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Health Care map

Donald Comes to Harrisburg: Tickets

BYRON YORK – First 100 Days; CLARE BYRNE – LE PEN; NY POST – Free speech; SUZANNE KAPNER – Brick & mortar dies; DAILY MAIL – NORKs to sink carrier.

LEADS: LUCEY & YEN – Don’s rough week; KELSING – Russian planes; KLAVAN – Real O’Reilly factor; PEGUES – WikiLeaks.

NOTES: FIDF – Remember; WILLIAMSON – Little Creep.

About BillyO: “People can scoff and roll their eyes, but O’Reilly’s talent is impossible to dispute on objective grounds. There are lots of acts I don’t like but I can respect for the skill behind them. I don’t like hip-hop, or opera for that matter, but I can still see the difference between people who are really good at it and people who aren’t.  As with the man in Don Quixote who could inflate a dog through its butt, one doesn’t have to like the show to appreciate the expertise.” Jonah Goldberg

Donald Comes to Hbg:  Wall/Health?Taxes???

Join President Donald J. Trump for a rally in Harrisburg, PA on April 29th at 7:30 PM EST!

Get your tickets here. Details about the event below:

Saturday, April 29th: Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center

New Holland Arena

2300 North Cameron Street

Harrisburg, PA 17110

Doors Open: 4:30 PM (EST)

Event Begins: 7:30 PM (EST)

Get your tickets here.

Please limit personal items and arrive early to expedite entrance into the venue – please note, NO homemade signs, banners, professional cameras with a detachable lens, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, back packs or large bags will be permitted into the venue.

We hope to see you there!

Merchandise will be sold at this event. If you are unable to attend, you can always pick-up your MAGA gear here at our online store.


Team Trump–Pence


Janet: Obama Care:

There are no more excuses for not repealing Obamacare. Establishment Republicans are, nonetheless, dragging their feet on what was a major campaign promise. We are hearing that liberals are calling Congress in massive numbers to ensure the survival of socialist medicine and the ‘death panel’. Conservatives must act asap.

The deadline to repeal Obamacare, with the reconciliation process that allows passage in the Senate with only 51 votes (Republicans have 52), is April 28, 2017.

Please be aware that repeal must come first, then, replace. A transition period is included in the repeal effort that gives Obamacare insurers and insured the time to transition to a replacement plan. Combining repeal and replace significantly jeopardizes the repeal process.

ACTION ALERT: Please contact your Congressman

Rep. Patrick Meehan:

D.C. office (202) 225-2011

Springfield, PA office (610) 690-7323

Rep. Ryan Costello : D.C. office (202) 225-4315

West Chester, PA office (610) 696-2982

For more information:

Health Care – Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.

Pure = Green Icon
Unknown = Yellow Icon
Hybrid = Red Icon


Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Byron York: Trump’s 100 days: An executive success”

“. . . On the executive action front, Trump has kept a significant number of his promises:

Candidate Trump promised to “begin the process” of selecting a Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia. As president, Trump did just that, and Neil Gorsuch is now on the Court.

“Candidate Trump promised to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. As president, he did it.

“Candidate Trump promised to require that ‘for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.’ As president, he did it.

“Candidate Trump promised to ‘lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks’ on the Keystone Pipeline and other infrastructure projects. As president, he did it.

“Candidate Trump promised to ‘begin removing the more than two million criminal illegal immigrants’ in the U.S. As president, he did it.

“On other issues, Trump has kept front-page promises, but with decidedly mixed results. “The most significant of those is his pledge to ‘suspend immigration from terror-prone regions.’ Trump has done it — twice — only to see his executive orders tied up in the courts. His first try was botched, while the second try will likely survive judicial scrutiny.

“Trump also promised to ‘cancel all federal funding’ for so-called sanctuary cities. He has begun to do so — the Justice Department is beginning to threaten to withdraw some grant money — but the promise was overbroad and will likely never be fully kept.

“In addition, Trump promised to impose a ‘five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.’ He kept the pledge for White House officials but does not have the authority to tell Congress what to do — so again, a partially kept, but originally overbroad promise.

“Some promises Trump has openly chosen to break. He promised to ‘direct the Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator.’ Now, he says he will not do so if China is helping the U.S. solve the so-far-intractable North Korea problem.

“The net result of Trump’s promises involving executive authority is that he has done well when it comes to keeping the Contract . . .”

Clare Byrne, YAHOO!: “Le Pen: Far-right heir faces battle to become first female president”

“. . . Over the past six years, Le Pen’s rebranded “party of patriots” has gone from strength to strength, propelled by the kind of anti-globalisation, anti-establishment fury that drove Britain’s vote to leave the EU and Donald Trump’s election in the United States.

“Le Pen has predicted the EU “will die” and has vowed to take France out of the euro and hold a referendum on membership of the union.

“The proposal has caused alarm, with most polls showing the French against a ‘Frexit’ or a return of the franc, fearing economic chaos.

“Le Pen has downplayed the risks, accusing sceptical rivals and economists of scaremongering.

“But she never strayed far from the FN’s stock themes of immigration and Islamic fundamentalism — hot-button issues after a string of jihadist attacks that have killed 239 people since 2015, including a policeman shot dead on Paris’s Champs Elysees three days before the election. . .”

NY Post: “If US campuses can’t protect free speech, they need new management

“UC-Berkeley this week canceled an April 27 Ann Coulter speech, fearing riots. This lunacy will only grow until colleges start standing up decisively for free speech.

“The school is trying to negotiate a new date, venue and ground rules with the group that invited her, but so far has failed.

“Its worry is obvious: Masked, rock-throwing thugs prevented a February speech by Milo Yiannopoulos. And the area saw 20 arrests last weekend as extremists of left and right battled in the streets.

“But the answer to disorder is order: Put on extra security; keep non-students far from the campus event — and have the police trained and ready for trouble.

“Berkeley’s move follows the Black Lives Matter disruption of a UCLA speech by the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald, and efforts to muzzle her the next night at Claremont-Pomona College — 200-odd protesters chanting “Shut it down!” and “From Oakland to Greece, f - - k the police.”

“Last month, goons stopped American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray from delivering a moderately conservative talk at Middlebury College, with Professor Allison Stanger hospitalized by the violence.

“More and more college students think it’s proper to act out this way. They proudly deny the free-speech rights of people whose writings they haven’t even read. (The Wellesley Review blather that we noted on Sunday is among the more coherent of these screeds; others are painfully ignorant.)

“The kids are plainly learning this nonsense at college — which means professors and administrators are failing at their most fundamental duties.

“If they’re even trying.

“Worse, all this is surely the public tip of the iceberg: How much worse is it in the classrooms?

“Increasingly, US campuses are the exact opposite of the bastions of free thought and debate they’re supposed to be. If the schools can’t save themselves, society has every right to demand new management. . .”

Suzanne Kapner, WSJ: “Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Shuttering at a Record Pace”

“Years of overbuilding and the rise of online shopping have come to a head; malls as ‘energy suckers’

“American retailers are closing stores at a record pace this year as they feel the fallout from decades of overbuilding and the rise of online shopping.

Just this past week, women’s apparel chain Bebe Stores Inc. said it would close its remaining 170 shops and sell only online, while teen retailer Rue21 Inc. announced plans to close about 400 of its 1,100 locations.

“‘There is no reason to believe that this will abate at any point in the foreseeable future,’ said Mark Cohen, the director of retail studies for Columbia Business School and a former executive at Sears Canada Inc. and other department stores.

“Through April 6, closings have been announced for 2,880 retail locations this year, including hundreds of locations being shut by national chains such as Payless ShoeSource Inc. and RadioShack Corp. That is more than twice as many closings as announced during the same period last year, according to Credit Suisse.

“Based on the pace so far, the brokerage estimates retailers will close more than 8,600 locations this year, which would eclipse the number of closings during the 2008 recession.

At least 10 retailers, including apparel seller Limited Stores Co., electronics chain Hhgregg Inc. and sporting-goods chain Gander Mountain Co., have filed for bankruptcy protection so far this year. That compares with nine retailers that declared bankruptcy, with at least $50 million liabilities, for all of 2016.

“The seeds of the industry’s current turmoil date back nearly three decades, when retailers, in the throes of a consumer-buying spree and flush with easy money, rushed to open new stores. The land grab wasn’t unlike the housing boom that was also under way at that time.

“‘Thousands of new doors opened and rents soared,’ Richard Hayne, chief executive ofUrban Outfitters Inc., told analysts last month. ‘This created a bubble, and like housing, that bubble has now burst.’”

Daily Mail: “North Korea says it is ready to sink US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson ‘with a single strike’ as it joins Japanese destroyers in Western Pacific Ocean”

  • USS Carl Vinson is currently part of military exercises with the Japanese navy 
  • North Korea’s state newspaper issued the threat against the US this weekend 
  • The newspaper claimed the country had the ability to sink a carrier in one hit 
  • Tensions between the two countries have been steadily rising over recent weeks


Catherine Lucey & Hope Yen, YAHOO!:Trump heads into tough week with budget, health care battles”

Shut it down! And send out a million termination letters and cancel the Ad Council homilies. . .

“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is heading into one of the most challenging weeks of his presidency, juggling a renewed health care push and a looming budget deadline. It’s all complicated by a potential showdown with Democrats over paying for a border wall.

“The symbolic 100-day mark for the administration is Saturday. That’s the same day government could shut down without a budget deal. Trump has announced a rally in Pennsylvania that day.

“Despite Trump’s dismissal that the 100-day marker is ‘artificial,’ the White House is planning a packed week of activities leading up to Saturday. Trump will sign executive orders on energy and rural policies, meet with the president of Argentina and travel to Atlanta for a National Rifle Association event. Top aides will also fan out around the country to promote the administration.

“Aides stressed on Sunday talk shows that funding a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and a vote on an effort to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law were priorities. But they also suggested a shutdown could be avoided. . .”–politics.html

Ben Kesling, WSJ: “Russian Military Planes Crowd the U.S. for a Fourth Day”

“U.S., Canadian fighters intercept long-range bombers

“WASHINGTON—Russia flew long-range combat aircraft near American airspace for the fourth consecutive day, the Pentagon said Friday, marking the first such string of incursions since 2014, but prompting little concern from the White House.

“American and Canadian jet fighters intercepted a pair of Russian “Bear” long-range bombers in international airspace near Alaska on Thursday, said John Cornelio, a spokesman for North American Aerospace Defense Command, or Norad. The interception was the latest incident between American and Russian aircraft, coming amid tension between the two powers over Syria and other issues.

“At a press briefing Friday, White House Spokesman Sean Spicer said the administration is aware of the situation but said it isn’t unusual. . .”

Andrew Klavan, PJM: “The Real O’Reilly Factor”

“…A rich and powerful man — hell, even just a presentable man — can have as much sex as he wants without making the people he works with uncomfortable. What Donald Trump said is true: If you’re a celebrity, women will let you get away with a lot. That doesn’t mean you should take advantage of them. Try being a gentleman, kind and respectful to everyone around you both male and female, and see how life goes for you then.

“So that’s my opinion — but here’s the thing: I don’t think this story is really about sex at all. I think it’s about something that presents a far greater threat to our politics than whether men make passes and girls file lawsuits.

“According to Michael Wolff at the The Hollywood Reporterthe tension leading up to O’Reilly’s ouster revealed a divide among the owners and operators at Fox, the Murdoch family.

‘This is a reflection of greater family and company interests and conflicts. For 86-year-old Rupert, Fox News is a key part of his legacy, as well as the family company’s health: the most profitable news outlet ever ($1.5 billion in profits this year) and among the most influential. For James, 44, and Lachlan, 45, the hope is to reshape this legacy, to move Fox away from what they see as its retro, Trump-style views toward, well, something nicer (and to do this profitably, they hope, somehow).’

“The way I hear it, the young Murdochs don’t like getting razzed for the O’Reilly-Of-It-All when they go to fancy cocktail parties in New York, London and L.A. They want to be part of the cool crowd and you can’t do that with the smell of conservative cordite on you. They care less about profits than about making Fox presentable to the liberal set. . .”

Jeff Pegues, CBS: “WikiLeaks releases more top-secret CIA docs as U.S. considers charges”

Imagine – Coulter & Assange sharing a podium! Meanwhile, MiloY is going back to Berkeley!

WASHINGTON — WikiLeaks released what it claims is the 31-page user guide for a CIA device code-named “Weeping Angel.” It can turn some Samsung TVs into surveillance tools with an implant for recording audio from a TV’s built-in microphone.

“Posted online Friday, the release is the latest dump of classified documents stolen from U.S. government agencies. Those thefts include thousands of pages taken by Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — currently living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London — has all but dared U.S. officials to come after him. The Obama Justice Department decided not to, but new Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he has re-opened the case.

“‘We’ve seen too many breaches, and hopefully we’ll be able to strike back against those who violate our systems,’ Sessions said.

“CBS News has learned the CIA and the FBI believe the recent theft at the CIA was an inside job. Investigators say the materials were stolen from a highly secure section of the intelligence agency where it takes two people to access information.

“But even that security measure was apparently not enough to stop the leaks. . .”




FIDF (from Sunday): we remember.
“On this day, we remember the loss of 6 million of our people — a loss that profoundly defines our past, and guides our present and future.
“We remember the names and faces of those we lost, and we resolve to teach their stories to every generation so they may learn and remember this chapter of our history.
“We also remember how, in the wake of Jewish people’s darkest period, faith and hope led to the creation of the State of Israel. We remember the importance of protecting and defending that homeland, ensuring its freedom and liberty forevermore.
“We resolve to never forget — and, because we resolve to never forget, we proclaim never again.
On this day, let us honor the memories of those we lost and keep their stories alive.

“FIDF was founded by Holocaust survivors determined to do all they could to support Israel’s defenders. We continue to stand behind the men and women of the IDF as they protect the Jewish homeland, ensuring that our people will never again suffer the tragedy we once endured.
As these soldiers recommit to Israel this Yom HaShoah, we recommit to them.
Warmest regards,
Peter Weintraub, President
Friends of the IDF (FIDF)

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “Little Creep”

“. . . It’s a good gig, being a senator. But that was not a big enough tribute to the Big Creep. And it wasn’t enough for Mrs. Creep, either, who had endured so much public humiliation in the cause of making NPR listeners feel good about themselves. She was running for president from the day she was seated in the Senate. But she could not close the deal. First, she got whipped in the primaries by a nobody back-bencher who answered her Illinois-Arkansas enthusiasm with his own Hawaii-Illinois cunning, in effect telling Democratic primary voters: “Okay, I’ll see your white woman and raise you a black guy.” So Mrs. Clinton became secretary of state. She was not very good at that.

And then, after barely edging out Comrade Muppet in the 2016 primary, she lost to a half-literate game-show host.

“But, as the poet said, there ain’t no cure for love, and Democrats just can’t quit the Big Creep.
“So they’ve turned to the Little Creep.
“Chelsea Clinton, most recently lionized on the cover of Variety, is a 37-year-old multi-millionaire who has never uttered an interesting word about any subject at any time during the course of her life. Judging from the evidence of her public statements, she has never had an original thought — it isn’t clear that she has had a thought at all. In tribute to her parents, she was given a series of lucrative sinecures, producing a smattering of sophomoric videos for NBC at a salary of $600,000 a year. She later went more formally into the family business, leaving her fake job at NBC for a fake job in her parents’ fake charity. She gave interviews about how she just couldn’t get interested in money and bought a $10 million Manhattan apartment that stretches for the better part of a city block.
“And, since her mother’s most recent foray into ignominious defeat, she has been inescapable: magazine covers, fawning interviews, talk of running her in New York’s 17th congressional district. The Democrats are doing their best to make Chelsea happen.
“And, who knows, it might work. It would be tempting to write her off as a know-nothing rich kid who has made a living off her family connections while operating one of the world’s most truly asinine Twitter accounts, but . . . well, you know.
“But, for Pete’s sake, stop it. Have a little self-respect, Democrats. Build Bill Clinton a statue or . . . whatever. Send him your daughters like a bunch of bone-in-the-nose primitives paying tribute to the tribal chieftain. But stop trying to inflict this empty-headed, grasping, sanctimonious, risible, simpering, saccharine little twerp on American public life.
“It’s stupid enough out there.”


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