama years is drawing to a close, and good times are ahead. But in reality, this would be the worst possible time to let down our guard and rest on our laurels. The incoming Trump administration needs us now more than ever.

The left is irrational, anti-real — in a word, evil. They will not calm down and accept the loss.

Left-Wing Paying People HUGE Amounts to Protest Trump -$2,500 per protester.

Here is a comprehensive protest page advising goons, thugs and agitators how best to create chaos, violence and mayhem at the Trump Inauguration without getting caught. Note the instructions in Arabic – the red/green alliance going to war against freedom.. .”

Lee Stranahan, Breitbart: “The Definitive Field Guide to Black Bloc Terrorists Who Want to Shut Down Trump Inauguration”

“With the inauguration of Donald Trump just days away, droves of his supporters are preparing to meet in Washington D.C. to welcome the new President. But there are also darker forces assembling; a gathering of at least 75 anarchist, socialist and communist groups preparing for an event called #DisruptJ20 that has officially called for violent Black Bloc protesters to gather at 10:00 am on Friday, January 20th in Washington D.C. at the Logan Circle and the Francis Scott Key Memorial.

“The group’s call-to-arms is blunt:

‘Wear all black | January 20th, 10 AM | Logan Circle, DC We are calling for a mobile bloc opposing capitalism and fascism at the inauguration. Meet at Logan Circle at 10 am. Organize with your friends and come prepared to defend each other and everyone else who is standing up to the Trump regime.’

“However, despite the plain call for the Black Bloc to assemble, very few of the patriotic Americans who support Donald Trump have any real idea what exactly the Black Bloc is, what they represent or how to to deal with the their planned criminal behavior.

“As part of our ongoing coverage of both the Trump inauguration and our founder Andrew Breitbart’s mission to expose the leftists that hate this country and its values, we’re going to explain who the Black Bloc is in their own damning words, as well as giving inaugural attendees some idea of what to expect from them. . .”

Lee Stranahan, Big Govt, “Inaugural Rioters Urged to ‘Go Hard’ in ‘Only Chance’ to ‘Rove the City’ Under ‘Protocol of the Obama Era’”

Breitbart News has identified as connected to the #DisruptJ20 events titled Ten Reasons to Go Hard on January 20 makes the case to anarchists, socialist and communist ruffians from across the country about “why would it be worth driving across the country to a city crowded with reactionaries and police.”

“Saying that during the inauguration ‘the DC police will have their hands full’

it ominously tells the web of American-hating, anti-capitalist activists worldwide that the January 20th inauguration ‘is our only chance to fight Trump under the laws and police protocol of the Obama era.’

“The article lays out the overall plan of the gathering groups to ‘rove the city’ and set up ‘blockades at the checkpoints around the parade route’ as well as shutting down Washington D.C.’s ‘transportation infrastructure.’

“The article, published just days ago by the website CrimethInc. also urges leftist protesters across the country to engage in lone-wolf style terror attacks and ‘pick a target and carry out an offensive strike.’ It tells rioters who can’t make it to Washington D.C. to ‘choose their own targets” and “decorate your city in advance.’

“The slick website CrimethInc describes itself and its purpose in heroic terms, even making a Star Wars reference by calling itself ‘a rebel alliance.’ . . .”


Drudge, 1/17/17

Timeless Ritual to Meet Partisan Rancor at Inauguration… 
Ads offer protesters $2,500 to agitate…
Unprecedented threats drive Secret Service security…
ALREADY? Maxine Waters calls for impeachment probe…
Trump eyes 20% slash of federal workers…
Angst Simmers in Washington…

Peter Murphy, Yahoo!: “Hungary set to turn screws on Soros-backed NGOs”

“Budapest (AFP) – Hungarian NGOs have long felt the heat under strongman Prime Minister Viktor Orban — but they now fear that, emboldened by Donald Trump’s victory, the right-wing premier will turn the screws even tighter.

“First in line may be groups backed by Hungarian-born billionaire financier George Soros, whose foundation once funded the Oxford studies of a young Orban more than 25 years ago.

“Last week the deputy head of Orban’s ruling party Fidesz, in power since 2010, said that non-governmental organisations should be “cleaned out of here”.

“Szilard Nemeth said that criticism of government policies by ‘fake’ civil organisations set up to “influence politics” by Soros and others was “impermissible”.

The remarks triggered alarm among beleaguered NGOs, many of which — in the absence of a credible political opposition — have long attacked Orban’s sweeping revamp of state institutions and hardline anti-immigration stance. . .”

Salena Zito, Washington Examiner: “Mayors think they may have a partner in populist Trump”

“Mayor Paula Zelenko is one of more than 300 mayors from across the country who descended on Washington this week to attend the United States Conference of Mayors.

“The Burton Michigan Democrat said she was inspired to attend the conference for the first time for one reason; the incoming administration of Donald J. Trump.

“‘I wanted to see where he was standing on all of the issues that affect all of our cities, our mayor’s and our communities. We are all in this together; let’s see how we can all make it work,’ she said.

“Zelenko said her biggest issues in the city that borders Flint, Michigan is infrastructure funding, “Especially water and sewer lines,” she said. But she also pointed to pensions and other legacy issues, and the scourge of most of America, heroin. . .”


Matt Lewis, Daily Beast: “Betsy DeVos Fight Demonstrates Donald Trump’s Serious about Changing Washington”

“. . . This is a story about a changing America. And, in a sense, what could happen to public schools and teachers’ unions might ironically parallel the plight of the coal miners and factory workers who voted for Donald Trump.

“Every other sector in our economy is moving away from old business models and trending toward more personalization, service, and flexibility. People who pick up an iPhone, summon an Uber, and order concert tickets on StubHub don’t understand why they can’t choose from a menu of school options—be it public, private, magnet, or charter schools.

“Yes, this is a lagging indicator. Not everyone is as technologically savvy (or dependent) as cosmopolitan elites. But as technology has become ubiquitous, we have been trained to expect more choices—more options.

Eventually, this trend toward individualism and choices was bound to collide with the traditional district public education system—and the powerful teachers’ unions that fund the Democratic Party. It happened Thursday night during DeVos’ confirmation hearing for Secretary of Education.

economy. Administrators who are deeply entrenched in old schools are going to have to change. And change can be painful. And the nomination of Betsy DeVos expedites this decades-long process.

“Yes, in some ways Donald Trump wants to make America great again by hearkening back to a bygone era. But Donald Trump is a disruptive change-maker.

“Here’s the thing to know about Donald Trump’s cabinet and staff picks: They are about action and getting things done. . .”

Brody – Again: The Bamster’s Next Job . . .

All government employees, and many private ones, work their current job in order to get their next one. Obama’s favorite trick is to contrive Cloward-Piven schemes: Make a crisis, create a demand, and hire agents to “solve” the problem. Clever Barry has planted cells of terrorists across America and understands that Muslim youth, like American youth, don’t mature emotionally until age 26. Every Muslim teen is not only in the IQ 75 range but also apt to move in swarms. Our own kids have favorite singers and teams and clothing. They are also better soldiers than voters. He and Ms. Jarrett (and CAIR) will continue their teamwork and rely on “emergencies” with Muslim youth to get funding and allegiances, even from the UN. Irony: Robert Spencer tells us that Mohammed never existed (Spencer, Robert (2007) “The Truth about Muhammed,” Washington DC: Regnery.) A mere inconvenient truth for adolescents and undergraduates in leftist hubs. . .

Meanwhile, we hold our breath: clemency for Hillary? Make the bitch beg except a deal has probably been cut . . . she’s to become a chamber “maid” in one of Putin’s hotels!

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