Dead Cats: OurBudget, 05/03/17, (26)21: James Brody


Health Care map; Chester County YR Picnic; Dr. Rick Saccone

Drudge Links: NKorea.

LEFT/RIGHT – Pence called Rush; Trump – I kept my promise.

Replay – Zito – Trumps second term?; ROSS – DJT bites Comey; RUSHBO –Drain the swamp now; HOHMANN – 8 ways to get rolled.

Replay: YORK  – The awfulness of the correspondents’ dinner.

 Chester County Young Republicans Picnic

RSVP due today!

“The annual Young Republican Picnic will be Sunday, May 7th!  The Picnic will be held at Kerr Park (Wallace Ave. & Park Lane, Downingtown) beginning at 12:00 pm.

Sponsored also by Senator Scott Wagner, Candidate for PA Governor.

“The event is free to all Young Republicans ($25 if you care to donate!) and will be a fun afternoon among friends.

“If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HQ.

“I hope to see you there!

Best, Val DiGiorgio

RSVP  to

Janet: Doctor Rick Saccone?



Cordially invites the public to attend the Southeastern Pennsylvania “Meet and Greet” for Representative Doctor Rick Saccone.

Representative Saccone represents Allegheny and Washington Counties and is running for United States Senate 2018 to unseat incumbent Bob Casey. As a retired Air Force military officer, professor, former international businessman, author, and diplomat, our dear friend boasts that “we can only prevail over the enemies of Freedom and Liberty with your help. We need people in government who are there for the right reasons, not to further their own agendas or those of their families or special interests. You need a strong voice in the U.S. Senate. I WILL be that voice.”

The Saccone family, including his wife Yong, of 38 years, and two sons in the Air Force, are true Christians and uphold Biblical values and views. Representative Saccone is a man of honesty, integrity, and principle. The Constitution is the second backbone to America, and abides by our great document. Rick has traveled across the country with his presentation “In God We Trust.”

You can meet Rick and Yong on Monday, May 15, 5 until 8p.m.

-1180AM WFYL Radio lawn, at the Jeffersonville Golf Club, 2400 West Main Street, Norristown, PA, 19403.

-I will personally introduce Rick to each and every one of you. And his campaign platform will be shared from 6 until 6:30p.m.

-Feel free to come for 3 minutes or 3 hours. Have your questions and concerns ready. Meet, greet, chat, relax, enjoy.

-Bring a lawn chair for added comfort., light foods will be provided, as well as bottled beverages. Casual dress.

-Let’s support a genuine Conservative. Donations are accepted to help in the defeating of U.S. Senator Bob Casey.

-Please share this event with your family and friends, place of worship, and employment.

-This is a family-friendly event.


On behalf of

1180AM WFYL Radio, Christian Conservative talk


Please contact me if further information is needed,

Jane Taylor Toal, President/CEO/CFO

Citizens for Liberty (Sponsored by Valley Forge Patriots)

Health Care – Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.

Pure = Green Icon
Unknown = Yellow Icon
Hybrid = Red Icon


North Korea Drudge Links

NKorea Says Detained American Tried to Overthrow Govt…
US Commandos Set to Hit Kim Nuke Sites…
China urges citizens to return home…
Ballistic Missile Test-Fired From California Base…


“. . . ideology is not a factor; right and wrong is not a factor; conservative versus liberal; big government, small government, none of that matters. The objective that these people have is facilitating access to the federal Treasury. I don’t know how else to put it. I’m not talking about people walking over there and opening the safe and sticking their hands in and coming out with some.

“I’m talking about ways in which they write legislation or pass regulations or have stuff we never see that enables them and their clients to benefit financially from whatever the government is or is not, does or does not do. And because these people have such control over reelection campaigns and funding and donations and so forth, they carry a lot of weight and have a lot of power. . .” Rush Limbaugh

Rushbo: “Vice President Calls the Show to Defend the Budget Deal”

“RUSH: If this is what happens, Mr. Vice President, why vote Republican? What is the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are gonna continue to win practically 95% of their objectives, such as in this last budget deal?

“THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, look, respectfully, Rush, I actually think this was, as the president said a little a while ago, I think this was actually a clear win for the American people. Look, you’ve had Washington, D.C., that has been, you know, paralyzed by gridlock and partisan infighting for many years, and in this new president you have someone who was able to bring people together and make a $21 billion increase in defense spending at a time of great challenge for America’s interests around the world. And that’s a — you know, he spoke about that today, surrounded by a lot of great members of the United States Air Force. And it was also a piece for years, Democrats in Washington insisted that any increase in defense spending would be matched with an increase in domestic spending.

“So you gotta grow government at home if you’re gonna, you know, invest in our national defense. This ended that. I mean, in a very real sense this was a game-changer because we’re just back to putting the safety, security, and the national defense of the American people first, and I think it sends, having just traveled around the Asian-Pacific representing the president over the last couple of weeks, I think this sends a decisive message to the world that under President Trump’s leadership we’re gonna make the strongest military in history even stronger.

“RUSH: If I’m the Democrats, $21 billion, 15 billion for defense that was not originally authorized, that’s a small price to pay for continuing to fund refugee resettlement, continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, continuing to fund sanctuary cities, continuing to fund the EPA, and not build the wall. The Democrats clearly think this is a big win, and they’re confident they can block Trump’s agenda after this spending bill for the rest of Trump’s term. There isn’t anything of the president’s agenda in this budget, and people are beginning to ask, when’s that gonna happen? If you’re gonna shut it down in September, why not now?


Donald J. Trump, WaPo: “In my first 100 days, I kept my promise to Americans”

“One hundred days ago, I took the oath of office and made a pledge: We are not merely going to transfer political power from one party to another, but instead are going to transfer that power from Washington, D.C., and give it back to the people.

“In the past 100 days, I have kept that promise — and more.

“Issue by issue, department by department, we are giving the people their country back. After decades of a shrinking middle class, open borders and the mass offshoring of American jobs and wealth, this government is working for the citizens of our country and no one else.

“The same establishment media that concealed these problems — and profited from them — is obviously not going to tell this story. That is why we are taking our message directly to America. . .”

REPLAY: Salena Zito, NY Post: “The media assault on Trump could win him a second term

“GENEVA, OHIO — Dennis Dixon didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump. For the first time in his 46 years, the self-described “moderate Midwestern Republican” sat out a presidential election because he was less than thrilled with both major candidates. “I wrote in John Kasich,” he says, with a trace of humor.

“Dixon stands in the showroom of Griffiths Furniture along West Main Street — a charming business district, its sidewalks decorated with grape-vine etchings to celebrate the produce for which this Ohio wine region is known. He is not one of those voters who doesn’t wish success for the president.

“Quite the contrary, in fact.

‘If he continues to stick to his guns and do what he is doing, I’d vote for him if he ran again,’ Dixon says.

“He may not have liked the candidate but he is ‘enjoying the heck out of his presidency.’

“What he likes about Trump is his determination on certain issues, “but he is also willing to show flexibility when it counts. That is the kind of outside non-politician behavior that attracted a lot of voters to him.”

“He also is frustrated by the way the national press treats Trump in comparison to President Obama: “They really do not give him a fair shake.”

In fact, some of that perceived bias impacts how Dixon views Trump: Instead of pushing him away from the president, he is more intrigued by him.

“What he likes about Trump is his determination on certain issues, “but he is also willing to show flexibility when it counts. That is the kind of outside non-politician behavior that attracted a lot of voters to him.”

“He also is frustrated by the way the national press treats Trump in comparison to President Obama: “They really do not give him a fair shake.”

“In fact, some of that perceived bias impacts how Dixon views Trump: Instead of pushing him away from the president, he is more intrigued by him. . .”

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller: “Trump Goes After FBI Chief Comey on Eve of Senate Testimony”

HT InfoWars
“President Trump criticized James Comey on Tuesday night, just hours before the FBI director testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Trump accused Comey of giving Hillary Clinton a ‘free pass’ in the investigation into whether she mishandled classified information on her private email server.

“It is unclear what exactly prompted Trump’s outburst, though it was likely a response to an interview Clinton gave earlier in the day in which she blamed several factors, including Russia, misogyny and Comey, for her November election loss to Trump.

Clinton blasted Comey for re-opening the FBI’s investigation into her emails in late October, just before the election. . .”

Rushbo: “Frustrated Callers Want the Swamp Drained Now!”

“ . . . Okay. So the Byron York story says there are 50 Republicans that don’t even want to touch Obamacare in any way. No reform, no repeal, no replace, no modification. So if that number is accurate, then there’s no hope. If those 50 people hold fast. Yet we’re being told today, “There’s another vote and we’re very, very close! We’ve almost got the votes!” For what? Nobody can even tell us what it is! I think we’re being strung along. “Yeees, we’re very close to having another vote!” But there isn’t gonna be a vote until there are the votes.

“There’s no way Ryan’s gonna schedule a vote until they’ve got the votes. So until you see that, they don’t have the votes. And if there are 50 Republicans saying “over my dead body” when Ryan can only lose 21? By the way, Paul Ryan is not an idiot. Folks, you’ve gotta look at this… He’s not an idiot. I don’t care what you think of him, he’s not stupid. He knows full well that what the House of Representatives is not doing and what they are doing is in direct opposition to what you voted for. He knows this, and yet he’s continuing to do it.

“The answer to the question ‘why’ is where this battle is. Paul Ryan’s not stupid. He’s not incompetent. He’s not incapable of leading the House. Now, if you think that the only reason the House is not enacting the Trump agenda or supporting it is because Ryan can’t rally the votes, well, then you would have a point. But that’s not what this is. Ryan is not incompetent. He’s not stupid. He’s not blind. There’s much more going on here than simply Ryan can’t unify his caucus. The Democrat Party is the losers, and they’re triumphing with everything.

“The Washington Post headline… I mean, the Washington Post is crowing over this. ‘Eight Ways Trump Got Rolled in His First Budget Negotiation.’ Eight ways Trump got rolled! “They’re throwing parties on K Street. They’re throwing parties at the Drive-By Media. They think they’re carrying the day and winning. And remember, it is the media that’s leading the Democrats. The Democrats are an arm of whatever power source is really running that town, and I think it’s a combination of the media and the moneyed interests.

“. . . But, folks, clearly the people that write the legislation in this country are the moneyed interests behind the impact of that legislation. Meaning the purpose of legislation is not to fix what’s wrong with America, to improve, say, problems like illegal immigration or sanctuary cities. The budget and the legislation does just the exact opposite. People are benefiting from this budget somehow.

“In terms of immigration, it’s the Chamber of Commerce and certain elements of Big Business who want cheap labor. And on the political side you’ve got people that look at these illegals as a magical number of potential new voters once we find a way to register them. There’s any number of things here, but none of that has anything to do with fixing the problem, even acknowledging that it is a problem.

“So in this sense, members of the House and the Senate are order takers. If these people are the reason they get huge amounts of campaign donations, huge amounts of opportunities dangled in front of them for the day they leave government service, what have you? Maybe a job as a lobbyist themselves. Then you have the power structure concentrated in people that do not run for election, people we don’t know, people who are not familiar to us and what they believe. So we have no say-so in it, which is I think, when we get down to brass tacks what frustrates so many people. But it’s clear they have untold amounts of power. . .”

James Hohmann, WaPo: “The Daily 202: Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation”

“. . . — You can read the 1,665-page bill here. The House Appropriations Committee posted a department-by-department breakdown here.

— Now that the language has posted, here are the eight most notable areas Trump caved in his first big spending negotiation:

  1. There are explicit restrictions to block the border wall.We knew last weekthere would be no money to start construction on a project that the president says is more important to his base than anything else. But the final agreement goes further, putting strict limitations on how Trump can use new money for border security (e.g. to invest in new technology and repair existing fencing). Administration officials have insisted they already have the statutory authority to start building the wall under a 2006 law. This prevents such an end run.

The $1.5 billion for border security is also half as much as the White House requested. Additionally, there are no cuts in funding to sanctuary cities, something a federal judge said last week would be required for the Justice Department to follow through on its threats. And there is also no money for a deportation force.

  1. Non-defense domestic spending will go up, despite the Trump team’s insistence he wouldn’t let that happen.The president called for $18 billion in cuts. Instead, he’s going to sign a budget with lots of sweeteners that grow the size of government. Mitch McConnell made sure $4.6 billion got put aside to permanently extend health benefits to 22,000 retired Appalachian coal miners and their families. Nancy Pelosi made sure $295 million was included to shore up Medicaid in Puerto Rico. Chuck Schumer got $61 million to reimburse local law enforcement agencies for the cost of protecting Trump when he travels to his residences in Florida and New York. There is also another $2 billion in disaster relief money for states, which bought a couple votes. (Kelsey Snell, our lead budget reporter, has more examples.)
  2. Barack Obama’s cancer moonshot is generously funded.The administration asked to slash spending at the National Institutes of Health by $1.2 billion for the rest of this fiscal year. Instead, the NIH will get a $2 billion boost — on top of the huge increase it got last year. Republican appropriators who care about biomedical research, including Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), delivered.

Trump also failed in his efforts to cut money for other kinds of scientific inquiry. For example, he proposed defunding the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy. Instead, it is getting a $15 million increase.

  1. Trump fought to cut the Environmental Protection Agency by a third. The final deal trims its budget by just 1 percent, with no staff cuts.As part of a compromise, the EPA gets $80 million less than last year, but the budget is $8 billion.
  2. He didn’t defund Planned Parenthood.Despite the best efforts of social conservatives, the group will continue to receive funding at current levels.
  3. The president got less than half as much for the military as he said was necessary.Trump repeatedly prodded Congress to increase military spending by $30 billion. He’s getting $12.5 billion, with an additional $2.5 billion if/when he delivers a detailed plan on how to defeat the Islamic State. Many Democrats from states with bases and manufacturers, especially those up for reelection in 2018, wanted this, too. Like Trump, they will tout the increased spending as a victory. The White House plans to call this a down payment on a much bigger investment down the road.
  4. Democrats say they forced Republicans to withdraw more than 160 riders.These unrelated policy measures, which each could have been a poison pill, would have done things like get rid of the fiduciary rule and water down environmental regulations. On the other side of the ledger, this budget blocks the Justice Department from restricting the dispensing of medical marijuana in states where it has been legalized.
  5. To keep negotiations moving, the White House already agreed last week to continue paying Obamacare subsidies.This money, which goes to insurance companies, reduces out-of-pocket expenses for low-income people who get coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The Trump administration justifies giving up on this because of the potential to resolve the bigger issue by repealing Obamacare.

— Soon after the deal was reached last night, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi quickly put out celebratory statements. But McConnell and Paul Ryan did not. . .”

REPLAY Byron  York,  Washington Examiner: “Byron York: Piety and Trump-bashing: The sheer awfulness of the White House Correspondents’ dinner”

“. . . “Tonight looks a little different,” Mason conceded upfront. Different, but not worse; Trump’s absence not only did not harm the Correspondents’ Association, Mason told the crowd, it in fact served to reinforce the group’s values. “We are here to celebrate the press,” Mason declared, “not the presidency.”

“But the dinner has always been about celebrating the presidency, and — especially in the Obama years — about celebrating the president. Mason, to his credit, began with an important, if awkward, concession: With the exception of one hiccup early in the administration (the time the White House excluded a number of reporters from an off-camera briefing), the press is actually doing quite well under Donald Trump.

“‘The press is still in the White House Briefing Room and we are still on Air Force One,’ Mason said. ‘In fact, press access under President Trump has been very good.’

“That’s probably an understatement. Trump has been wildly accessible to the press, and his top aides seem quite willing to talk to reporters, if only to dish on rivals in the White House. A buttoned-down, silent-treatment White House it is not.

“One might think that would be cause for celebration. But no. ‘Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the rhetoric that has been employed by the president about who we are and what we do,’ Mason said. ‘We are not fake news. We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American people. The WHCA is proud to stand up for all of our members. An attack on any of us, is an attack on all of us.’

“At times it seemed that in the minds of the nation’s premier political journalists, the hurt feelings after Trump’s tweets outweighed the real access he and his White House have given the press. . .”


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