Dead Cats: SessionsSession, James Brody


DURDEN – Sessions to testify; McCARTHY – Comey memos; NYPOST – Another BO-Iran deal fails.

DiFI: DURDEN – DiFi; HASSON – She wants investigation; SHAPIRO – She married a defense contractor.

LEADS: DERESPINA – Vicious to Ivanka; BOLTON – Comey fallout; ELLIS – Economy leads; JEFFREY – Mine opens;  KLAVAN – Corruption & collusion; LOVELACE – Deep State blueprint; WILLIAMSON – Star Wars sequel.

RECOMMENDED: Zero Hedge; Hannity on Health Care.

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Sessions to Testify Publicly Before Senate Intel Committee Tomorrow”

“After a lot of rumors, anonymous sources and back and forth over the weekend on whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions would appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss the Russia investigation, and whether that testimony would be public or private, it has now been confirmed that Sessions will appear tomorrow at 2:30PM EST and his testimony will be open for the world to see. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Thinking about the Comey Memos”

“The commentary about James Comey’s memoranda has been all over the map. The former FBI director says he made memos contemporaneous to, or immediately after, all nine of the meetings or phone calls he recalls having had with Donald Trump, when the latter was president-elect and, later, president. Comey acknowledges that he orchestrated the leak of at least one memo — or rather, a snippet mined from its contents — to the New York Times. All of the memos, he testified, have now been surrendered to the special counsel, Robert Mueller. George Washington University’s Jonathan Turley does a good job in The Hill
outlining much of the relevant law. One major issue is whether these documents belonged to Comey, in the sense of being his property rather than the government’s. That is the position he took in his testimony. Like Turley, I think the former director is wrong.

“As a longtime prosecutor, I have a black-and-white test for this sort of thing: Would a judge in a criminal trial consider the documents to be government property for purposes of federal discovery law?
“That law requires the government to disclose to the defense any prior statement made by a witness, written or otherwise recorded, that is in the government’s possession. It also mandates that the government disclose any information that is material to the preparation of the defense (such as evidentiary exhibits that the prosecution plans to introduce into evidence). Finally, the government must produce any exculpatory evidence — meaning, any evidence that (a) suggests the accused is not guilty, (b) contradicts the prosecution’s theory of the case, or (c) could be used to impeach a witness’s testimony.
“Comey’s notes may fall into all three of those disclosure categories.  . . “

NY Post: “Another Iran deal low for the Obama administration

“Just a week after the US Senate failed to stop the Iran nuclear deal, Tehran launched a major cyberattack on the State Department — and the Obama administration kept it secret.

The Washington Free Beacon broke the story last week, revealing that Team Obama was even more craven than we’d thought.

“The two sides were then still negotiating the “side deals” to finalize the accord; it wasn’t too late to stop it. And the attack showed that Iran wouldn’t remotely begin to moderate its ways, as the Obamaites had hoped.

“Indeed, the hacking seemed to target the State personnel involved in those negotiations — the better to wring a last few concessions, no doubt.

“It’s obvious why Iran thought it could get away with it: Washington had proved willing to cede every point in order to reach a deal.

“President Trump has yet to junk the deal, and understandably so: President Barack Obama gave away so much up front (billions iAnn cash as well as hundreds of billions in sanctions relief) that America may be better off trying to make the rest of it stick.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Obama’s chief foreign-policy achievement was in fact a shameful defeat for the nation and the world.”


Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Feinstein: “Congress Should Investigate If Lynch Pressured Comey to Cover for Hillary Clinton””

“In a surprisingly non-partsian take by Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the California senator said that Congress should investigate whether – as we discussed last Thursday – former Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured former FBI Director James Comey to cover for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“I think we need to more about that, and there’s only one way to know about it and that’s to have the Judiciary committee take a look at that.

“As we noted last Thursday, Comey testified last Thursday that it gave him a ‘queasy’ feeling after Lynch asked him to characterize his probe into Clinton’s emails as a ‘matter,’ rather than an investigation. He told the Senate Intelligence Committee that such a request would match the wording of Clinton’s campaign.  Feinstein said she would’ve also felt queasy.

“‘I would have a queasy feeling, too, though, to be candid with you,’ the longtime Senate Democrat said. She added that an investigation separate from the ongoing probe into Russian interference in the election is needed. . .”

Peter Hasson, Daily Caller: “Dem Senator Wants Investigation into Lynch Interference on Clinton Email Investigation”

“Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein called for the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate former attorney general Loretta Lynch instructing James Comey to mislead the public about the Clinton email investigation.

“Comey testified on Thursday that Lynch instructed him, without explanation, to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use a private email server as secretary of a state a “matter” instead of an investigation. Lynch’s request, Comey said, made him feel “queasy” as it appeared she was “looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way the political campaign was describing the same activity, which was inaccurate.” (RELATED: Bush AG: Lynch ‘Betrayal’ Made DOJ ‘An Arm of The Clinton Campaign’)

“‘I would have a queasy feeling, too,’ Feinstein admitted in a Sunday morning interview on CNN. ‘I think we need to know more about that and there’s only way to know about it, and that’s to have the judiciary committee take a look at that.’”

Jeffrey Shapiro, Breitbart: “Dianne Feinstein Still Dogged by Allegations of Conflicts of Interest” (6-6-2012)

“The victor in yesterday’s California primary in the U.S. Senate, incumbent Democrat Dianne Feinstein, has long faced questions about potential conflicts of interest in Congress, according to Breitbart News sources. Specifically, for at least 15 years, Feinstein has appeared to support government contracts that push federal funds toward companies co-owned or governed by her powerful, billionaire husband, Richard C. Blum.

Breitbart News found evidence of possibly inappropriate influence from the period when Feinstein served on the Military Construction Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Subcommittee (MILCON), which supervises military construction and oversees quality of life concerns for veterans, including the building of clinics and hospitals for wounded soldiers and housing for military families. . . .”


Cody Derespina, Fox: “Ivanka Trump surprised by ‘viciousness,’ ‘ferocity’ of father’s critics”

“Ivanka Trump, in an interview Monday with “Fox & Friends,” said she has been surprised by the “viciousness” and “ferocity” that greeted her father’s presidency — but also said President Trump felt “very vindicated” by former FBI Director James Comey’s recent Senate testimony.

“Ivanka, a political novice like her dad who has been thrust into the Washington spotlight as a senior adviser to the president, nevertheless glided past the more controversial interview topics like a seasoned vet Monday. But she did provide a glimpse into the first family’s daily battle with detractors.

“‘There’s a level of viciousness that I was not expecting,’ Ivanka said, in between promoting Trump’s initiatives in infrastructure and job creation. ‘I was not expecting the intensity of this experience.’

She added: ‘But this isn’t supposed to be easy. My father, and this administration, expects to be transformative.’

“President Trump has been routinely assailed by a Democratic opposition that, at the least, seeks to stall his ambitious agenda and, in some corners of the party, seeks impeachment.

“‘Some of the distractions and some of the ferocity, I was a little blindsided by on a personal level,’ Ivanka said.

“She said, however, that Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday backed up much of what her dad had been telling the press – to little avail – for months: that Trump was not being personally investigated for any alleged Russia ties and that Comey had orchestrated a leak to The New York Times on at least one occasion. . .”

Alexander Bolton, The Hill: “Comey fallout weighs on the GOP”


“Former FBI Director James Comey did not inflict any deadly blows against President Trump when he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Republicans believe, but they’re concerned there will be more damaging revelations in the weeks ahead. . .”

“Republican lawmakers are under increasing pressure as, four months into Trump’s first term, they cannot point to any major accomplishments besides conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Instead, Trump’s political problems have distracted from the agenda.

“Republicans have publicly downplayed Comey’s testimony, but privately they’re nervous that they’re burning through the legislative calendar while remaining deadlocked over healthcare reform. Meanwhile, unfinished work on tax reform, infrastructure investment and the budget piles up behind it. . .”

Niv Ellis, The Hill: “Economy emerges as bright spot for Trump”

“. . .The S&P 500 is up more than 12 percent since Election Day, unemployment has reached a 16-year low and economic growth in the coming year is expected to reach 2.3 percent, more robust growth than the 1.6 percent it grew in 2016.

“Trump sought to play up his handling of the economy again on Friday at an event to end a week meant to highlight his efforts on legislation to fund new infrastructure projects across the country. . .”

Terence Jeffrey, CNS: “U.S. Mining Industry Sees First Profitable Quarter in 2 Years”

“( – The U.S. mining industry had its first profitable quarter in two years in the first quarter of this year, according to data published last week by the U.S. Census Bureau.

“In the first three months of 2017, U.S. mining corporations with assets of $50 million or more had combined after-tax profits of $1.957 billion, according to the Census Bureau, which has posted quarterly U.S. mining industry after-tax profits and losses going back to the fourth quarter of 2000.

“The after-tax profit that the U.S. mining industry earned in the first quarter of this year was a dramatic reversal from the first quarter of last year, when mining corporations with assets of $50 million or more posted losses of $27.075 billion. . .”

Andrew Klavan, PJM: “Corruption and Collusion: Obama, Comey, and the Press”

“It now seems clear that Barack Obama was a corrupt machine politician in the worst Chicago mold. He used the IRS to silence his enemies, and the Justice Department to protect his friends. His two major “achievements” — a health care law that doesn’t work and a deal that increased the power and prestige of the terrorist state of Iran — were built on lies to the public and manipulation of the press. And that’s according to his own allies! Only the leftist bias and racial pathology of the media kept his administration from being destroyed by scandal, as it surely would have been had he been a white Republican.

“I don’t mention this to bring up old grudges, but for what it says about the current moment and the week just passed. Here’s some of what we recently learned:

“Former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony concerning former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s corruption confirmed our worst suspicions about the Obama DOJ. In an apparent attempt to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Lynch told Comey to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s abuse of classified material as “a matter” rather than an investigation. And, as we already knew but Comey confirmed, Lynch’s secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton so underscored Comey’s sense of her crookedness that the self-serving drama queen Comey actually went around her to publicly declare Hillary guilty-but-not-guilty.

“‘It won’t get much attention, but that was pretty damning,’ said CNN’s John King of Comey’s testimony about Lynch. You can translate ‘it won’t get much attention’ into ‘we won’t give it much attention.’

“But all that was nothing compared to the brutal, nearly 300-page report released last week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a report absolutely blasting the previous Obama AG, Eric Holder. The report details how Holder and the Obama administration labored to cover up the details of the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal — a scandal which, unlike the non-collusion-with-Russia non-scandal, was implicated in the murder of an American law officer. Even the mom of the slain officer couldn’t get the truth out of Holder and his cronies. The report says Holder considered the officer’s family a “nuisance” because they were trying to get him to tell them how exactly the lawman died at the hands of gangsters who were wielding guns Obama’s DOJ had allowed them to buy. . .”


Ryan Lovelace, Washington Examiner: “Leading liberals develop blueprint to expand ‘deep state’ and undercut Trump”

HT Joel Pollak of Breitbart

Forlorn liberals took refuge at the American Constitution Society’s national convention in Washington this week, discussing whether to encourage the growth of the “deep state” resistance inside the government or fight President Trump from outside.

‘The election of Donald Trump was an assault on the federal bureaucracy,’ William Yeomans said to a room full of students and civil servants, including those recently displaced by Trump’s administration. ‘His values are simply not consistent with the values of people who are committed to public service and who believe deeply in the importance of public service.’

“Yeomans, an American University law professor with more than 25 years of experience at the Justice Department, was holed up inside the Capital Hilton hotel downtown on a sunny Friday afternoon leading a panel of bureaucrats and scholars divided about how best to fight Trump.

“UCLA law professor Jon Michaels said he favors filling the Trump administration with liberals opposed to Trump’s agenda.

“‘We hear a lot of language about draining the swamp and this idea about a deep state that somehow was going to thwart the intentions or the political mandate of the president,’ Michaels said. “I kind of embrace this notion of the ‘deep state.'”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “A Satisfying ‘Star Wars’ Sequel”

“Ronald Reagan is owed an apology. In 1983, President Reagan gave a speech in which he called for the development of a missile-defense system. The project was called the Strategic Defense Initiative, but Democrats and their media cheerleaders mocked it as “Star Wars,” its announcement coming, as it did, shortly after Reagan’s equally detested “Evil Empire” speech. Reagan laid out a broad vision for a long-term investment in technological development, possibly involving everything from satellites to lasers.

“Reagan’s critics especially hated the lasers. They thought he was just a goofy old man who’d spent too much time in the movies.
“In a recently authored memo, the Pentagon’s chief weapons-tester (the acting director of Operational Test and Evaluation), upgraded our current missile-defense system from “limited capability” to “demonstrated capability.” This followed a successful test of the system, in which it was used to intercept and destroy a dummy intercontinental ballistic missile. The small change in wording represents a big change in confidence.
“A missile-defense system is a textbook public good, which is to say, non-rivalrous and non-excludable in consumption: If a missile is stopped from hitting San Francisco, the benefit is not apportioned according to user fees. It is also a long-term project necessitating substantial investments in basic science, which means spending a great a deal of money following a great many promising ideas to a great many dead ends, which is how a great deal of science is done. Put another way: Developing a missile-defense system is precisely the sort of thing that the federal government exists to do. It is the opposite of the “free false teeth” school of government. . .”


Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge. Email available!

Health Care – Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.

Pure = Green Icon
Unknown = Yellow Icon
Hybrid = Red Icon


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