Dead Cats: Costello?, 03/26/18, (30)03 James Brody

Costello won’t run again . . .

BUDGET: Investors – No veto?; Durden – Black Friday; Binder – Illegals get a break.

LEADS: Durden – Russia to respond; InfoWars – Gun control plans; Delk – Rand Paul; Philly – Toilets to the River; French – Bolton no danger; Trump scraps Obama rules; York – Trump/Russia.

HEALTH CARE: Hannity – Josh Umber Site.

RECOMMENDED: EllworthforGovernor –; Judicial Watch petition – Prosecute Hillary! Schweizer – Secret Empires; Mark Levin 03-23-18; Best Actor – Churchill show times.

Politico: “Rep. Costello won’t run for reelection in Pennsylvania”

“Republican Rep. Ryan Costello won’t seek reelection this fall, a blow to Republicans seeking to hold his redrawn, suburban Philadelphia district.

“In an interview on Sunday with the Daily Local News of West Chester (Pa.), Costello blamed the ‘political environment’ for abandoning his reelection bid, including the conduct of President Donald Trump.

“‘Whether it’s Stormy Daniels, or passing an omnibus spending bill that the president threatens to veto after promising to sign [it], it’s very difficult to move forward in a constructive way today,’ Costello told the paper.

“Costello also had blame for ‘the left’ for contributing ‘a lot of hate’ and fostering a toxic political environment.

“‘In some respects, my ego says to run,’ he added. ‘But when I look at what is the right decision for those who rely on me and the state of our body politic, I am convinced that no matter how bipartisan and open and transparent I am, there is so much anger out there that it doesn’t matter.’

“But Costello’s decision is also a reflection of a changed political reality in Pennsylvania. His battleground congressional district was made more Democratic-leaning when the state Supreme Court drew new House districts earlier this year. Under the new lines, Hillary Clinton carried the district in 2016, 53 percent to 43 percent, even as she lost statewide. Clinton won the district by only a single point under the old lines.

“In a separate interview with MSNBC, Costello acknowledged that the new map played a role in his decision not to run again. . .”


Investors: “3 Reasons Trump Should Have Vetoed the $1.3 Trillion Spending Monstrosity”

“. . . Republicans used to love to trot around copies of ObamaCare, pointing out how its massive size — around 2,300 pages — was a sign of runaway government.

“The spending bill Congress just approved is nearly as big, weighing in at 2,232 pages. And, like ObamaCare, no one who voted on it had read the bill before casting their ballots.

Then there’s the amount of money we’re talking about. That $1.3 trillion is what will be spent in just the next six months. And that represents just a fraction of what the government will spend, since it doesn’t include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare or welfare.

“For perspective, until 1991, the entire budget of the federal government for the whole year was less than $1.3 trillion.

“There’s no doubt that spending sleuths will find all sorts of gems tucked away in that mountain of cash.

“Still, that’s not the worst of it.

“The real problem with this bill is what it doesn’t contain.

“No Spending Restraint . . . No Border Security . . . No ObamaCare Fixes . . .”

“The era of big government, once declared over by Bill Clinton, has now returned under Republican leadership.”

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge:  “David Rosenberg: “It Was Black Friday before Black Monday”

“It could never happen again…” is the constant refrain of the asset-gatherers and commission-takers around the world as they prepare to defend their livelihoods from yet another delusion-clarifying plunge back to reality for stock prices.

Well, after this week’s bloodbathery – and tearing down of the social-media-will-remake-the-global-economy narrative – many are starting to recognize that all is not well… and perhaps, just perhaps, the support pillars of this flimsy potemkin village we call ‘the stock market’ have already crumbled

Dollar funding markets are extremely stressed and The Fed’s balance sheet contraction (and its implicit tightening of liquidity) is not helping…

Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg has been very vocal  about his fears that market participants are blindly ignoring the similarities – fundamentally, geopolitically, and technically – to 1987.

“He previously tweeted… ‘Hmmm. Let’s see. Tariffs. Sharp bond selloff. Weak dollar policy. Massive twin deficits. New Fed Chairman. Cyclical inflationary pressures. Overvalued stock markets. Heightened volatility. Sounds eerily familiar (from someone who started his career on October 19th, 1987!).’ . . .”

John Binder, Breitbart: “Omnibus Spending Bill Allows More Illegal Aliens to Be Released into U.S. Through ‘Catch and Release’”

Hat Tip – InfoWars . . .

“. . . Catch and Release is the process where illegal aliens caught by federal immigration officials are released back into the U.S. until their immigration court hearing. Part of the reason for their release into the country is because the federal government refuses to fund the space needed to detain illegal aliens until their hearing.

“After being released, illegal aliens often do not show up for their court hearing and become quasi-fugitives living in the interior of the country, adding to the already booming 12 to 30 million illegal alien population.

“Local media reports across the U.S. have highlighted how the Catch and Release program has continued:

‘Currently, according to the Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been using about 40,761 beds in its detention centers on average to house illegal aliens awaiting their hearings.

‘Ryan’s spending bill eliminates nearly 250 of those detention center beds, thus increasing the number of illegal aliens who will be released back into the U.S. through the Catch and Release program.

The spending bill does not include any of the provisions from Trump’s list of pro-American immigration principles, where he called for the end of Catch and Release.

“Trump’s populist immigration agenda, wherein he has called on the Republican-controlled Congress to reduce overall immigration levels to raise the wages of American workers, has largely fallen on deaf ears in the GOP leadership.. .”


Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Russia Vows Imminent Response: ‘The US Only Understands Force’”

Update: RIA Novosti reports an unnamed foreign ministry official confirmed that Russia will respond to each country expelling diplomats.

Additionally, Russia’s ambassador to Washington said that, with regard to the US response, ‘US only knows force.’”

*  *  *

“President Trump has reportedly ordered the expulsion of 60 Russians from the United States on Monday, including 12 people identified as Russian intelligence officers who have been stationed at the United Nations in New York, in response to Russia’s alleged poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain.

As The New York Times reports, the expulsion order, announced by administration officials, also closes the Russian consulate in Seattle.

“The Russians and their families have seven days to leave the United States, according to officials.

“The expulsions are the toughest action taken against the Kremlin by President Trump, who has been criticized for not being firm enough with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

“In a call with reporters, senior White House officials said that the move was to root out Russians actively engaging in intelligence operations against the country, and to show that the United States would stand with NATO allies.

“The officials said that the closure of the consulate in Seattle was ordered because of its proximity to a U.S. naval base.

“Worst. Putin Puppet. Ever. . .”


“It’s going to be hard to label us as paranoid gun nuts when you confirm the paranoia

“Ok, #MarchForOurLives supporters. Take a knee. We need to talk. Far be it from me to tell you how to take away our constitutional rights. I know you guys want us to believe that this is really about ‘gun safety’ and not ‘gun control.’ Even though the facts on the ground say otherwise (see Top 5 Idiotic Moments From ‘March for Our Lives’ Gun Control Rally and Video: Anti-Gun Marchers Can’t Answer Basic Firearm Questions). You want us to believe you don’t really hate gun owners.

“When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile.”

“That is literally – and this is an appropriate use of the word here – the exact reason why gun rights advocates refuse to back down. Word for word. The left calls pro-gunners paranoid for thinking Big Brother is going to go door-to-door swiping gats. Then, in the next sentence, they confirm their intention of doing that very thing. These kiddos and #MarchForOurLives are a gift that just refuses to stop giving. . .”

Josh Delk, The Hill: “Rand Paul blasts omnibus: Maybe holding hands with Dems isn’t a great idea”

“. . . Paul called the $1.3 trillion package the “terrible, no good, rotten deficit spending bill” and the “crumni-bus.” The fiscal hawk previously forced a brief overnight government shutdown last month when he filibustered a stopgap measure over a list of what he said were wasteful federal expenditures buried in the text of a resolution to carry over funding between spending bills.

He criticized the recent bill as so large that many lawmakers didn’t even know all the provisions within. But Paul said it has “never been my goal to shut down government,” when asked by Fox News host Tucker Carlson if he would pull a similar stunt on Friday.

President Trump reluctantly signed the bill into law on Friday, after threatening to use a veto hours before he was slated to approve it.

The bill included millions of dollars for additional domestic spending and projects considered a boon to Democrats, as well as funding for border security that came in well under Trump’s original request. “At some Philly homes, toilets get flushed into the city’s drinking water source. The underground detectives are on the case”

“Two weeks ago, Joe Ferretti, a Philadelphia Water Department supervisor, pried open a manhole cover next to a scenic Schuylkill River bank, flicked on a flashlight, and peered down.

“Ferretti saw evidence that sewage was flowing freely into the river at a stone outfall known as S050204.

“In some Philadelphia homes, human waste, shower water, dirty dish grease, and other stuff that belongs in the sanitary sewer system is going down the wrong pipe, sending it to waterways that feed the Delaware River — the city’s primary source of drinking water. The city does filter and treat the water it draws from the river, so drinking water would not be contaminated. However, sewage in the river could pose a threat to people who swim in it. . .”

David French, NRO: “John Bolton Isn’t Dangerous. The World Is.”

“It’s time to give a hawk a chance.

“Donald Trump has moved to replace H. R. McMaster with John Bolton, and the verdict is in. Americans should be “terrified.” Or perhaps “horrified.” The New York Times editorial board declares, in no uncertain terms, “Yes, John Bolton really is that dangerous.”

“What’s going on? Has Donald Trump selected a crazed warmonger to be his national-security adviser? Is Bolton going to lead us down the path to foolish war? Far from it.

“Bolton is not — as some in the media would have you believe — a mere flame-throwing Fox News “talking head.” He’s a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. He’s on the board of trustees of the National Review Institute. He’s a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He’s a conservative hawk, yes, but he’s squarely in the mainstream of conservative foreign-policy thought.

“He’s not extreme. The reaction against him, however, is. Moreover, the reaction betrays a sad reality: The foreign-policy Left still hasn’t learned the lessons of the recent past.

“To put it simply, all too many people view the challenge of North Korea and Iran something like this: There is a clearly safer path, including engagement, talks, and continued fidelity to the Iran deal; and there is a clearly more dangerous path — saber-rattling, increased sanctions, public advocacy for regime change. All right-thinking people should seek more engagement with North Korea. All right-thinking people should support the Iran deal.

“The ‘clearly safer’ argument always has a short-term advantage. When choosing between less risk of war and greater risk of war, there is a proper default preference for less risk and a presumption in favor of making immediate moves toward peace. When dealing with jihadist regimes like Iran’s or evil regimes like North Korea’s, however, the problem is that every single path is perilous. . .”

Paul Sperry. NY Post: “Trump scrapping Obama-era rule that turned schools into ‘war zones’

“The Trump administration plans this summer to scrap a controversial Obama-era discipline rule forced on schools to close racial gaps in suspensions and arrests but that critics say pressures educators to turn a blind eye to escalating bad behavior.

“The federal directive, issued jointly in 2014 by the US departments of Education and Justice, warned public school districts receiving federal funding — including New York City — that they could face investigation and funding cuts if they fail to reduce statistical “disparities” in discipline by race. On average, the administration noted, black students are suspended at three times the rate of their white peers.

“The Trump administration plans this summer to scrap a controversial Obama-era discipline rule forced on schools to close racial gaps in suspensions and arrests but that critics say pressures educators to turn a blind eye to escalating bad behavior.

“The federal directive, issued jointly in 2014 by the US departments of Education and Justice, warned public school districts receiving federal funding — including New York City — that they could face investigation and funding cuts if they fail to reduce statistical “disparities” in discipline by race. On average, the administration noted, black students are suspended at three times the rate of their white peers.

“The directive also discourages student arrests and holds districts liable for the actions of “school resource officers … or other law enforcement personnel.”

“The one-size-fits-all federal policy, which recommends group counseling sessions and other alternatives to traditional discipline, has been foisted on several hundred school districts serving millions of students through investigations and threats of investigation that have continued into the Trump administration. More than 300 school districts remain under federal scrutiny, including NYC schools. . .”

Byron York, DC Examiner: “Byron York: Trump-Russia, by the (misleading) numbers”

“. . . The Moscow Project listed the following Trump associates who “had contacts with Russians during the campaign or transition”: Michael Cohen, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Jeff Sessions, J.D. Gordon, Carter Page, Erik Prince, and Anthony Scaramucci.

“According to the House Intelligence Committee and public reports, committee investigators, which could include members as well as staff and always included Democrats, interviewed Cohen, Trump Jr., Kushner, Stone, Sessions, Gordon, Page, and Prince.

Again, Democrats participated in the interviews and had a chance to question each witness.

Of the Trump figures the committee did not interview: Manafort was invited to testify and agreed, Republicans say, but his appearance was delayed at Democrats’ request — and then Manafort was indicted and became off limits because of the investigation being conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller. Flynn was subpoenaed, and then became off limits because of Mueller. Papadopoulos was invited to testify, and then he, too, became off limits because of Mueller.

“Together, that is 11 of the 12 people the Moscow Project listed as having ‘contacts with Russians’ during the campaign or transition. (A word later on the 12th person, Anthony Scaramucci.) . . .”


Hannity: Josh Umber Site

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


Laura Ellsworth for Guv’

Judicial Watch Petition: Prosecute Hillary

“Hillary Clinton has a demonstrated record of showing contempt for the rule of law.

“She refused to tell the truth about the deadly Benghazi terrorist attack that took place on her watch as Secretary of State

“She violated the law and avoided accountability by using secret email accounts as Secretary of State

“She abused her public office to funnel money to personal accounts – much of which is now sloshing around her vanity “charity” that could be renamed “The Clinton Corruption Foundation.”

“This is all unacceptable.

“In this country our leaders are bound by the rule of law. She must be held accountable for her actions.

“Sign the petition now to demand that Hillary Clinton answer for her corruption!”

Peter Schweizer,  Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends

Mark Levin, 03-23-18

“On Friday’s Mark Levin show, We’ve now reached a point of no return with this omnibus spending bill. Neither political party is willing or capable of reversing course and slowing the growth of government. President Trump was set up with this bill and he took the bait. Trump should have spoke to the American people and said I won’t be blackmailed by the Democrats. With this budget deal Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell just gave Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi the tool to remove Trump. Most lawmaking doesn’t occur in Congress, but rather in back rooms by a handful of people.

“America isn’t a representative republic anymore; it’s a soft tyranny.

“Also, Andrew McCabe wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post acting like a victim, insinuating it was Trump that got him fired when in reality he got himself fired. McCabe was the fool that threw away 22 years of service by authorizing leaks and lying about it. We know he’s guilty from his op-ed, attacking Trump and playing to the media while never discussing any leaking.

“Finally, Peter Schweizer calls in to discuss his new book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.

Best  Actor – Churchill film: “The Darkest Hour.”

Regal show times at”867

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