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DIONNE – Patriots’ Day; WILLIAMSON – He is not here; WASHINGTON TIMES: War for Donald’s ear; DAILY MAIL – Kim goes ballistic; DRUDGE LINKS 4/17/17; McCARTHY – Trust the Govt?

LEADS: CHALFONT – CIA vs. Wikileaks; ALLISON & McCORMICK – Record donations; WILLIAMSON – Russia in Calexit.

Janet: Obama Care:

There are no more excuses for not repealing Obamacare. Establishment Republicans are, nonetheless, dragging their feet on what was a major campaign promise. We are hearing that liberals are calling Congress in massive numbers to ensure the survival of socialist medicine and the ‘death panel’. Conservatives must act asap.

The deadline to repeal Obamacare, with the reconciliation process that allows passage in the Senate with only 51 votes (Republicans have 52), is April 28, 2017.

Please be aware that repeal must come first, then, replace. A transition period is included in the repeal effort that gives Obamacare insurers and insured the time to transition to a replacement plan. Combining repeal and replace significantly jeopardizes the repeal process.

ACTION ALERT: Please contact your Congressman

Rep. Patrick Meehan:

D.C. office (202) 225-2011

Springfield, PA office (610) 690-7323

Rep. Ryan Costello : D.C. office (202) 225-4315

West Chester, PA office (610) 696-2982

For more information:

Health Care – Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.

Pure = Green Icon
Unknown = Yellow Icon
Hybrid = Red Icon


Passover 2017 began the evening of Monday,

April 10 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, April 18

E. J. Dionne, RCP: “Why It’s ‘Patriots’ Day,’ Not ‘Nationalists’ Day’”

“BOSTON — Those of us who hail from Massachusetts are proud of our special patriotic holiday, formally celebrated only in our state and Maine (which was part of us until 1820), though Wisconsin and Florida pay it some honor as well. Patriots’ Day commemorates the rebels at Lexington and Concord who fired the shot heard round the world on April 19, 1775.

“For tragic reasons, the holiday commanded the nation’s attention on April 15, 2013. Two homemade bombs exploded 12 seconds apart at 2:49 p.m., killing three people and injuring hundreds of others.

“This city will never forget the dead and severely injured. But it will also remember the heroism of its citizens, including the first responders and medical professionals who saved countless lives. A sense of solidarity arising from the love of a place and its people gave birth to the slogan, “Boston Strong.” The worst Patriots’ Day in history produced an outpouring of local patriotism.

“This year’s celebration of Patriots’ Day comes when another impulse jostles with patriotism as the definition of dedication to country.

“Nationalism, it’s true, runs deep in American history, as the brilliant and ideologically idiosyncratic writer Michael Lind often reminds us. It’s not just a Donald Trump or Steve Bannon import. It was, after all, Theodore Roosevelt, a hero to many progressives, whose forward-looking program was memorialized as the New Nationalism.

“Yet nationalism rankles, partly because of its association with the evils of Nazism and Fascism, and partly because its claims are so sweeping. As George Orwell wrote, patriotism stems from “devotion to a particular place and to a particular way of life.” Nationalism, by contrast, “is inseparable from the desire for power.”

“It’s worth noting that even patriotism makes some uncomfortable. They often see it in the same light as the word “chauvinism,” which is defined as “excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for one’s own cause, group or gender.” It’s a mistake, however, to view patriotism as nothing but chauvinism in bright colors.

“My own love of the United States is rooted in the profound debt I feel to this place and to my fellow citizens, and in a deep attachment to our habits, customs and what I see as our exceptional capacity, over time, to correct our flaws. But just as the special love I feel for my family does not prevent me from admiring other families and individuals, so my allegiance to the United States does not stop me from offering respect and affection for other peoples and places.

“There is also a quality to American patriotism that is commonplace to note but absolutely central to our identity: Ours is not a loyalty to blood or soil. It is an embrace of a series of powerful propositions. . .”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: ‘He Is Not Here’

“. . . Pilate’s position must be familiar to anyone who works in or around politics. He was a mostly apolitical administrator, a man who believed in good government, which meant keeping the peace in Jerusalem during Passover. But there was trouble, a street preacher who must surely have seemed like a crackpot to Pilate: Jesus was not the first resurrection deity worshiped in the spring by the ceremonial eating of bread (think of the pagan goddess Ceres the next time you are offered a slice of wedding cake), nor were his followers the first Dionysian mystery cult organized around the ceremonial drinking of wine. Pilate was used to this sort of thing, which he must have seen a thousand times before: Josephus tells us his career came to an ignominious end when he overreacted to a subsequent holy man who, presaging Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone’s vault, drew a large crowd together with a promise to unearth certain artifacts related to Moses.
“On the one hand was the street preacher, on the other hand were the local political and religious powers and the howling mob, the mass that follows “because it follows anything that moves.” Above them all was Tiberius with his high expectations. Pilate found no fault in Jesus so far as Roman law was concerned, but there is always prosecutorial discretion. All Pilate wanted was a little peace and quiet, efficient public administration, and order. And what was he willing to offer in trade to get those? The small gesture of letting nature take its course in accord with local conditions. Perhaps my fellow conservatives can consider the case of Pontius Pilate and see that he was, after all, one of us.
“But there remains the pressing matter of truth. . .”

Washington Times: “The war for Trump’s ear”

“He’s growing in office, but he must be wary of outgrowing what got him here

“There’s an ominous rumble of war in Korea, there’s always an ominous rumble of war in the Middle East, but in Washington we’ve already got the real thing. The combatants are taking no prisoners and the rules of the Geneva Convention do not apply.

“This war is ugly, likely to be bloody and won’t ever end, because to the victor goes the ultimate turf and territory, the ear of the president.

Donald Trump’s passion for making America great again is not something that easily translates into policy. He relies on advice from key aides, policymakers, a select group of outsiders, and his family. They naturally can’t all agree on what “making America great again” means. It’s easy to inscribe something on the front of a baseball cap.

Mr. Trump’s solution is to tell ambitious aides to work out their differences, or he will. White House intrigue is as old as the White House and nothing excites a White House correspondent like gossip and tattle. Tales are spun in what the trade calls “dope stories,” as in inside information, but only a dope believes everything he reads. Dope stories are rife with anonymous sources, and such sourcing is sometimes necessary but it’s difficult for a reader to know what to make of the dope.

“The first target of the dopesters . . .”

UK Daily Mail: “Kim goes ballistic: North Korean dictator threatens ‘nuclear justice’ as he shows off new missiles and submarine arsenal at Day of the Sun parade led by tens of thousands of goose-stepping, fanatically-chanting troops”

  • Kim saluted thousands of soldiers at Kim Il-sung Square during the Day of the Sun celebrations
  • A top official vowed at the parade to ‘beat down enemies with the power of nuclear justice’ 
  • Choe Ryong Hae also said the country would ‘instantly counter with an annihilating strike’ if the US attacked
  • US officials feared Kim Jong-un would mark the national holiday by launching sixth nuclear weapons test
  • A worrying number of weapons were on display, including prototypes of intercontinental ballistic missiles
  • Large crowds cheered as sword-wielding soldiers marched in a perfectly choreographed display  
  • The country’s goal is to put a nuclear warhead on an ICBM capable of reaching the continental United States
  • Submarine-launched ballistic missiles were also on show for the first time, indicating advancing technology 
  • The regime has accused Trump of provoking armed conflict and issued multiple warnings of retaliation

Drudge Links 04-17-17


Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “If the Government Cannot Be Trusted, Can It Protect the Nation?”

“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan famously described these as “the nine most terrifying words in the English language.” It may be time to propose a two-word corollary.
“’Trust us.’
“In the end, underneath the geek-speak of encryption, electronic intercepts, forward-looking infrared thermal imaging, satellite surveillance, and sundry collection technologies, that is what the government is really saying when it comes to national security: “Trust us. The intelligence collection we do is important — is essential – to keeping you alive. Oh . . . and don’t ask a lot of questions. You know, can’t discuss that — methods and sources, etc.”
“I don’t think that’s going to cut it this time.
“Before 2017 is out, we are going to have a brawl over FISA — the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Specifically, over FISA section 702, on which much of the sprawling American intelligence enterprise is now based. It will lapse if not reauthorized by Congress.

We ought to be headed into that brawl with a sense of how dangerous the world has become: Competitive great-power geopolitics has reemerged, yet international jihadism remains as threatening as ever.
“Instead, foremost in our minds will be how readily the government’s awesome intelligence capabilities can be abused. That is the real significance of the controversy over Obama-administration spying on the Trump campaign and transition. . .”


Morgan Chalfont, The Hill: “Battle intensifies between Trump’s CIA, WikiLeaks”

“. . . CIA Director Mike Pompeo used his first major public remarks on Thursday to skewer WikiLeaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service” willing to work with Russia and other foreign actors to promote their interests.

“He blasted Julian Assange as a ‘fraud’ interested in his own fame, seeking to undermine efforts by the WikiLeaks founder to be viewed as a legitimate ally of civil libertarians.

“‘It is time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is, a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,’ Pompeo said.

“‘Assange is a narcissist who has created nothing of value,’ the former Republican congressman charged. ‘He relies on the dirty work of others to make himself famous. He is a fraud—a coward hiding behind a screen.’

“WikiLeaks was quick to respond, sending out a series of messages on Twitter claiming that Pompeo vowed to “silence” the organization over its purported disclosures of CIA hacking tools and using his remarks to promote an op-ed written by Assange in the Washington Post.

“In the op-ed, Assange wrote that WikiLeaks had the same mission as news outlets such as the Post and The New York Times.

“The organization also mocked Pompeo by sending out a since-deleted tweet he wrote last July, when the former Kansas lawmaker cited stolen Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks as proof that the presidential nomination had been “fixed” for Hillary Clinton. . .”

Bill Allison & John McCormick, Bloomberg: Trump Effect Propels U.S. House Campaigns to Fundraising Record”

“Political polarization in Washington produced a fundraising record as donors to both parties flooded U.S. House campaigns with $96.1 million in the first quarter of 2017, according to an analysis of filings with the Federal Election Commission.

“That’s a 45 percent increase over the $66.2 million raised during the same period two years ago, the previous record. The maximum contribution amount to campaigns was the same during both periods. Republican incumbents and challengers raised $49.8 million, while Democrats pulled in $46.3 million.

“Republican Donald Trump’s early actions as president have sparked a series of demonstrations and a surge of fundraising by groups on the left, but conservatives have also boosted their giving in the first months of the new administration. . .”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “Calexit Craziness”
“The ‘Yes California’ independence campaign, led by a Russian-backed eccentric, deserves a firm ‘no’ vote.

“The Irish Republican Socialist party and Sinn Fein still dream of a unified Irish republic. The Catalan Solidarity for Independence coalition would see the Estelada flag raised over an independent Estat Català, and there are independence-minded movements as far-flung as the western Sahara. The Uhuru Movement is a kind of separatist movement standing on its head, looking to transcend national borders (with their colonial histories) and unite African people in a single African identity. The United States has the Texas Nationalist Movement hoping to restore the Republic of Texas, and somewhere out there is a very committed fellow who believes himself to be the rightful king of Hawaii. There is a more plausible movement for an independent Puerto Rico and a much less plausible movement for an independent California. All of these have something in common.

“Weird, right?
“The movement for Californian independence expects to have an initiative on the 2018 ballot, which would in turn lead to a 2019 referendum. The organizers of the “Yes California” campaign say that winning the referendum would be only the first step in the long and complex process of establishing a free and independent California, finally liberated from the grasp of Washington and, especially, of the military-industrial complex. “Peace and Security” is, in fact, Exhibit A in the case for Calexit, and the organizers complain that the U.S. government “spends more on its military than the next several countries combined. Not only is California forced to subsidize this massive military budget with our taxes, but Californians are sent off to fight in wars that often do more to perpetuate terrorism than to abate it. The only reason terrorists might want to attack us is because we are part of the United States and are guilty by association.”

“If that sounds like it could have been written by Ron Paul or some lonely disciple of Murray Rothbard, that is no accident: The leadership of the California-independence movement has a distinctly paleo smell about it.
“When I talk to people about California independence, they always say: ‘Well, what would you do if China invades?’” says Yes California president Louis Marinelli from his home in . . . Yekaterinburg, formerly Sverdlovsk (city motto: Don’t call us Siberia), an industrial center on the edge of the Ural Mountains in Russia. . .”


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