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Russia in the Arctic; DJT – West never broken; WSJ – Trump’s defining speech; KIMBALL – Trump’s Warsaw Uprising; EXAMINER – Ignore Merkle; PASQUET & ZELLER – Hamburg Siege; BURKE – Hamburg chaos; RT –  DJT met Vlad; MARTOSKO & CHAMBERS – DJT warns Vlad.


HEALTH CARE: Hannity Free Market option.

LEADS: HANSON – Thank the Frackers; BASTACH – Climate data fudged; DURDEN – Lynch plot thicker; LEAHY – Court supports DJT.



Replay from 10-1-16: Andrew Poulin, John Batchelor: 5 Ways Russia is Positioning to Dominate the Arctic”

Within a missile flight from North Korea . . .

‘“As many people across the United States are preparing to dig out of the heavy snow this weekend, in another snowy region, substantial preparations are under way. In the Arctic, Russia is making significant advances to advantageously position themselves for the future. Here are the five major actions Russia is taking in the Arctic.

“1. Building More Bases

“Russia is building and supporting more Arctic bases than any other country. The country’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu, explained the moves saying that, “a constant military presence in the Arctic and a possibility to protect the state’s interests by military means are regarded as an integral part of the general policy to guarantee national security…One of the Ministry’s prioritized areas is development of military infrastructure in the region.” He went on to describe that the creation of Russia’s Arctic force and the distribution of ‘equipment with weapons for the whole Arctic’ will be completed by 2018.

“The overarching command structure for this new arctic force was created in December 2014 and was named Russia Joint Strategic Command North (JSCN). The command is based on the Northern Fleet and headquartered in Severomorsk. The surrounding area, referred to as the greater Murmansk region, is home to several bases where most of the Fleet’s 15+ submarines, and approximately 40 ships are located, including Russia’s one aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov. These Arctic bases are being expanded at a rate never before seen. Less than a 5-hour drive away from the Fleet’s Headquarters at Severomorsk is the Alakurtti base that has been significantly augmented and strengthened. It is only 30 miles from the border with Finland and is home to 3,000 personnel skilled in radio electronics. When the base improvements are complete, it will have an airfield, quarters capable of supporting a brigade of soldiers, and a large amount of new storage facilities that will house missiles and artillery ammunition.

“Alakurtti is not the only base being built up; Defense Minister Shoygu said flatly, ‘We are not hiding this from anyone: we have practically finished building bases on the Novosibirsk Archipelago, the island of Kotelny Island.’

“Kotelny is a former USSR satellite military base that was abandoned with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It also happens to be one of the largest islands in the area and the site of a new massive Russian military base.

“On the Eastern side of Russia, the Chukotka region has also been strengthened with a series of smaller bases on Wrangel Island (more colloquially known as the “home of the polar bear”), Cape Schmidt, the Kuril Islands, and others. And in the West, in October 2015, Russian officials announced that their massive base on the Franz Josef Land archipelago was 97 percent complete. This base sk its along the 80th parallel, or approximately 14 degrees further north than the Arctic Circle. Current plans are for the base to support 150 troops to live and operate there completely independent and unsupported for up to 18 months. And to support and defend their Arctic bases, Russia is also planning to build 13 airfields and at least 10 air-defense RADAR stations to be completed by 2017.

The map below illustrates Russia’s Arctic bases and how they are positioned to gain the upper hand in this burgeoning expanse. Canada and Russia Arctic

Donald J. Trump, RCP: “The West Will Never Be Broken”

President Trump’s Warsaw speech . . .

WSJ: “Trump’s Defining Speech”

“In Poland, he asks the West to defend its values of faith and freedom.

“The White House description of Donald Trump’s speech Thursday in Warsaw was simply, “Remarks by President Trump to the People of Poland.” In truth, Mr. Trump’s remarks were directed at the people of the world. Six months into his first term of office, Mr. Trump finally offered the core of what could become a governing philosophy. It is a determined and affirmative defense of the Western tradition.

“To be sure, Mr. Trump’s speech also contained several pointed and welcome foreign-policy statements. He assured Poland it would not be held hostage to a single supplier of energy, meaning Russia. He exhorted Russia to stop destabilizing Ukraine ‘and elsewhere,’ to stop supporting Syria and Iran and ‘instead join the community of responsible nations.’ He explicitly committed to NATO’s Article 5 on mutual defense.

But—and this shocked Washington—the speech aimed higher. Like the best presidential speeches, it contained affirmations of ideas and principles and related them to the current political moment. “Americans, Poles and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty,” he said. This was more than a speech, though. It was an argument. One might even call it an apologia for the West. . .” emph added, jb.

Roger Kimball, PJM: “Trump’s Warsaw Uprising”

“If you want to know why Donald Trump will go down in history as a great president, listen to (or read, when it is available) his speech in Krasinski Square, Warsaw today.

Yes, there is a lot of the usual diplomatic persiflage: “Thank you, President Duda. Thank you, Poland.” But be an adult and distinguish the gem from the setting. While the anti-Trump press was busy running stories warning about “unease in Brussels” over Trump’s visit to Poland, Trump once again totally outflanked his critics.  Those who have ears, let them hear:

“1. The United States is absolutely committed to securing Poland’s access to alternative sources of energy.  Now, to whom do you think that was addressed?  What country would use access to oil and gas as political blackmail (do what we say or you can’t warm your homes, light your streets, run your factories)? Who would do such a thing?

“2. The United States is absolutely committed to its trans-Atlantic partnership. That partnership, said Trump in his aspirational mode, has never been stronger: suitably translated, that means that he wishes to assure that it will never be stronger.  It was a proffered hand.  Will the EU bureaucrats reach out and grasp it?

“3. Speaking of bureaucrats, Trump also—mirabile dictu—warned about ‘steady creep of government bureaucracy’ that, left unchecked, saps a people’s will and makes the flourishing of individual initiative, the very marrow of freedom, impossible.  This was a direct kick against the administrative state: I like to see it. Drain the Swamp.

“4. Trump reaffirmed his absolute commitment to Article 5 of the NATO agreement — the bit that pledges members to “collective defense”: an attack on one member is an attack on all. He praised Poland for stepping up to meet its statutory financial commitment to NATO and urged other European countries to do the same. A strong NATO means a strong Europe.

“5. Trump reaffirmed his commitment to battle against “radical Islamic terrorism” and other forms of extremism and highlighted his call in Riyadh in May for Muslim countries to step up and help quash the violence of jihad.

“6. He noted other challenges faced by the West, including cyber-warfare and Russia’s “destabilizing activities” in Ukraine, Syria, and Iran.

“7. But the best part came about three-quarters of the way through.  After reminding his audience about the million people who gathered to hear John Paul II celebrate Mass in 1979, he asked: what did the people want? Answer: “We want God.” This led into the heart of Trump’s speech.  The prerequisite for the success of Western civilization is not material riches. Economic prosperity and military might on their own are not sufficient. The critical leaven is the confidence in core Western values: such things as free speech, the equality of women, respect for individual rights, the rule of law, the affirmation of faith and family. . .”

Washington Examiner: “Trump should confidently ignore climate lectures from Angela Merkel”

“The G-20 summit, which begins today in Hamburg, will be President Trump’s first. He must face up to and try to resolve many critical issues as he meets with the world’s leaders. People will watch especially carefully as he meets with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

“We hope his meetings are fruitful and that he is appropriately tough on or friendly toward his counterparts. But we also hope he completely ignores the lectures and sneering he will likely get from European leaders over the American withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

“Trump did the right thing in pulling the U.S. out of this farce from the late stages of the Obama presidency. He should feel very confident about his decision.

The reaction by European leaders has been as hysterical and disproportionate as it is hypocritical. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already telegraphed in advance that she intends to make it an issue and to confront Trump over the Paris agreement specifically.

“He should respond to her by first pointing out that the U.S. actually reduced its overall greenhouse emissions faster than Germany over the last decade. Between 2005 and 2015, American emissions fell by 9.9 percent, as compared with Germany’s 8.8 percent, even though the U.S. was not a signatory to any carbon emissions treaty during that period.

“U.S. energy-related greenhouse emissions also fell by 1.7 percent in 2016, after falling by 2.7 percent the year before. Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions rose in both years.

“And, again, the reductions in the U.S. did not occur because of any agreement or treaty or grand government plan. They occurred because of the market forces behind America’s ongoing natural gas revolution. Thanks to fracking, the U.S. has a cheap and relatively clean supply of energy. Electrical utilities are adapting to this economic reality at such a rapid clip that last year, emissions from electrical generation in the U.S. fell below emissions from the use of fuels for transportation.

“Germany, meanwhile, is emitting more greenhouse gases. . .”

Yannick Pasquet & Frank Zeller, YAHOO!: “Smoke on the water: Hamburg under siege for G20”

“Hamburg (AFP) – Cars torched, delegations’ tyres slashed and flares fired at helicopters: Hamburg is living up to its militant reputation with activists giving the G20 a hostile welcome — and in imaginative ways.

“On Thursday night on the eve of the summit of the leaders of the world’s top 20 economies including US President Donald Trump, a protest march in this port city by 12,000 people quickly got out of hand.

“After a hard core of around 1,000 black-clad militants ignored authorities’ demands to remove their masks, riot police moved in with water cannon trucks and tear gas.

“That set the stage for hours of running battles between police and protestors in the back streets of Germany’s second city that left 111 police officers injured, authorities said.

“It was unclear how many protestors were hurt. Organiser Andreas Blechschmidt criticised what he said was a heavy-handed and “massive” police response with batons. . .”

David Burke, UK Daily Mail: “Melania Trump and fellow leaders’ wives are trapped inside hotel as German police call for reinforcements after streets of Hamburg turned into a warzone by protestors throwing petrol bombs

  • More than 70 people were injured in violent clashes with riot police in German city last night
  • Police anticipate 100,000 demonstrators descending on the city, and say thousands intend to cause trouble
  • World leaders including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are set to discuss issues including terrorism 
  • Organisers of demonstrations have accused German police of overreacting, and dozens have been injured

RT: “Putin, Trump to hold first ‘full-fledged’ meeting on July 7”

HatTip: InfoWars

“Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump will hold their first full-fledged meeting at the G20 summit on July 7, the Kremlin spokesman said. Dmitry Peskov specified it will not merely be a brief contact on the sidelines.

“The meeting is ‘planned as a full-fledged ‘sit down’ meeting,’ Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

“The G20 summit will take place July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany. During the summit, Trump is to meet Putin face-to-face for the first time. Previously the leaders have spoken only by phone.

READ MORE:Putin-Trump meeting at G20 equally important for Russia, US & intl stability – Kremlin 

“The White House has also confirmed that a “normal bilateral meeting” between the leaders is to take place on Friday afternoon, according to Reuters. . .”

David Martosko & Francesca Chambers, UK DailyMail: Trump finally turns on Russia as he warns Putin to STOP his aggression in Syria and Ukraine as he issues full-throated attack on radical Islamic terrorism AND government bureaucracy to delight of thousands of Poles who chant his name

President Donald Trump met with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday at the Royal Castle in Warsaw

Trump later questioned if the West has the ‘will to survive’ in a landmark speech at Krasinski Square

He said North Korea would face ‘consequences’ and admitted Russia ‘could have’ interfered with the election

Trump hit Russia later for its ‘destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes including Syria and Iran’

He urged Vladimir Putin’s government to join the US and its allies in the fight against violent extremism.

Visit to Warsaw comes before a journey to Germany for the G20 summit on Friday and Saturday


Farnaz Fassihi, Gordon Lubold, and Jonathan Cheng,  WSJ: “U.S., Russia Spar Over Approach to North Korea Threat”

“Pentagon notes advances by Pyongyang as U.S. warns regime of further isolation, military option

“The U.S. and Russia clashed at the United Nations Security Council over how to respond to North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program, a confrontation throwing into doubt U.S. hopes for an international diplomatic solution to the burgeoning crisis.

“The standoff between diplomats on Wednesday came just two days before President Donald Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin plan to hold their first meetingduring the summit of the Group of 20 leading nations in Germany, raising the stakes for both leaders as well as China, which will attend the international gathering.

“Following North Korea’s July 4 launch of its first intercontinental ballistic missile, deemed by U.S. officials to be capable of reaching Alaska, U.S. officials invoked direct threats of military action as they tried to marshal coordinated international action.

“At the U.N., U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley warned diplomats that ‘time is short’ for diplomatic action and said the Trump administration would be willing to use military force if punitive restrictions failed to deter North Korea from its plans to perfect a weapon that can strike the U.S.

“In Seoul, Gen. Vincent Brooks, the top American military commander in South Korea, said the U.S. and South Korea were prepared to go to war with the North if given the order. . .”



Health Care – Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

Standard fee: $55/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a discount.

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.

Pure = Green Icon
Unknown = Yellow Icon
Hybrid = Red Icon


Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “The Fracking Industry Deserves Our Gratitude”

“. . . In 2012, when gas prices were hitting $4 a gallon in some areas, President Obama admonished the country that we “can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.” That was a putdown of former Alaska governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s refrain “Drill, baby, drill.”

“Obama barred new oil and gas permits on federal lands. Steven Chu, who would become secretary of energy in the Obama administration, had earlier mused that gas prices might ideally rise to European levels (about $10 a gallon), thereby forcing Americans to turn to expensive subsidized alternative green fuels.

“But over the last five years, frackers have refined their craft on private properties, finding ever cheaper and more efficient ways to extract huge amounts of crude oil and natural gas from shale rock.
“In 2017, despite millions of square miles being off limits to drillers, America is close to reaching 10 million barrels of crude-oil production per day, the highest level in the nation’s history. The U.S. may soon surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest petroleum producer.
“When American natural gas (about 20 percent of the world total) and coal (the largest reserves in the world) are factored into the fossil-fuel equation, the U.S. is already the largest producer of energy in the world.
“While environmentalists worry about polluting the water table and heightening seismic activity through hydraulic fracturing, fracking seems to become more environmentally sensitive each year.

“When OPEC and other overseas producers tried to bankrupt frackers by flooding the world with their supposedly more cheaply produced oil, the effort backfired. American entrepreneurs learned to frack oil and natural gas even more cheaply and undercut the foreign gambit. The result is a windfall for all sectors of the American economy. . .”

Michael Bastach, Daily Caller: “EXCLUSIVE: Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All of The Warming’ In Climate Data”

“A new study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years “are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”

“Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever – despite current claims of record setting warming,” according to a study published June 27 by two scientists and a veteran statistician.

“The peer-reviewed study tried to validate current surface temperature datasets managed by NASA, NOAA and the UK’s Met Office, all of which make adjustments to raw thermometer readings. Skeptics of man-made global warming have criticized the adjustments.

“Climate scientists often apply adjustments to surface temperature thermometers to account for ‘biases’ in the data. The new study doesn’t question the adjustments themselves but notes nearly all of them increase the warming trend.

“Basically, ‘cyclical pattern in the earlier reported data has very nearly been ‘adjusted’ out” of temperature readings taken from weather stations, buoys, ships and other sources. . .’”

Recommended: Michael Crichton, State of Fear.

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Loretta Lynch Plot Thickens as New Details Emerge of Her Dealings with the Hillary Campaign”

“Last night we asked a very simple question about why the DNC has failed to cooperate with Russia investigators by handing over their infamous email server to either the FBI or Robert Mueller’s team (see: DNC Server: Most Critical Evidence To Proving “Russian Hacking” Is Being Withheld From Mueller, Why?).  Afterall, if Russia did “hack the election”, as we’ve been told 24/7 by CNN going on 8 months now, then the evidence could very well be on that server.  Which prompted us to ask this very simple question:

All of which brings us back to our original question: If the DNC is in possession of actual tangible evidence that could prove once and for all that Russians hacked their servers and attempted to undermine the campaign of Hillary Clinton, why not share that evidence with investigators and enjoy the blissful vindication that its public release would provide?

We concluded by wondering whether the stonewalling from the DNC just might have something to do with this “purely coincidental’ meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix and/or Loretta Lynch’s ‘assurances’ to members of the Clinton campaign that the FBI’s investigation (or, “matter” if you prefer) of Hillary Clinton “wouldn’t go too far“?  Afterall, if evidence of “Russian hacking” were on that server, so to would there be evidence of Lynch’s transgressions…if they existed, of course.

But we’re not the only ones wondering whether there’s more to the Lynch story.  According to an article in the New York Postsome testimony that Lynch offered under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee last year could come back to haunt her.  In that testimony, Lynch said that she had “not spoken to anyone on either the campaign or transition or any staff members affiliated with them.”

That said, and as we’ve reported before, that statement seems to contradict reports that Lynch personally assured members of Clinton’s campaign, potentially Amanda Renteria, that the FBI’s investigation “wouldn’t go too far

Michael Leahy, Big Govt: “Federal Court Denies State of Hawaii Challenge to Trump Administration Travel Ban Definition of ‘Bona Fide Relationship’”

“U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson “denied an emergency motion filed by the State of Hawaii that would broaden the familial exceptions to President Trump’s travel ban” late Thursday,according to Hawaii News. . .”


Mark Levin 7-6-17

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump’s speech in Poland on Thursday was excellent. He called out Russia, North Korea and gave his support for NATO during his speech. But the out of control media have once again exposed themselves as anti-Trump to the point of sheer stupidity in reacting to President Trump’s speech. Look how angry the NBC reporter asking Trump questions was. In addition, CNN’s Jim Acosta calls what the President is saying “fake news”. Which political party is Acosta a reporter for? If he wants to present an opinion that is one thing, but he is covering the President. Acosta never challenged Barack Obama, like he does Trump. Can you think of anyone in the media who challenged Obama?

“After that, the nominee for Deputy Director of Office of Management and Budget, Russ Vought is a practicing Christian and was grilled by Bernie Sanders at his confirmation hearing. Sanders raised questions about a post Vought made about Muslims which was based on Vought’s Christian faith. Sanders is voting no and is violating the Constitution through his line of questioning. In response, 64 Republicans, including James Lankford wrote a letter to AG Jeff Sessions asking him to reaffirm that no religious test should be required to be admitted for public office.

“Later, the Republican Party is no longer the Party of Lincoln, Reagan and Coolidge. Republicans are now upset that Ted Cruz wants to allow insurance companies to carry any kind of plan they want while keeping at least one Obamacare plan. This is not about healthcare and quality medical care but, about power and control by Democrats and progressive Republicans, who follow their lead like puppies. Progressives want to determine what you can do with your life and what doctor you should see, or whether you get to see a doctor at all. Individualism is rejected not just by Senate Democrats but by Senate Republicans as well.”


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