Dead Cats:!!!DJT!!!, 01/20/17, (25)17: James Brody


KRAUTHAMMER – True colors; 6ABC – Philly demos; DOVERE – Ds in the wild; RUSHBO – What he did; RUSHBO – Irresponsible CNN.

LEADS: Hillary’s pardon?; DRUDGE Links; JEFFREY – Our debt; LANDSAY – CIA new rules; BOLTON – Trump’s cuts.

NOTES: Hillary’s pardon? BRODY- Abortions; BRODY – Bamster’s next job; BAMSTER’S Library.


“Fix civil service so we can fire people!” Newt Gingrich

Charles Krauthammer, NRO: “Obama Shows His True Colors as He Leaves Office”

“With no reason to suppress his more radical instincts any longer, the president embraced them on his way out the door.
“Barack Obama did not go out quietly. His unquiet final acts were overshadowed, in part by a successor who refused to come in quietly, and in part by Obama’s own endless, sentimental farewell tour. But there was nothing nostalgic or sentimental about Obama’s last acts. Two of them were simply shocking.
“Perhaps we should have known. At the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, he joked about whether he had a bucket list: ‘Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.’

“Turns out, he wasn’t kidding. Commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning, one of the great traitors of our time, is finger-in-the-eye willfulness. Obama took 28 years off the sentence of a soldier who stole and then released through WikiLeaks almost half a million military reports plus another quarter-million State Department documents.
“The cables were embarrassing; the military secrets were almost certainly deadly. They jeopardized the lives not just of American soldiers on two active fronts — Iraq and Afghanistan — but of locals who were, at great peril, secretly aiding and abetting us. After Manning’s documents release, the Taliban ‘went on a killing spree’ (according to intelligence sources quoted by Fox News) of those who fit the description of individuals working with the United States.
“Moreover, we will be involved in many shadowy conflicts throughout the world. Locals will have to choose between us and our enemies. Would you choose a side that is so forgiving of a leaker who betrays her country — and you?”


“PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The Philadelphia Police Department is asking visitors to avoid parts of Center City Monday, if possible, due to a number of planned protests.
Police say several demonstrations and marches are scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. in different parts of the city.

“The protests are expected to cause delays in the areas of Center City, City Hall, and Independence Mall until the evening hours.
“‘It is recommended that these areas be avoided if possible and public transportation be utilized as an alternative,’ police said in a statement.”

Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico: “Democrats in the Wilderness”

“. . . “Last night I stood at your doorstep / Trying to figure out what went wrong,” Bruce Springsteen sang quietly to the crowd in what he called “a prayer for post-election.” “It’s gonna be a long walk home.”

“What happened the next night shocked even the most pessimistic Democrats. But in another sense, it was the reckoning the party had been expecting for years. They were counting on a Clinton win to paper over a deeper rot they’ve been worrying about—and to buy them some time to start coming up with answers. In other words, it wasn’t just Donald Trump. Or the Russians. Or James Comey. Or all the problems with how Clinton and her aides ran the campaign. Win or lose, Democrats were facing an existential crisis in the years ahead—the result of years of complacency, ignoring the withering of the grass roots and the state parties, sitting by as Republicans racked up local win after local win.

“‘The patient,’ says Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, ‘was clearly already sick.’

“As Trump takes over the GOP and starts remaking its new identity as a nationalist, populist party, creating a new political pole in American politics for the first time in generations, all eyes are on the Democrats. How will they confront a suddenly awakened, and galvanized, white majority? What’s to stop Trump from doing whatever he wants? Who’s going to pull a coherent new vision together? Worried liberals are watching with trepidation, fearful that Trump is just the beginning of worse to come, desperate for a comeback strategy that can work.

“What’s clear from interviews with several dozen top Democratic politicians and operatives at all levels, however, is that there is no comeback strategy—just a collection of half-formed ideas, all of them challenged by reality. And for whatever scheme they come up with, Democrats don’t even have a flag-carrier. Barack Obama? He doesn’t want the job. Hillary Clinton? Too damaged. Bernie Sanders? Too socialist. Joe Biden? Too tied to Obama. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Too Washington. Elizabeth Warren? Maybe. And all of them old, old, old.

“The Democrats’ desolation is staggering. . .”

Rushbo: “Stop and Think of What Donald Trump Accomplished”

“Their world has been turned upside down by somebody who, it was said, didn’t have the slightest chance because he didn’t know what he was doing, because he’s an outsider, and it’s not possible for an outsider to come in here and hit a grand-slam home run their first time up at bat. And Trump has done all of that. And CNN, on the eve of the inauguration of the next president, does a story speculating on what would happen if that president is assassinated before he takes office. That, I think, is a perfect illustration and microcosm of who they are and who they — meaning the left and the media and the Democrats — have always been.”

Rushbo: “A Dangerous Act of Irresponsibility by CNN”

“TODD: A cabinet secretary called “the designated presidential successor” will not attend the inauguration, ready to step in if something happens. But it won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary since none of them have been confirmed yet. It will be an Obama appointee. By noon Friday, all of Obama’s cabinet secretaries are expected to resign. John Kerry, the current secretary of state, will be the first cabinet secretary in the line of succession, but he’s out of office by noon. Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, may not be confirmed for another week or two. So who would be secretary of state on Friday afternoon? According to State Department sources, the job would fall to the highest-ranking nonpolitical official in the department: The undersecretary for political affairs, Tom Shannon.

“RUSH: What this report is about, is CNN explaining to their audience what would happen — who would become president — if somebody assassinated Donald Trump before the inauguration ceremony tomorrow. We prepare for what Reagan called “a miracle.” The peaceful transition of power that occurs in the United States every four or eight years (depending) is, in the real world, a miracle. That it happens peacefully, that it happens at all. It’s not normal that people with power willingly give it up. It is one of the many miracles of this country.

“The Democrat Party cannot, has not, and will not come to grips with what has happened. They cannot accept, they haven’t been able to accept, and they don’t want to accept what happened last November. I think of all of the stories in the past where there have been shootings, say, on school campuses, school grounds or in movie theaters. Each and every time without exception CNN, ABC, the Drive-By Media did everything they could to make viewers believe that the shooting, the mass murder, was a result of conservative media, primarily talk radio, primarily me, and then Fox News. . .”


Hillary’s pardon????

Drudge 01-20-17

CNN: Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office…
MADONNA: We Must Resist, ‘Low as we can go’…
University offers Inauguration ‘safe space’…
Young Agitator Started Fire to Say ‘Screw Our President’…
In 2009, Networks Slobbered Over Obama’s ‘Sacred Event’… 

Terence Jeffrey, CNS: “Obama Leaves U.S.A $9,335,000,000,000 Deeper in Debt”

“( – President Barack Obama will leave the federal government approximately $9,335,000,000,000 deeper in debt than it was when he took office eight years ago, according to data released today by the U.S. Treasury.

“The increased debt incurred under Obama equals approximately $75,129 for every person in the United States who had a full-time job in December.

“The $9,334,590,089,060.56 that the debt had increased under Obama as of the close of business on Wednesday is far more debt than was accumulated by any previous president. It equals nearly twice as much as the $4,889,100,310,609.44 in additional debt that piled up during the eight years George W. Bush served as president. . .”

Jonathan Landay, Yahoo!: “CIA unveils new rules for collecting information on Americans”

“LANGLEY, Va. (Reuters) – The Central Intelligence Agency on Wednesday unveiled revised rules for collecting, analyzing and storing information on American citizens, updating the rules for the information age and publishing them in full for the first time.

“The guidelines are designed “in a manner that protects the privacy and civil rights of the American people,” CIA General Counsel Caroline Krass told a briefing at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

“The new rules were released amid continued public discomfort over the government’s surveillance powers, an issue that gained prominence following revelations in 2013 by former government contractor Edward Snowden that the National Security Agency (NSA) secretly collected the communications data of millions of ordinary Americans.

“The guidelines were published two days before President elect-Donald Trump is sworn into office and may be changed by the new administration. Trump has said he favors stronger government surveillance powers, including the monitoring of “certain” mosques in the United States.

“The CIA is largely barred from collecting information inside the United States or on U.S. citizens. But a 1980s presidential order provided for discrete exceptions governed by procedures approved by the CIA director and the attorney general. . .”

Alexander Bolton, The Hill: “Trump team prepares dramatic cuts”.1K

Donald Trump is ready to take an ax to government spending.
“Staffers for the Trump transition team have been meeting with career staff at the White House ahead of Friday’s presidential inauguration to outline their plans for shrinking the federal bureaucracy, The Hill has learned.

“The changes they propose are dramatic.
“The departments of Commerce and Energy would see major reductions in funding, with programs under their jurisdiction either being eliminated or transferred to other agencies. The departments of Transportation, Justice and State would see significant cuts and program eliminations.
“The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.
“Overall, the blueprint being used by Trump’s team would reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.
“The proposed cuts hew closely to a blueprint published last year by the conservative Heritage Foundation, a think tank that has helped staff the Trump transition. . .”

Edwin Mora, Breitbart: “Flashback: Manning Endangered the Lives of 900 Afghans Named in WikiLeaks”

“Chelsea Manning, the former soldier whose sentence President Barack Obama commuted this week, placed the lives of at least 900 Afghans aiding U.S. troops at risk by orchestrating the biggest leak in American military history.

“Manning will be leaving prison in May, having served seven of the 35 years he was sentenced to spend in prison.

“In July 2013, retired Army Brig. Gen. Robert A. Carr, a former counterintelligence official, revealed that a Pentagon task force found nearly 900 names of local Afghan nationals contained in the Manning’s leaked records. Manning shared 700,000 classified documents and video with WikiLeaks, which published them without redacting names.

“Carr led the Pentagon’s review of the fallout from the WikiLeaks disclosures.

“According to Obama administration defense officials, American lawmakers, and former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the former soldier endangered the lives of U.S. military informants and American troops by leaking classified U.S. military information to WikiLeaks . . .”


Hillary’s pardon????

James Brody: Abortions

I am an evolutionist. I have been an agnostic since that morning when I was in seventh grade and opened my eyes and looked around during the Lord’s Prayer. This was in a redneck, southern school in a town mean enough to make Sherman capture it twice. And I never found another open pair of eyes.

First, women generally have one set of standards that they apply to a man, whether for a one-nighter or for a husband. Kindness, initiative, and commitment have a bigger say than clear skin and thick muscles (Buss, 1994) Men often have two sets of measurements: one for a quickie and another for a bride. And the quickie quickly loses points after he’s had her.

Second, impulse rules with two gavels in many of our children. There is the impulse that goes with an IQ of 85 and the impulse that goes with being between 17 and 25. Young humans move in swarms on campuses, sporting events, and military organizations. (Author Robert Heinlein had a fine idea when he made voting depend upon completion of military service!) Thus, if the crowd gets smokes Folmer’s pot and gets laid, then every member of that crowd is very likely do the same. (Recent studies find psychosis and dementia are the only reliable effects from marijuana use.)

Third, girls compete for men and an impulsive girl with impulsive girlfriends is more likely to say “yea” when she should have said “not me, hun!”

Abortion becomes the back-up plan if the guy turns out to be cdruel, selfish, and undependable. “It’s just like using an eraser” except it’s not. I suspect that girls who need the “eraser” are less glued together and more worried about losing a mating competition than the ones at the top of the grade roster.

Planned Parenthood can let every girl say “yes” then “no” and society wobbles even more on the third rock from the sun. . .

James Brody: The Bamster’s Next Job . . .

All government employees, and many private ones, work their current job in order to get their next one. Obama’s favorite trick is to contrive Cloward-Piven schemes: Make a crisis, create a demand, and hire agents to “solve” the problem. Clever Barry has planted cells of terrorists across America and understands that Muslim youth, like American youth, don’t mature emotionally until age 26. Every Muslim teen is not only in the IQ 75 range but also apt to move in swarms. Our own kids have favorite singers and teams and clothing. They are also better soldiers than voters. He and Ms. Jarrett (and CAIR) will continue their teamwork and rely on “emergencies” with Muslim youth to get funding and allegiances, even from the UN. Irony: Robert Spencer tells us that Mohammed never existed (Spencer, Robert (2007) “The Truth about Muhammed,” Washington DC: Regnery.) A mere inconvenient truth for adolescents and undergraduates in leftist hubs. . .

James Brody: Bamster’s Library?

Obama and Jarrett have packed papers, books, notes, and pens for “his” Chicago library. This material was created with papers, books, notes, and pens for which I paid. I do NOT give him permission to take my property to Chicago or even to his new Washington home where he and his CAIR buds will use the information against me in one more Cloward-Piven scheme: make a problem and hire people – in this case, Muslims – to solve it. Or have Muslims of several generations and colonies eventually fester into problems that need his magic touch. Obama will be around, behind his own wall or at a UN podium, funded yet by cash from me and Georgie Soros . . .


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