Dead Cats: ‘Iggles, 11/29/17, (28)37: James Brody

Santoliquito – Eagles 9 straight; Hanson – Trump’s fate; Hanson – Who watches the watchers?

SLEEZE: Stelter – Lauer canned; Drudge Links 11-29-17; Examiner – Sex & politics

BUDGET: Eight senators?

PA: Governor Ellsworth?

LEADS: Thalen – NKor missile; Durden – NKor missile; O’Keefe – WaPo; Lowry – Albatross Conyers; Shaer – Hannity; Breitbart – Naval Iron Dome.

RECOMMENDED: Hannity – Theater lists; Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-28-17)

Joseph Santoliquito, CBS Philly: “The Eagles Win 9 Straight For Third Time in Franchise History”

“The Eagles did what they’re supposed to do against a three-win team like the Bears: They led from start to finish, coasting to a 31-3 victory.

“The NFL-leading Eagles are now 10-1 and remain atop the NFC and have all but clinched the NFC East title.

“It was the ninth-straight victory for the Eagles, who equaled a franchise record for consecutive wins that was done in the 2003 and 1960 NFL championship season. The Eagles are 10-1 for the first time since 2004, when they reached the Super Bowl.

“Carson Wentz was 23 for 36 for 227 yards and three touchdowns. With 11:37 left to play and the Eagles in firm command, the defense had held the inept Chicago offense to 56 yards of total offense and three first downs. The Eagles have gone eight quarters without giving up a touchdown. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Trump’s Fate”

“Plenty of people in ‘flyover’ country like not only Trump’s message — and actions — but also Trump, the loudmouth messenger.
“The political verdict seems out on Trump’s current political future.
“His supporters have won four special congressional elections. Yet, more recently, Republicans lost more local and state offices. Pundits argue about the degree to which these surrogate campaigns are referenda on Trump’s future.
“Trump still polls between 39 percent and 42 percent approval, occasionally higher in supposed outlier surveys. Yet most concede that such polls did not in the past, and do not in the present, fully account for the “Trump Embarrassment Factor.” That is the strange phenomenon of a sizable minority of Trump voters — including Democrats and independents — proving reluctant to express support even to anonymous pollsters. Ask independent or moderate Republican voters whether they really voted for Trump: If they hesitate for more than three seconds before they answer, they probably did. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Who Watches the Watchmen?”

“History shows that special counsels almost inevitably overstep their mandates.
“Former FBI director Robert Mueller was supposed to run a narrow investigation into accusations of collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russian government. But so far, Mueller’s work has been plagued by almost daily improper leaks (e.g., “sources report,” “it emerged,” “some say”) about investigations that seem to have little to do with his original mandate.
“Now, there are leaks claiming that Mueller is going after former national-security adviser Michael Flynn for his business practices before he entered the Trump administration. Specifically, Mueller is reportedly investigating Flynn’s security assessment and intelligence work for the Turkish government and other Turkish interests. Yet possible unethical lobbying on behalf of a NATO ally was not the reason Mueller was appointed. . .”


Brian Stelter, CNN: “NBC fires Matt Lauer after complaint about ‘inappropriate sexual behavior’”

“The Today show is one of the most popular and most profitable franchises on American television. Lauer was the cornerstone of the program for two decades.

“So his sudden ouster came as a shock to viewers — but not as a complete surprise to his “Today” show colleagues. They knew that multiple news outlets were investigating Lauer’s off-camera conduct.

“NBC News chairman Andrew Lack said in an early morning memo to staff that the complaint was filed on Monday night. Lack said it was the first complaint lodged against Lauer in his career at the network. But he also said ‘we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.’ . . .”

The evolutionists (Matt Ridley, 1993; David Buss, 1994) tell us that “food for sex” is the fundamental, first contract between men – the hunters/farmers/soldiers – and women – the egg carriers. Thus, Congress did the biologically appropriate thing when it set up a committee to hear private complaints and issue cash. Suggestion – make Al Franken and John Conyers pay! And encourage women to turn dirtball approaches into cash!

DRUDGE LINKS – 11-29-17

Assaulted staffer during Olympics?

Washington Examiner: “Al Franken, Bill Clinton, Roy Moore, and Donald Trump: Sex and cynical politics”

“Political partisans on both sides have demonstrated recently that they believe accusations of sexual misconduct, but only when it’s politically expedient and doesn’t hurt their own interests.

“Worse, selective support for victims creates the perception that accusations of sexual misconduct are nothing more than political weapons. This enables harassers to prey on women.

“Political partisans on both sides have demonstrated recently that they believe accusations of sexual misconduct, but only when it’s politically expedient and doesn’t hurt their own interests.

“Worse, selective support for victims creates the perception that accusations of sexual misconduct are nothing more than political weapons. This enables harassers to prey on women. . .”


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg: “These Eight Senators Can Make or Break the GOP Tax Plan”

Concerns center on partnerships, deficits and health care

Senate’s top tax writer foresees ‘tough, tough time’

“Last-minute threats to the tax cuts that Trump has promised since early in his long-shot presidential campaign are looming among Senate Republicans. Concerns center on the taxation of partnerships, limited liabilities and other companies; on the overall cost of the tax bill itself; and on a familiar GOP stumbling block — Obamacare.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch of Utah said Monday. “This is going to be a tough, tough time.”

Senate Republican leaders aren’t counting on any Democrats for a floor vote that could come Thursday or Friday — but that means they can afford to lose only two members of their own party. Here are the eight GOP senators most likely to decide the tax bill’s fate.

Corker, the retiring Tennessee Republican has staked a hard line against letting tax legislation add to federal deficits — saying that a single penny of new deficits would lose his vote. It turns out the Senate bill would add $1.4 trillion to the deficit over 10 years — at least before accounting for any economic growth — according to a Congressional Budget Office report released Sunday.

“The bill’s supporters say it’ll boost economic growth enough to cover that shortfall, but Corker says he’s not satisfied. He wants a backstop mechanism — essentially a tax-increase trigger that would raise revenue in case the promised growth doesn’t result. Arizona’s Flake and Oklahoma’s Lankford also support that kind of trigger. . .

“(Ron) Johnson became the first Republican senator to come out against the bill, and his vote remains up in the air. His concern? The legislation gives an advantage to large corporations at the expense of “pass-through” businesses, like the plastics company he used to run before his election to the Senate in 2010.

“(Steve) Daines, a Montana Republican, joined Johnson Monday in opposing the bill as written, and for the same reason. An aide said Daines remains optimistic the legislation will change enough to win his vote.

“(Susan Collins) The moderate from Maine is the only Republican senator from a reliably Democratic-leaning state, and as such she’s always a difficult vote for party leaders. While Collins was initially warm to the tax bill, she has turned sour after party leaders opted to add repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate to help limit deficits.

“Collins said it’s a mistake to ax the mandate in tax legislation, fearing that it’ll cause healthy people to drop their coverage and drive premiums higher for others — the same reason she cast a pivotal vote to block an Obamacare repeal bill in July. “I hope that will be dropped,” she said recently.

“But eliminating the mandate is estimated to save the federal government more than $300 billion over 10 years — savings that would result from less demand for federal health-coverage subsidies. Some GOP leaders dispute that estimate, even though their tax bill depends on it to stay within budget rules.

“John McCain –“. . .McCain has a mixed record on tax cuts, voting against measures in 2001 and 2003. The top legislative priority of the Arizona Republican, who is 81 and fighting brain cancer, is to boost military spending. His vote on the tax bill could be in peril if he believes the $1.4 trillion in new deficits would put downward pressure on Pentagon funding. . .

Jerry Moran “, , , “The issue of tax cuts would be easier if you actually had faith that Congress would hold the line on spending. It’s two components. It’s how much revenue you take in and how much money you continue to spend.”

“Overall, Moran remained circumspect about the legislation, saying the goal must be to find tax cuts that grow the economy without raising the debt.  . .”



Ellsworth is a Republican who voted for Kasich but “At the time of her entrance into the 2018 election, Ellsworth was a partner at Jones Day, where she was the firm’s first-ever partner-in-charge of global community service initiatives. Before accepting that position in 2015, Ellsworth spent 12 years running Jones Day’s Pittsburgh office. Ellsworth’s other professional experience includes time spent leading the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, and the United Way Women’s Leadership Council. In 2013 and 2014, Ellsworth served on the local rules advisory committee and co-chaired the federal judicial selection committee for the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

B.A. – Princeton University (1980)

J.D. – University of Pittsburgh (1983)”

Lots more at

Chris Stigall recently interviewed her on WPHT: She challenged the premise that PA must live off of gambling, booze, and butts. She is an advocate for energy development and mentioned that PA is richer in fuel than Saudi Arabia. The shale that puts ruts in Royersford streets hints that you could drop a vertical pipe anywhere in town and make money.

I was impressed . . .



“Hwasong-15 missile ‘went higher, frankly, than any previous shots,’ U.S. Defense Secretary warns.

“The new ICBM, launched after a more than two month missile test hiatus, reached an altitude of roughly 4,475 km (2,780 miles) and traveled 950 km (590 miles) during its 53-minute flight.

An official statement released by Pyongyang indicated that the missile, capable of delivering a “super large heavy-warhead,” brings North Korea to its goal “of the completion of the rocket weaponry system development set by the DPRK.”

“After watching the successful launch of the new type ICBM Hwasong-15, Kim Jong Un declared with pride that now we have finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, the cause of building a rocket power,” the statement, read on state-run broadcaster KCTV, said. . .”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile”

“Well, US experts did warn that North Korea could conduct another missile test “within days”, and for once, US experts were right, because moments ago Yonhap reported citing South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, that after a two and a half month hiatus, North Korea has fired a ballistic missile, the first such launch since September 15.

“According to the report, the missile flew eastward and the South Korean military is analyzing details with the U.S., it said. Japan’s coast guard confirmed in an email that North Korea fired a missile, which fell in the sea near Japan. The Japanese cabinet office said that the N. Korea missile could land in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, and thus be seen as an act of aggression.

“The missile has not been identified, though the US government has confirmed the launch.

“The launch marks the first time North Korean has provoked the US and regional nations since US President Donald Trump labelled Pyongyang a state sponsor of terrorism.

“Seoul’s military has been “closely monitoring” and “tracking possible North Korean provocations” with US partners, a spokesman for the army said Tuesday.

“As a reminder, yesterday Japanese officials noticed an increase in radioactivity data suggesting another missile test might be imminent. “North Korea might launch a missile within the next few days,” a Japanese government official told local media.

“This may be just the first of several launches: The US and South Korean militaries are slated to hold large scale military drills from December 4 through December 8. a move which will further infuriate Pyongyang. . The drills will feature more than 230 allied aircraft swarming around the Korean peninsula. . .”

James O’Keefe, Veritas: WaPo

“The Washington Post’s motto is ‘democracy dies in darkness.’
“But, from our team’s investigation, it’s clear that “democracy dies” at places like the Washington Post–when the mainstream media abandons its commitment to the truth.
“In this latest video, Project Veritas exposes the lengths that The Post, their billionaire owner, and their team of editorial staff will go to push their own radical point-of-view. And why it’s more important than ever that we hold them accountable.
Watch the latest chapter in Project Veritas’s investigation into the mainstream media now — you’ll be stunned with what’s going on! . .

Rich Lowry, NRO: “John Conyers Is the Albatross that Democrats Deserve”

“Nancy Pelosi wasn’t able to summon any dudgeon, let alone high dudgeon, about Conyers. There are sexual harassers, and then there is John Conyers, the Democrat from Detroit who made his congressional office an adjunct of his libido.

“The evidence suggests that Conyers believed that as a 27-term congressman, he was entitled to the Washington, D.C., equivalent of the Ottoman imperial harem.

“He routinely hit on his female staffers, and his office was a den of sexual intrigue — allegedly featuring a jealous wife and a vindictive mistress — that properly belongs in a Bravo reality show if the network ever extends its franchise to Capitol Hill.
“A political party is rarely provided an easier test case for its bona fides. Conyers is an 88-year-old man who finds it increasingly difficult to carry out his duties. He holds an exceedingly safe seat that, should he resign, will be taken over by another reliably progressive Democrat. In this case, the political cost to the party of showing that it’s serious about “zero tolerance” for sexual harassment is almost nil. . .”

Matthew Shaer, NYT: “How Far Will Sean Hannity Go?

“The Fox News host is willing to defend Trump at all costs — and is reaching more than 13 million people a day

“. . . “I realized early on that there’s no other Sean Hannity than the one you see on television,” Rivera told me. “He’s a fire-breather who breathes fire all day and then sits down and has a drink.” Rivera recalled the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape last year, in which Trump bragged of grabbing women by their genitals. At the time, many political commentators on the right were treating the video as fatal to Trump’s presidential bid; a handful of party figures called on Trump to step aside and put his running mate, Mike Pence, on the top of the ticket. Hannity went in the opposite direction, allowing that what he called the “locker room” comments were wrong, but framing the tape as a politically motivated distraction. “King David had 500 concubines, for crying out loud!” he joked to one panelist. Later, he suggested on Twitter that it was Bill Clinton who should be investigated for sexual misconduct.

It was a pivotal moment for Hannity and for Trump, and it sealed the bond between the two men. “If you look back at those traumas,” Rivera told me, “you’ll see that Hannity steadied the whole of conservative politics during those crucial times. And I think he plays much the same role now. He’s firm in his support of the president, and woe unto you if you don’t see things the same way. He’s a shield.”

Breitbart Jerusalem: “Israeli Navy Ship-Based Iron Dome Ready to Destroy Enemy Missiles”

The Times of Israel reports: A year and a half after its first naval test, Israel’s Iron Dome system was declared fully operational for use on a gunship off Israel’s coasts Monday, in what the military described as a “significant milestone” in its efforts to counter the threat of ballistic missiles.

The maritime interception system, designed to protect Israel’s gas fields and shipping lanes from short-range missiles, “added another operational layer” to Israel’s multi-tiered air defenses, joining the long-range Arrow 3 system and mid-range David’s Sling, which were each made operational earlier this year, said Brig. Gen. Tzvika Haimovitch, the head of the IAF’s Aerial Defense Command.

The so-called “Iron Dome of the Sea” was a multi-year joint collaboration between the Israeli Air Force and the Israeli Navy.

Read more here.


Sean Hannity: “Let There Be Light” Theater list at

Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (11-28-17)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, we watch as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi do their act and decide not join a meeting with President Trump. The meeting was for them to come up with a temporary budget to prevent the government from shutting down. Democrats are saying either you heed our demands or else. We have massive debt that becomes bigger and bigger, yet all we hear from Republicans and Democrats is class warfare propaganda. We have an underlying problem with federal spending and you have people talking about new infrastructure programs, family leave and free college.

“These programs will destroy the civil society. There was a time when taxes were used to pay the political costs of government. Now the left uses taxes to pay for left wing experiments and redistribution. If the debt is left unchecked, eventually it will be unable to be controlled and will be much larger than the economy. The debt, federal expenditures on entitlements and student loans will consume the economy. This will doom America’s children and grandchildren if not dealt with. These fights over tax cuts and budgets are going to get worse and worse.

“It is not chiseled in stone that American society will be here forever, just look at Rome and Athens, which are no longer here. It is crucial that we understand our beliefs and values and that we defend our institutions.

“Finally, we need to take the same general actions that Ronald Reagan took to defeat the Soviet Union to contain and defeat North Korea. To contain North Korea, China must be contained as well. This is why we need to provide more funds for the military, give South Korea and Japan nukes and put a permanent carrier fleet in the South China Sea.”

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Dead Cats: CyberDay, 11/27/17, (28)36: James Brody

Herman – Woody Wilson’s Ghost.

SLEEZE: Wilkinson – 28 open Hollywood investigations; USA Today – Weinstein mess; Klein – Moore’s violent accuser; Drudge Links 11-27-17.

HEALTH CARE – Hannity sites.

LEADS: TASS – NKor Apocalypse; Smith – OPEC’s clash w US; Bastasch – 30 years of alarmist choirs; Stambouli – Immigrant waves/Greek islands; Willman – Mueller’s fumbles; Reynolds – Slave marts in Tripoli.

RECOMMENDED: Hannity – Theater lists; Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-24-17)

Arthur Herman, NRO: “Trump Banishes Woodrow Wilson’s Ghost”

“One hundred years ago, on November 30, 1917, the U.S. 42nd Infantry Division arrived in France led by their chief of staff, a young lieutenant colonel named Douglas MacArthur. Their arrival was proof that America’s entry into World War I would mark a turning point not only in that war, but in world history, with the emergence of the U.S. as a global superpower.

“Now a century later, we are coming to the end of that era — not as a global superpower, but as a superpower harnessed to the mission President Woodrow Wilson set for it at the time. When he called on Congress to declare war on Germany earlier that April, he laid out the goal: to make the world safe for democracy and fight the war that would end all wars. In his address to Congress, he said:

‘It is a fearful thing to lead this great powerful people to war, into the most terrible and disastrous of all wars, civilization itself seeming to be in the balance. But the right is more precious than peace, and we shall fight for the things which we have already carried nearest our hearts — for democracy, for the right of those who submit to authority to have a voice in their own government, for the rights and liberties of small nations, for a universal dominion of right by which a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself at last free.’

“That was quite a burden for Americans to assume in 1917, but Wilson himself had no doubt that it was put there not by him, but by our own moral destiny. “We set this Nation up to make men free,” Wilson declared later. “And we did not confine our conception and purpose to America, and now we will make men free.” And every president since — from FDR and Truman to Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama — has had to grapple with the ghost of Woodrow Wilson and his legacy of high-minded idealism and universal mission.

“That is, until now. With Donald Trump, we finally come to the end of Wilson’s legacy, for good or ill. A year after his election, it’s clear that Trump sees a very different mission for the United States and a very different way to use American power — to advance American interests, not humanity’s. . .”



James Wilkinson, UK Daily Mail: ‘We’re not finished yet’: LAPD predicts even bigger name stars will face sex-crime probes as it reveals there are 28 open investigations linked to Hollywood”

  • LAPD now has two teams of detectives working alleged sex crimes on its books
  • It says it’s also passed on 37 Hollywood sex crime reports to other jurisdictions
  • And police chief Charlie Beck says that many more are expected to come
  • He’s also hired cold case experts to help deal with historical accusations 
  • Beck has promised to treat everyone who comes forward seriously

USA Today: “Weinstein aftermath: All the men accused of sexual misconduct”

Only Sixteen made the list!

“Since the allegations of sexual abuse by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced on Oct. 5, women have been stepping forward to publicly share their stories of sexual misconduct.

Although many of the accusations originally focused on Hollywood, men across industries including tech, business, politics and media are facing consequences for claims ranging from sexual harassment to rape.

Below is a list (organized alphabetically) of powerful men who have been accused since the Weinstein scandal broke . . .”

Aaron Klein, Breitbart: “Court Documents: Roy Moore Accuser Has ‘Violent Nature,’ History of Criminal Fraud against Own Family”

Birmingham, ALABAMA — Court documents related to Tina Johnson, an Alabama woman who claims that Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore groped her in his office decades ago, may raise questions about Johnson’s motives in making the accusation.

The documents, reviewed by Breitbart News, show that Moore represented Johnson’s mother in a nasty custody case for Johnson’s then 12-year-old son, Daniel Sitz. In the case, Johnson was repeatedly painted by Moore’s client as an unfit, absent, and unstable mother and was accused of taking her son from his elementary school against his will. Johnson’s mother was ultimately awarded custody in the case.

One affidavit signed by Johnson’s mother while she was represented by Moore accused Johnson of having a “violent nature” and noted that she “has been treated by a psychiatrist when she was approximately 15 years of age.” Johnson was a teenage mother.

Separate criminal documents show that, as late as 2010, Johnson was arrested and pled guilty to felony fraud charges related to checks belonging to a family member. She also entered a court drug program.

Speaking to, Johnson first went public with the claim that Moore groped her when she was “on legal business with her mother” in 1991. The website noted that “Johnson reached out to” to discuss her alleged experience with Moore.

Drudge Links 11-27-17

Conyers steps down from committee leadership position amid harassment claims…
Franken embarrassed, ashamed, and back to work…
More accusations coming?
Congress under pressure to act fast… 


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.



HT InfoWars . . .

“Moscow slams US military drills in the region

“An apocalyptic scenario of developments on the Korean Peninsula is possible, but Russia hopes that a common sense would prevail among the involved parties, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said on Monday.

“A scenario of the apocalyptic development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula exists and we cannot turn our blind eye to it,” Morgulov said speaking at the opening of the eighth annual Asian Conference of the Valdai discussion club in Seoul.

“I hope that a common sense, pragmatism and an instinct of self-preservation would prevail among our partners to exclude such negative scenario,” the Russian diplomat said. . .”

Grant Smith, Bloomberg: “OPEC’s Clash with U.S. Oil Is Nearing Its Day of Reckoning”

“. . .The U.S. shale revolution is on course to be the greatest oil and gas boom in history, turning a nation once at the mercy of foreign imports into a global player. That seismic shift shattered the dominance of Saudi Arabia and the OPEC cartel, forcing them into an alliance with long-time rival Russia to keep a grip on world markets.

“So far, it’s worked — global oil stockpiles are draining and prices are near two-year highs. But as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia prepare to meet in Vienna this week to extend production cuts, ministers have little idea how U.S. shale production will respond in 2018.

“The production cuts are effective — it was absolutely the right decision, and the fact of striking a deal with Russia was crucial,” said Paolo Scaroni, vice-chairman of NM Rothschild & Sons and former chief executive officer of Italian oil giant Eni SpA. Nonetheless, ‘OPEC has not the same power. The U.S. becoming the biggest producer of oil in the world is a dramatic change.’. . .”

Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller: “After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting a Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’”

“For at least three decades scientists and environmental activists have been warning that the world is on the verge of a global warming “apocalypse” that will flood coastal cities, tear up roads and bridges with mega-storms and bring widespread famine and misery to much of the world.

“The only solution, they say, is to rid the world of fossil fuels — coal, natural gas and oil — that serve as the pillars of modern society. Only quick, decisive global action can avert the worst effects of manmade climate change, warn international bodies like the United Nations, who say we only have decades left — or even less!

“Of course, human civilization has not collapsed, despite decades of predictions that we only have years left to avert disaster. Ten years ago, the U.N. predicted we only had “as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global average rise of 2C or more.”

“This failed prediction, however, has not stopped the U.N. and others from issuing more apocalyptic statements.

“To celebrate nearly three decades of dire predictions, The Daily Caller News Foundation put together this list of some of the most severe doomsday prophecies made by scientists, activists and politicians . . .”

Nektaria Stamouli, WSJ:

Surge in Migrants Creates Abysmal Conditions on Greek Islands”

“Refugees complain about flooding, fighting and rats at reception centers; ‘I hate Europe’

“. . .Greece’s migration crisis has faded somewhat from view since a March 2016 pact between the European Union and Turkey stanched the enormous flows of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea.

“But a surge in recent months has created abysmal conditions here, sparking accusations that EU and Greek authorities are leaving thousands of migrants exposed to disease, cold weather and violence as a deterrent to other would-be refugees. Earlier this fall, 200 people were crossing to the Greek islands of Samos, Chios, Lesbos, Leros and Kos daily, a fourfold increase over the spring. Arrivals have declined in recent weeks but remain high despite the worsening weather.

“The EU-Turkey deal incorporates strong elements of deterrence,” said Gabriel Sakellaridis, head of Greek operations for Amnesty International. “No political considerations should tramp upon human rights like that.”

“The Greek government and EU officials have said they are accelerating their efforts to offer more appropriate accommodation for the migrants. . .”


David Willman, LA Times: “Special counsel Robert Mueller stands on reputation that belies a record including fumbles”

“When he was named special counsel in May, Robert S. Mueller III was hailed as the ideal lawman — deeply experienced, strait-laced and nonpartisan — to investigate whether President Trump’s campaign had helped with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“The accolades squared with Mueller’s valor as a Marine rifle platoon commander in Vietnam and his integrity as a federal prosecutor, senior Justice Department official and FBI director from 2001 to 2013 — the longest tenure since J. Edgar Hoover’s. He was praised by former courtroom allies and opponents, and by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

“But at 73, Mueller has a record that shows a man of fallible judgment who can be slow to alter his chosen course. At times, he has intimidated or provoked resentment among subordinates. And his tenacious yet linear approach to evaluating evidence led him to fumble the biggest U.S. terrorism investigation since 9/11.

“Now, as he leads a sprawling investigation aimed at the White House, Mueller’s prosecutorial discretion looms over the Trump presidency. . .”

Glenn Reynolds, USA Today: Africans are being sold at Libyan slave markets. Thanks, Hillary Clinton.”

“’We came, we saw, he died,’ she joked. But overthrowing Gadhafi was a humanitarian and strategic debacle that now limits our options on North Korea.

“Black Africans are being sold in open-air slave markets right now, and it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault. But you won’t hear much about that from the press or the foreign-policy pundits, so let me explain.

“Footage from Libya, released last week by CNN, showed young men from sub-Saharan Africa being auctioned off as farm workers in slave markets.

“And how did we get to this point? As the BBC reported back in May, “Libya has been beset by chaos since NATO-backed forces overthrew long-serving ruler Col. Moammar Gadhafi in Oct. 2011.”

“And who was behind that overthrow? None other than then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Under former president George W. Bush in 2003, the United States negotiated an agreement with Libyan strongman Gadhafi. The deal: He would give up his weapons of mass destruction peacefully, and we wouldn’t try to depose him.

“That seemed like a good deal at the time, but the Obama administration didn’t stick to it. Instead, in an operation spearheaded by Clinton, the United States went ahead and toppled him anyway.

“The overthrow turned out to be a debacle. Libya exploded into chaos and civil war and refugees flooded Europe, destabilizing governments there. But at the time, Clinton thought it was a great triumph — “we came, we saw, he died,” she joked about Gadhafi’s overthrow — and her adviser Sidney Blumenthal encouraged her to tout her “successful strategy” to the press as evidence of her fitness for the highest office in the land.

“It’s surprising the extent to which Clinton has gotten a pass for this debacle . . “


Sean Hannity: “Let There Be Light” Theater list at

Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (11-24-17)

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review, fills in for Mark. George Soros is a far left billionaire who supports a lot of groups that are for big government and advocates for higher taxes. Soros is taking 18 billion dollars and moving it into a foundation that is nonprofit. Moving a fund into a foundation that is nontaxable is not illegal. However, it is ironic that Soros wants to portray to the rest of us that paying higher taxes is a force for public good, while he tries to avoid those same taxes. Why don’t liberals go out and pay taxes voluntarily? However it’s not just Soros, but other liberals who behave in a hypocritical manner as well. They should insert a high rate optional tax so liberals could volunteer to pay the higher rates.

“Later, recently, a North Korean soldier escaped to South Korea across the DMZ. This is why we should be thankful for economic liberty and that our country is not communist. We still live in the greatest country in world despite eight years of Barack Obama.

“In addition, why are people being suckered by net neutrality? Net neutrality is a scam so big that it confuses people. It is based on the faulty premise that the prioritization of web traffic is a problem that is going to be solved by government. Ultimately, net neutrality is a price control on internet services. When the government puts a cap like this then demand goes through the roof and supply falls. Liberals and some conservatives have a hard time understanding this.”

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Dead Cats: Holodomor, 11/24/17, (28)35: James Brody

HOLODOMOR, Hanson – China’s new greatness.

SLEEZE: McLeod – Congressional secret complaint can; Prakash – Many women.

HEALTH CARE – Hannity sites.

LEADS: Snyder – Homelessness; Durden – PornHub opens in NYC; Huckabee – A warm safe home for Lerner; Bruce – Liberal ruse of feminism; Moore – Soros tax free; Bloomberg – Make/break for tax  plan.

RECOMMENDED: Hannity – Theater lists; Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-21-17)


“Ukrainians remember their genocidal mass starvation – the Holodomor – starvation imposed by Stalinists in 1932-1933. Carts took the first harvest away from the peasants and carried it to Russia. Wikipedia reports estimates that 1.8-12 million peasants died. A Day of Remembrance is held on the fourth Saturday in November when people light candles and march through the town square and on Khreshchatyk Street. . . .

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO:  “China’s New Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”

“  . . . A few weeks ago, Chinese president Xi Jinping offered a Soviet-style five-year plan for China’s progress at the Communist Party congress in Beijing. Despite his talk of global cooperation, the themes were familiar socialist boilerplate about Chinese economic and military superiority to come.

“Implicit in the 205-minute harangue were echoes of the themes of the 1930s: A rising new Asian power would protect the region and replace declining Western influence.
President Xi promised that the Chinese patronage offered a new option for his neighbors “to speed up their development while preserving their independence.”

“Sound familiar?. . .”


Paul McLeod, Buzzfeed: “Support for a Bill to Overhaul Secretive Complaints System Grows After Conyers Settlement Was Revealed”

“. . . After BuzzFeed News revealed a secret settlement of a sexual harassment complaint against Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a small rush of members signed up to cosponsor the Member and Employee Training and Oversight On Congress Act (dubbed the ME TOO Act) to make significant reforms to the complaint process. The bill, introduced by Rep. Jackie Speier, now has 11 bipartisan cosponsors, six of whom signed the day after the Conyers revelations broke.

Congress does not have an HR department. Instead there is the Office of Compliance, which handles complaints from the 30,000 legislative branch employees across the country. The OOC has paid out $17 million across 264 claims over the past two decades, all while keeping the details of the complaints and identities of the accused secret.

Currently, an employee who wants to file a formal complaint must first sign a confidentiality agreement. Then they must go through 60 days of mandatory mediation and a 30-day “cooling off period” — a total of 90 days that a victim would potentially have to continue working with their harasser before they can launch a formal complaint.

The complainant can then opt to pursue a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement. While harassers are defended for free by taxpayer-funded lawyers, accusers must go in without representation or pay for their own lawyers out of pocket.

An employee who launched a complaint against Conyers said she felt “blackballed” by the process and believed “there was nowhere I could go.”

The bill would make counseling and mediation optional, rather than mandatory, before filing a complaint or lawsuit. It would designate a person in the process to serve as “victim’s counsel” to provide legal advice and representation to complainants.

The bill would also remove the signing of nondisclosure agreements as a condition of filing a complaint. The parties could still agree to sign nondisclosure agreements as part of a final settlement.

Also – Nidhi Prakash, Buzzfeed: “Many Women”

“ . . .in a statement to the Minnesota Star Tribune on Thursday, Franken went further, acknowledging his behavior had crossed a line for “too many” women :



Valerie Edwards, UK Daily Mail: “Black Friday mayhem: One shot outside Missouri mall as brawls close Alabama shopping center after stores open their doors early (with experts predicting Americans will splash out $20BILLION over the weekend)
·  One person was shot outside a Missouri mall as hoards of shoppers fought each other for Black Friday deals 

  • A brawl broke out in an Alabama mall leaving medics to attend to an injured man as the store shut its doors 
  • Stores across the US opened their doors early to thousands of bargain hunters at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day
  • Shoppers have braved cold weather to stand in line but others skipped lines by dressing as store employees 
  • Estimated 164 million people are planning to shop or are considering shopping during Thanksgiving weekend
  • Of those considering shopping a survey found that 32 million plan to shop on Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday will remain the busiest day with 115 million shoppers descending on US stores, the survey shows
  • Consumers said they will spend an average $967.13 this year, according to Prosper Insights & Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics projects between Thanksgiving Day & Cyber Monday sales will likely hit $19.7 billion”

RECOMMENDED: Hannity – Theater lists; Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-23-17)




Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse: “As America Gives Thanks, Homelessness Continues To Set New Records In Major Cities All Over The Nation”

HT InfoWars!

If the economy is doing just fine, then why is homelessness at levels not seen “since the Great Depression” in major cities all over the country?  If the U.S. economy was actually in good shape, we would expect that the number of people that are homeless would be going down or at least stabilizing.  Instead, we have a growing national crisis on our hands.  In fact, within the past two years “at least 10 cities or municipal regions in California, Oregon and Washington” have declared a state of emergency because the number of homeless is growing so rapidly.

Things are particularly bad in southern California, and this year the Midnight Mission will literally be feeding a small army of people that have nowhere to sleep at night…

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “PornHub Erects Its First Physical Retail Store In New York City”

“Pornhub, known as “the premiere online destination for adult entertainment”, has just erected its first ever retail store in New York City for the holidays. The store will sell limited edition Pornhub clothing, gear and premium sex toys.

“The porn shop, located in SoHo, Manhattan’s shopping district, is classified as a ‘pop-up store’ — this new trend in retailing is taking the industry by storm as the traditional brick-and-mortar stores fade into darkness. Pornhub’s most popular stars, including Asa Akira and Dani Daniels will open the store on Black Friday (today) and close down on December 20. . .”

Mike Huckabee, The Hill: “Let’s give Lois Lerner a taxpayer-funded home where she’s safe”

“. . . When a powerful arm of the federal government uses its almost unlimited power and budget to target an enemy and shut down that citizen’s First Amendment right of free speech or freedom of religion or association, it IS censorship, but it’s much more. It’s jack-booted bureaucrats run amok and it’s an abuse of power far more frightening than anything Richard Nixon ever did or was accused of. Even Nixon was ultimately held accountable, resigned in disgrace and, notwithstanding a pardon by his successor, may have been prosecuted for obstruction of justice and abuse of power.

“Lois Lerner and Associates joked about the stonewalling of IRS applications from groups they hated, then clammed up and claimed the Fifth Amendment before Congress, which had every right to demand an explanation of why government goons figuratively “broke the legs” of groups who were conservative, Christian, pro-life, pro-marriage or pro-Israel. The recent settlement of $3.5 million in a class-action suit filed by Tea Party groups due to the IRS’s bullying activities wasn’t paid out of Lois Lerner’s ample retirement fund that the taxpayers provide. You paid it. I paid it. And I’m seething over it! . .”

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times: “The liberal ruse of feminism”

“Charlie Rose, formerly of PBS and CBS. Glenn Thrush of The New York Times. The collapse of the liberal establishment Masters of the Universe continues. Yet for some reason, the Democratic and liberal establishment think now is the time to condemn … Bill Clinton.

During this 25th anniversary of the year Mr. Clinton was elected to the presidency, various Democratic women leaders and pundits have declared him a very bad man and say he should have resigned after the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

“Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York, told The New York Times exactly that, noting, ‘Things have changed today, and I think under those circumstances there should be a very different reaction.’

“Strange. With the exception of the Democratic Party establishment, liberal activists and the Clinton mafia, everyone else understood, at the actual time, that Mr. Clinton was unfit and a predator. The only thing that has changed for liberals is being caught as enablers and hypocrites. . .”

Stephen Moore, WSJ: “George Soros’s $18 Billion Tax Shelter”

“The wealthy have tucked billions into private nonprofits—where the IRS can’t touch it.

“True tax reform is predicated on the principle that all income should be taxed at a low rate once, and only once. But much of the wealth that Mr. Soros spent years moving into his Open Society Foundations will never be taxed. A gift of billions of dollars of appreciated stock escapes any capital gains tax, and the estate tax as well. So Mr. Soros can donate appreciated stock that Open Society Foundations can liquidate without the government ever taking a cut.

“There’s more. When a person donates untaxed, appreciated assets to a private foundation, he may also deduct up to 20% of its market value on his personal return, carrying forward this deduction for five years. This double write-off may be the sweetest deal in the tax code.

“The donors also can retain control of the money within the private foundation for years or even decades before it is disbursed. Since the foundation can employ family members at six-figure salaries for life to “administer” it, the umbilical cord to the donor never has to be cut.

“Congress should stop ignoring this tax-avoidance scheme. . .”

Bloomberg: “The GOP Tax Plan Is Entering Its Make-or-Break Week”

  • Concerns over business income and deficit effects top agenda
  • Senate leaders plan to hold a floor vote as early as Thursday

“. . .Senate Republican leaders plan a make-or-break floor vote on their bill as soon as Thursday — a dramatic moment that will come only after a marathon debate that could go all night. Democrats are expected to try to delay or derail the measure, and the GOP must hold together at least 50 votes from its thin, 52-vote majority in order to prevail.

“Their chances improved this week when Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said she’ll support repealing the “individual mandate” imposed by Obamacare — a provision that Senate tax writers are counting on to help finance the tax cuts. Murkowski had earlier signaled some reservations about the provision; and her support was widely viewed as a positive sign for the tax bill’s chances.

“If the bill clears the Senate — a step that’s by no means guaranteed — lawmakers in both chambers would have to hammer out a compromise between their differing bills, a process that presents potential pitfalls of its own. For now, though, much of the Senate’s attention will focus on its legislation’s price tag.

“Three GOP senators — Bob Corker of Tennessee, Jeff Flake of Arizona and James Lankford of Oklahoma — have cited concerns about how the measure would affect federal deficits. Independent studies of the legislation have found that — contrary to its backers’ arguments — its tax cuts won’t stimulate enough growth to pay for themselves. Both the Senate bill, and one that cleared the House earlier this month, would reduce federal revenue over a decade by roughly $1.4 trillion, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

“On Wednesday, a report from the Penn Wharton Budget Model at the University of Pennsylvania said the bill would reduce federal revenue in each year from 2028 to 2033. That finding would mean it doesn’t comply with a key budget rule that Senate Republican leaders want to use to pass their bill with a simple majority over Democrats’ objections. . .”


Sean Hannity: “Let There Be Light” Theater list at

Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (11-23-17)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, we bring you the Best of Mark Levin on Thanksgiving Day! We have an photo of Sen Al Franken actually harassing a women, yet the left including Sen Kirsten Gillibrand prefers to talk about President Trump and Bill Clinton. Gillibrand is the worst of the worst, because she is using sexual harassment in a partisan and political manner. She should name names of people in Congress who are engaging in sexual harassment, yet she names Trump who has nothing to do with this. Gillibrand is saying Bill Clinton should have resigned over Monica Lewinsky yet Clinton endorsed fund-raised for her last year.

“Also, Democrats are responding quite differently in the case of Al Franken than in the case of Roy Moore. Why are they calling for an ethics investigation and gong to the Senate Ethics Committee? Because that is where they go to kill off matters. The Democrats are kicking this down the road with the help of Mitch McConnell and Republicans. The public will then forget the matter and Franken will be able to run for re-election. Not a single member of US Senate has introduced a resolution that Al Franken be expelled. Where is Cory Gardner who called for expelling Roy Moore if he was to be elected? Franken should resign or be expelled.

“Also, we have 5 articles of impeachment against President Trump introduced by House Democrats. Rep Steve Cohen and others involved, are doing this to activate the Democrat base in order to take the House in 2018 so they can impeach Trump. Trump hasn’t even come close to obstruction of justice or violating the Emoluments Clause. They are more worried about foreign officials staying at a Trump hotel and eating dinner there than Hillary Clinton giving away 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia. Finally, what will America become in 50 years? What will it hold for our children and grandchildren? These are some questions that are answered with the help of Rediscovering Americanism.”

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Dead Cats: Give/Receive, 11/22/17, (28)34: James Brody

Salam – Distorted History.

HEALTH CARE: Vernon – Sick American Seniors; Hannity – Josh Umber Sites.

MOORE SLEEZE: Easely – Political media flawed; Grove – Rose hammered; DC Examiner – Cynical politics.     

LEADS: Collins – Who watches you type?; Hanson – Deplorabilism?

PA TAXES: McCrystal – Property taxes to stay.

RECOMMENDED: Hannity – Theater lists; Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-21-17)


Maya Salam, NYT: “Most Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving Is Wrong”

Damned liberals ruin everything! Happy Thanksgiving!

“. . . The Mayflower did bring the Pilgrims to North America from Plymouth, England, in 1620, and they disembarked at what is now Plymouth, Mass., where they set up a colony. In 1621, they celebrated a successful harvest with a three-day gathering that was attended by members of the Wampanoag tribe. It’s from this that we derive Thanksgiving as we know it.

But it wasn’t until the 1830s that this event was called the first Thanksgiving by New Englanders who looked back and thought it resembled their version of the holiday, said Kate Sheehan, a spokeswoman for Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum in Plymouth.

“The holiday wasn’t made official until 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln declared it as a kind of thank you for the Civil War victories in Vicksburg, Miss., and Gettysburg, Pa.

‘Beyond that, claiming it was the ‘first Thanksgiving’ isn’t quite right either as both Native American and European societies had been holding festivals to celebrate successful harvests for centuries, Mr. Loewen said.

“A prevalent opposing viewpoint is that the first Thanksgiving stemmed from the massacre of Pequot people in 1637, a culmination of the Pequot War. While it is true that a day of thanksgiving was noted in the Massachusetts Bay and the Plymouth colonies afterward, it is not accurate to say it was the basis for our modern Thanksgiving, Ms. Sheehan said.

“And Plymouth, Mr. Loewen noted, was already a village with clear fields and a spring when the Pilgrims found it. ‘A lovely place to settle,’ he said. ‘Why was it available? Because every single native person who had been living there was a corpse.’ Plagues had wiped them out. .”


Steve Vernon, Moneywatch: “American seniors are sicker than global peers”

“Here are some key findings from the survey conducted by The Commonwealth Fund:

  • More than one in three older Americans (36 percent) report having three or more chronic conditions. The next-sickest nation, Canada, is significantly healthier, with just close to one in four Canadians reporting have three or more chronic conditions. The healthiest nation was New Zealand, with only 13 percent of older Kiwis reporting the same.
  • Nearly one in four older Americans (23 percent) report that in the past year, they hadn’t visited a doctor when sick, had skipped a recommended test or treatment, hadn’t filled a prescription or had skipped medication doses, all because of the cost. The US is far worse than other nations in this area: 5 percent or fewer respondents reported these cost barriers in France, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
  • The US is an outlier on out-of-pocket expenses, with 22 percent of American respondents reporting they had spent $2,000 or more for medical care in the past year. In all other countries except Switzerland, fewer than 10 percent of older adults spent that much.

“Several reasons are behind these discouraging results, including:

  • Medicare has much higher deductibles and co-payments compared to health insurance plans in other nations.
  • Older Americans pay far higher amounts for prescription drugs than seniors in other nations, partly due to Medicare’s restriction on negotiating prices with pharmaceutical companies.
  • Americans have much higher rates of obesity compared to other nations, resulting from lack of exercise and eating too much unhealthy food. . .”

Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


Call Oprah!

Jonathan Easely, The Hill: “Political media engulfed by sexual harassment crisis”

How will we live without them?

“A wave of sexual harassment allegations is ripping through the White House press corps and broadcast networks, forcing a reckoning on sexism and power dynamics inside newsrooms at a time when the media’s credibility is already under attack.
“The list of men in political media accused of sexual misconduct is long and growing by the day.
“Glenn Thrush of The New York Times, Charlie Rose of CBS, author Mark Halperin, NBC’s Matthew Zimmerman, NPR’s Michael Oreskes, Vox’s Lockhart Steele, the New Republic’s Hamilton Fish and the Atlantic’s Leon Wieseltier have all been suspended or fired in the last month over varying degrees of alleged harassment or assault.
“New allegations are coming out at a furious pace, in part because of the newfound willingness of news organizations to pursue and publish allegations from women who now feel emboldened to tell their stories, many of them on the record.

“Media outlets are devoting tremendous resources to investigating their colleagues and competitors. Lists are circulating in journalism circles of men suspected of misconduct. The flood of allegations about top editors, reporters and executives is expected to continue.
“The cascade of claims of misconduct has opened the media to charges of hypocrisy as it covers allegations of sexual harassment and assault from Hollywood to Capitol Hill. . .”

Lloyd Grove, Daily Beast: “Charlie Rose Gets Hammered by Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King”

“All three network morning shows led their Tuesday broadcasts with the disturbing sexual-harassment and -assault allegations against Charlie Rose, but no report on Rose’s misconduct was more complete and compelling than on CBS This Morning, where the 75-year-old television-news icon has been a co-host for the past five years.

“I have to say, Norah, I really am still reeling,” the CBS News program’s co-anchor Gayle King told colleague Norah O’Donnell after news reader Bianna Golodryga anchored a lengthy report on The Washington Post’s Monday exposé in which eight former female employees of Rose’s eponymous PBS interview show recounted behaviors ranging from groping to lewd late-night phone calls to parading naked in front of them.

“I got an hour and 42 minutes of sleep last night,” King went on. “Both my son and my daughter called me. Oprah called me and said, ‘Are you OK?’ I am not OK.”

CBS News’ response to the scandal in their midst—a model of aggressive self-reporting, without fear or favor—was in stark contrast to how Fox News and the Fox Business Network largely have given short shrift to the various sexual-misconduct scandals that resulted in the abrupt departures of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, among others.

Indeed, the CBS This Morning presentation of Rose’s alleged misdeeds—which involved women who worked for the PBS show he owns, according to the Post—was arguably tougher and more thorough than the reports of its competitors on NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America. . .”

Washington Examiner: “Al Franken, Bill Clinton, Roy Moore, and Donald Trump: Sex and cynical politics”

“. . . On the Right, we are being asked to ignore or disbelieve the many credible accusations of sexual assault and harassment leveled against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Trump. Yet the people who dismiss those allegations says it’s important, as an overriding principle, to trust women who’ve accused former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., of sexual misconduct.

“Cynicism on the Left is similar, but slightly different. Democratic lawmakers and their allies are keen to go after Trump and other Republicans over accusations of sexual harassment, but there’s a hitch. The Left has spent two decades defending and downplaying Clinton’s many sexual predations and trashing his accusers. The solution to this conundrum, which requires reconciling years of protecting a man who is probably a rapist with a desire to leverage the “Me Too” movement against Republicans, has simply been to disown the Clintons. That is an easy move now, because they are out of power with no realistic chance of regaining it.

“This is a cynicism uglier than Sean Hannity’s ham-fisted partisan loyalty, than commentator Howard Fineman saying Trump was getting his “freak on” when he invited Clinton’s accusers to a presidential debate, and also dismissing similar allegations against Franken.

“Throwing the Clintons overboard costs nothing and should be seen as a straining effort by the Left to seem ideologically consistent and morally superior.

“Hillary Clinton’s spectacular failure in the 2016 presidential election has left her family’s political influence in shambles. They’ve shuttered the Clinton Global Initiative, and donations to the Clinton Family Foundation have dried up to a trickle. The Democratic National Committee is talking about a total overhaul, and the Bernie Sanders wing of the party is ascendant.

“The Clinton star has faded, its usefulness spent. It’s safe to attack the clan. It’s expedient now, too. The Democratic Party can become yet more left-wing and finally leave the Clintons’ many scandals behind. . .”


Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Void the Non-Disclosure Agreements That Conceal Congressional Misconduct”

“They serve no legitimate purpose and function to protect wrongdoers.
“. . . Our public officials are supposed to be accountable and transparent, especially when they are expending public money. It is thus outrageous that Congress has made this cozy arrangement to sweep under the rug malfeasance by members of the club. There is no legal or policy reason to refrain from legislation that would out the lawmakers involved in misconduct settlements — regardless of the type of misconduct (I wouldn’t limit it to sexual episodes).

“To the contrary, the other parties — I prefer to describe them as ‘victims’ rather than ‘survivors’ — should be permitted to speak publicly if they wish to do so. If not, their privacy ought to be respected. We can argue about what procedures should apply in the future; but to the extent that these existing non-disclosure arrangements guarantee confidentiality, it ought to be up to the victim whether or not to remain anonymous.
“Meanwhile, the growing assumption of secrecy in government operations is very disturbing.
“It has long been clear to me, having worked in law enforcement and national security for close to 25 years, that classified intelligence and what’s known as “law-enforcement sensitive” information must be kept under wraps. Lives depend on it. I also thought complaints about the shroud under which the Trans-Pacific trade pact was being negotiated were bogus. If agreements could not be negotiated confidentially, many if not most of them would not happen. As long as the final agreement is available to be examined, there is no public ‘right to know’ the negotiating positions of governments.
“All that said, though, the law often holds that confidentiality may not be enforced against the government. People may be forced to testify before grand juries, trial courts, and congressional committees; they are compelled to report their income to the IRS and many other activities to government regulators. Private citizens do not get to withhold information from the government on the ground that it was provided under a non-disclosure agreement. (Any journalist who has been held in contempt of court for refusing to disclose a confidential source can tell you this.) So why should the government, in a matter not involving national security or public safety, be able to withhold information about the actions of public officials from the public those officials like to tell us they ‘serve’? .; . .”

Tim Collins, UK Mail: “Your every keystroke is recorded by more than 400 of the world’s most popular websites, including Spotify and Skype, to log your private data”

  • Experts found 482 of the top 50,000 websites use session replay scripts
  • Hidden strings of data are used to record everything you do while visiting a page
  • Data typed into forms on a website can be recorded even if you don’t submit it
  • The information could be used by third parties for identity theft and scams

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: “Never Mind ‘Trumpism’: What is ‘Deplorablism’?”

“. . .It is not so much an ideological or even political movement as it is a spiritual and psychological frame of mind that is fed up with hypocrisies of the proverbial establishment, bicoastal cultural elites, and the deep administrative state.

“Deplorablism, Rightly Understood
“Deplorables grew furious as amnesty Democrats and especially corporate Republicans preached about the values of open borders and unchecked illegal immigration—but never quite experienced first-hand the effects their policies had on distant others. Influential advocates of lax border security tended to put their kids in private schools, lived in mostly apartheid communities, saw illegal aliens largely as cheap labor and personal servants, did not have any personal desire to live among, befriend, tutor or mentor those they championed—and assuaged their guilt by blasting their own fellow conservative with charges of xenophobia and nativism. . .”


Laura McCrystal, “Property tax likely here to stay in Pa. Here’s why”

“It is a predictable source of revenue, less susceptible to the caprices of the economy than sales or income taxes. And efforts to move away from it bump into a reality, said Isaac Martin, a sociology professor at the University of California San Diego.

“The reason that no one has gone whole hog to get rid of the tax,” he said, “is that we need the things the tax pays for.”

The Pennsylvania referendum result has no immediate impact on taxes but it opened the door to property tax elimination, or at least an overhaul of the system. The legislature could pass a law that allows individual governments — school districts, municipalities, and counties — to exempt property owners from paying levies on their primary residences. But such a move would require further legislation to provide replacement revenue, such as increasing those sales and income taxes.

“When people are upset about property taxes, politicians tend to listen more,” said Martin, who has studied and written about revolts against the real estate levy.  “Because they’re taxes on owner-occupied homes, … they hit people who happen to be especially likely voters, and happen to be concentrated in the same electoral districts.”

Other states have seen movements to abolish property levies, but they ended up either failing or leading to changes that simply limited their use. . .”


Sean Hannity: “Let There Be Light” Theater list at

Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (11-21-17)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Life, Liberty, and Levin has a February 2018 start date on the Fox News channel hosted by Mark Levin. The hour-long program will feature in-depth and long-form interviews and powerful debate style with consequential guests covering history, philosophy, and economics. Of course, Politico takes this opportunity to pigeon hole Mark as someone who always supports President Trump’s ideas, which is not true. The writer, Jason Schwartz obviously has never listened to this show and has the facts wrong. The reporter just interviews and speaks with people who don’t know Mark or listen to him. The media seem to have it backwards because they believe in cults of personality.

“After that, John Conyers has been in Congress for almost half a century and is accused of sexual harassment. People are saying they didn’t know or hear of any sexual harassment or affairs by him. This is the code of silence in Congress because there’s no way that people in Congress didn’t know about Conyers. Democrats are just pushing this off to the House Ethics committee where the issue will sit, because they hope people will forget about it over time. Conyers has one allegation after another and does not even flat out deny it. If anyones points to any Democrat misdeed they will just point to Roy Moore or Trump. What would the media do without Roy Moore? They are focused on one state and one senate seat because that is all they got. Meanwhile they are defending Al Franken, Conyers, and Charlie Rose.

“Finally, Democrats are trying to make a public point of reckoning with Bill Clinton so they can attack Trump. Why have Democrats never had a reckoning over Ted Kennedy? The media has covered up Chappaquiddick for decades and they build him up like he is a larger-than-life figure.”

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Dead Cats: Sharon, 11/20/17, (28)33: James Brody

Brody – For Sharon. Drudge links 11-20-17.

HEALTH CARE: Hannity – Josh Umber Sites.

MOORE: Pfeiffer – Sticking with Moore; AP – Battle for our soul; Harress – War on men; Douthat – Starr was right?

TAXES: Frum – GOP throws the game.

LEADS: Ember & Vogel – Kochs buy magazines; Durden – Russian briefcases full of money; Oliphant & Chung – Roster of nominees.

RECOMMENDED: Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-17-17).


For Sharon –

In my high school senior year in northern Italy, a new junior and I were introduced. Sharon smiled, I became a scarlet mute. We later developed an informal competition: I was in the Stars and Stripes for scholastics and school service, Sharon “forgot” to get off the train for school but traveled another half hour to Venice where she drew attention from Pat Boone and his crew. I could have taken her to the prom but was too shy despite my school successes. Our paths split.

Sharon and I met again nine years later. I was in a lab at Yale studying aggression by putting microliters of glutamic acid into the hypothalamus of cats, she was in the New York Times. She, pregnant with Polanski’s baby, was killed by some friends of Charles Manson. I still think of our parallel lives and how I lived and how she, not only pregnant but married to a philanderer, died. I understand that Manson is now dead – perhaps I can forget him but never her . . .

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One of America’s most notorious killers…
Cult slayings horrified world…
Psychopathic guru…
Interview from prison…
Was serving 9 consecutive life sentences…
Tate sister says prayer for his soul… 


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.   LEADS:


Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller: “Washington Post: ‘Defiant’ Alabama Voters Are Sticking With Moore”

“Alabama Republican leaders are sticking by Senate candidate Roy Moore despite national pressure to ditch him.

The Washington Post reported Saturday that attacks on Moore from Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the media are just motivating many to double down in their support of the embattled Senate candidate.

“Alabamians will be the ultimate jury in this election, not the media or those from afar,” said Terry Lathan, the GOP state chairwoman.

A Fox News poll released Thursday showed Democratic candidate Doug Jones ahead with 50 percent and Moore at 42 percent. However, CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that voters aren’t “inclined to be completely forthright with pollsters” when a candidate has been accused of sexual misconduct with minors.

“It’s kind of like George Wallace,” Joe Fuller, a lifelong Republican official, told the Post about the infamous segregationist politician. “You either loved George Wallace, or you didn’t like him. Years ago, I never found anybody who voted for George Wallace, but he always won.”

Alabama Republicans Gov. Kay Ivey and Rep. Mo Brooks are both telling voters to go out and vote for Moore on Dec. 12 to help move forward the Republican agenda.

AP: “Moore critic: Alabama Senate race a battle for nation’s soul”

“BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A leading figure among religious liberals says the candidacy of Republican Roy Moore for U.S. Senate is a struggle for the “soul of the nation.”

The remarks Saturday by the Rev. William J. Barber come a day after a letter signed by dozens of progressive pastors in Alabama said Moore — dogged by recent allegations of inappropriate conduct toward teenage girls decades ago — is unfit to serve.

Barber, former head of the North Carolina NAACP, spoke at an anti-Moore rally at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, that drew more than 100 people. The event was in direct contrast to a news conference Thursday during which religious conservatives expressed their commitment to Moore, who describes himself as a conservative Christian who hews to family values.

Signs carried by Moore opponents at Saturday’s rally decried his opposition to gay and transgender rights. Moore was also criticized for opposing federally backed health care, assistance for the needy and more.

Barber and other speakers claimed Moore’s campaign is fueled by a perversion of Christianity linked with white supremacy, and Moore is trying to take those forces to the Senate. . .”,-divide-women

Christopher Harress, Alabama: “Some pastors stand behind Roy Moore, cite ‘war on men’”

“‘This attack on Judge Moore is an attempt by the Democrats to sway voters in Alabama,’ said Pastor David Floyd of Marvyn Parkway Baptist Church, Opelika. ‘I don’t believe those women. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty.’

“Floyd is one of around 50 pastors that signed a letter of public support for Moore in August before allegations of sexual misconduct and the dating of teens became public. Moore has denied the allegations, calling them an ‘attack on my character and reputation’ and a ‘desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the United States Senate.’

“Pastor Franklin Raddish of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries, a nationwide church, told from his South Carolina home that the spate of accusations against men in politics, Hollywood and elsewhere was a ‘war on men.’ . . .”

Ross Douthat, NYT: “What if Ken Starr Was Right?”

“. . . The sexual misconduct was the heart of things, but everything connected to Clinton’s priapism was bad: the use of the perks of office to procure women, willing and unwilling; the frequent use of that same power to buy silence and bully victims; and yes, the brazen public lies and perjury.

“Something like Troopergate, for instance, in which Arkansas state troopers claimed to have served as Clinton’s panderers and been offered jobs to buy their silence, is often recalled as just a right-wing hit job. But if you read The Los Angeles Times’s reporting on the allegations (which included phone records confirming the troopers’ account of a mistress Clinton was seeing during his presidential transition) and Stephanopoulos’s portrayal of Clinton’s behavior in the White House when the story broke, the story seems like it was probably mostly true.

“I have less confidence about what was real in the miasma of Whitewater. But with Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky, we know what happened: A president being sued for sexual harassment tried to buy off a mistress-turned-potential-witness with White House favors, and then committed perjury serious enough to merit disbarment. Which also brought forward a compelling allegation from Juanita Broaddrick that the president had raped her.

“The longer I spent with these old stories, the more I came back to a question: If exploiting a willing intern is a serious enough abuse of power to warrant resignation, why is obstructing justice in a sexual harassment case not serious enough to warrant impeachment? Especially when the behavior is part of a longstanding pattern that also may extend to rape? . . .”


“Congressional Republicans well appreciate the unpopularity of what they are doing. That’s why they are short-circuiting the traditional legislative process, bypassing hearings and other opportunities for public comment. The more the public knows, the more jeopardized their plan becomes. Since the Great Recession, the GOP has become both more extreme in its goals and more radical in its methods. Apocalyptically pessimistic in its view of the American future, it seems determined to seize for its donors and core constituencies as much as it can, as fast as it can, as ruthlessly as it can. It will then take advantage of the U.S. political system’s notorious anti-majoritarian bias in favor of the status quo to defend the grab over the next years and decades. Repeal and replace failed. The new slogan is: Rush, grab, entrench, and defend.” David Frum

David Frum, The Atlantic: “Republicans Are Throwing Away Their Shot at Tax Reform”

“There’s a manifest need to lower corporate tax rates—but instead of building consensus, the GOP is pursuing a bill that’s likely to be rolled back even if it passes.

“. . . Corporate tax reform is an argument that conservatives and Republicans could and should win. Among the advanced economies, only France—at 34.41 percent—imposes rates even close to the statutory U.S. rate, which including state-level taxes averages 38.91 percent.  OECD nations, by the same metric, average 24.18 percent; European states, 18.35 percent.

“Of course, only the worst managed or unluckiest American companies actually pay that 38.91 percent. In the 1950s, a third of federal revenues were derived from the corporate income tax. In the middle of the 1960s, the corporate tax still yielded more than the payroll tax. But since then, revenue collections from the corporate tax have tumbled steeply, relative to other tax sources. Today, the federal government collects only about 10 percent of its revenues from the corporate income tax. The payroll tax contributes almost three times as much.

“In the 1960s, the ratio of federal collections was about 2 to 1 between individual and corporate income taxes. Since the Great Recession and the lapse of the Bush tax cuts, the ratio of individual to corporate income taxes has approximated 5 to 1.

“The paradox of high rates and low yields is explained by the rational lobbying strategy of corporate firms. Business in general would benefit from a lower rate. But from the point of view of any individual firm, the highest return on lobbying investment is earned by seeking special favors of value to that particular company or industry. A decade-long effort to reform corporate taxation might reduce the nominal rate to 25 percent. A shrewdly negotiated special favor can cut a company’s tax obligation to zero overnight. . .”


SYDNEY EMBER and KENNETH P. VOGEL, NYT: “The Kochs Are Inching Closer to Becoming Media Moguls”

“Four years ago, Charles G. and David H. Koch seemed poised to control some of the country’s biggest newspapers. Known for using their vast wealth and network of donors to advance their brand of libertarian-infused conservatism, the titans of Koch Industries explored buying the Tribune Company’s eight newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune.

“They ended up not making a bid, and in an interview at the time with his hometown paper, The Wichita Eagle, Charles Koch suggested that Koch Industries was rethinking whether it was wise to enter such a troubled industry.

“‘There are tremendous changes going on in media,’ Charles Koch said. ‘We’re back at square one, analyzing where is the most change, where are the best opportunities for new entrants to come in and add value?’

“The answer, it appears, was the magazine business.

“In a move that came to light on Wednesday, the Kochs have tentatively agreed to back an offer by the magazine publisher Meredith Corporation for Time Inc., the owner of titles including Time, People and Sports Illustrated. . .”

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge: “FBI Informant Has Video of Russian Agents with Briefcases of Bribe Money in Clinton-Uranium Scandal”

Submitted by

An undercover FBI informant in the Russian nuclear industry who was made to sign an “illegal NDA” by former AG Loretta Lynch, claims to have video evidence showing Russian agents with briefcases full of bribe money related to the controversial Uranium One deal – according to The Hill investigative journalist John Solomon and Circa‘s Sara Carter.

The informant, whose identity was revealed by Reuters as William D. Campbell, will testify before congress next week after the NDA which carried the threat of prison time was lifted. Campbell, originally misidentified by Reuters as a lobbyist is actually a nuclear industry consultant who is currently battling cancer.

As previously reported, Campbell was deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry where he gathered extensive evidence of a racketeering scheme involving bribes and kickbacks.

“‘The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions,’ a person who worked on the case told The Hill, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution by U.S. or Russian officials. – The Hill

James Oliphant & Andrew Chung, Reuters: “Trump adds five conservatives to list of possible Supreme Court picks”

“Two of them are appellate judges who were nominated by Trump earlier this year and confirmed by the Senate: Amy Coney Barrett and Kevin Newsom. Another, Brett Kavanaugh, sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, long viewed as a stepping-stone to the high court.

“The others were Britt Grant, a Georgia Supreme Court justice, and Patrick Wyrick, a Oklahoma Supreme Court justice.”


Sean Hannity: “Let There Be Light” Theater list at

Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (11-17-17)

“On Friday’s Mark Levin show, We have an actual photo of Sen Al Franken actually harassing a women. Yet the left including Sen Kirsten Gillibrand prefers to talk about President Trump and Bill Clinton. Gillibrand is the worst of the worst, because she is using sexual harassment in a partisan and political manner. She should name names of people in Congress who are engaging in sexual harassment, yet she names Trump who has nothing to do with this. Gillibrand is saying Bill Clinton should have resigned over Monica Lewinsky yet Clinton endorsed fund-raised for her last year.

“Also, Democrats are responding quite differently in the case of Al Franken than in the case of Roy Moore. Why are they calling for an ethics investigation and gong to the Senate Ethics Committee? Because that is where they go to kill off matters. The Democrats are kicking this down the road with the help of Mitch McConnell and Republicans. The public will then forget the matter and Franken will be able to run for re-election. Not a single member of US Senate has introduced a resolution that Al Franken be expelled. Where is Cory Gardner who called for expelling Roy Moore if he was to be elected? Franken should resign or be expelled.

“Later, no profession has disgraced itself more in the last seven years than the media. They abuse Freedom of the Press, for the purpose of advancing an agenda or promoting themselves.

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Dead Cats: Men/Women, 11/17/17, (28)32: James Brody

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – America’s Friends

HEALTH CARE: Hannity – Josh Umber Sites.

MOORE/BIDEN/FRANKEN/STALLONE: Rogers – Alabama GOP stands; Klein – Reporters meddled; Simon – Godfather Clinton; Fairbanks – Franken photo; Przybyla – Congress united?; Drudge Links 11-16-17.

TAXES: Durden – Virtue Signaling.

LEADS: NY Post – Duty to pursue Uranium One; Durden – ISR/Saudis?

RECOMMENDED: Hannity Film – Let There Be Light; Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-14-17).



Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “America’s Indispensable Friends

“. . . Sometimes American power leads to costly, indecisive interventions like those in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya that were not able to translate superiority on the battlefield into lasting peace.

But amid the frustrations of American foreign policy, it is forgotten that the United States also plays a critical but more silent role in ensuring the survival of small, at-risk nations. The majority of them are democratic and pro-Western. But they all share the misfortune of living in dangerous neighborhoods full of bullies.
“These small nations are a far cry from rogue clients of China and Russia — theocratic Iran, autocratic North Korea, and totalitarian Venezuela — that oppress their own people and threaten their regions.
“In the Middle East, there are two places that consistently remain pro-American: the nation of Israel and the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Both show a spirit and tenacity that so far have ensured their survival against aggressive and far larger neighbors. Both have few friends other than the United States. And both are anomalies. Israel is surrounded by Islamic neighbors. The ethnic Kurds live in the heart of the Arab Middle East. Quite admirably, the U.S. continues to be a patron of both. . .”


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.   LEADS:


Henry Rodgers, Daily Caller: “Report: Alabama State GOP Still Standing With Moore”

“. . . The Alabama GOP decided in a committee meeting Wednesday to maintain support for Moore, according to NBC, although over 8 women have accused him of dating them or making sexual advances on them as teenagers, and multiple Republican senators have withdrawn the endorsements of Moore.

“The Alabama GOP decided to support Moore even after a new poll released Wednesday, conducted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and reviewed in part by Politico, shows Moore down 12 points to Democratic candidate Doug Jones. The poll represents a stunning drop for Moore, who was leading by 16 points in a similar NRSC poll conducted last month . .”

Aaron Klein, BigJournalism: “EXCLUSIVE – Mother of Roy Moore Accuser: Washington Post Reporters Convinced My Daughter to Go Public”

Birmingham, ALABAMA — The mother of Leigh Corfman, who says that Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore tried to engage in a sexual encounter with her when she was 14, told Breitbart News that the Washington Post worked to convince her daughter to give an interview about the allegations against Moore.

“Speaking by phone to Breitbart News on Saturday, Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, 71, further stated that her daughter would not have come forward if it weren’t for The Post reporter’s alleged actions. . .”

Roger Simon, PJM: “Bill Clinton: Godfather of Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore”

“. . . President Clinton established an atmosphere of permissiveness in this country that allowed many things to slip by — straight and gay — without criticism, essentially changing our culture.

“The Democratic Party — with the notable exception of Joe Lieberman — gave Clinton a pass for having sexual relations with a 22-year-old intern in the Oval Office and in so doing gave a subliminal message to America.  If you had the right politics, if you were sufficiently “progressive” (whatever that means), everything was okay, especially if you were “cool,” played the sax, and wore shades.

“Well, you might lose the right to practice law in Arkansas, but who needs that? When it comes to separating the public from the private, we could out-French the French.  How sophisticated could you get!

Not very, as we now know, unless you consider masturbating in a flower pot the height of sophistication. . .”

Cassandra Fairbanks, BigLeaguePolitics: “NYT reporter calls for Twitter to censor images of Biden inappropriately touching women, children”

“In the wake of new reports about former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. having inappropriate contact with women and children, as well as a resurgence of videos and images of his conduct, Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times is calling on Twitter to “handle,” or censor, the content.

Perlroth, a cyber security reporter, tweeted the plea to her nearly 24,000 followers on Tuesday — to a less-than-warm reception. The tweet was retweeted only 16 times, while it received nearly 700 comments — most of which condemned her desire for censorship. . .”

Heidi M Przybyla, USA Today: “Analysis: When it comes to Al Franken assault allegations, Congress appears united”

“WASHINGTON – Congress may be gridlocked when it comes to policy battles – but the the condemnation from lawmakers after allegations Sen. Al Franken harassed a TV host and sportscaster was incredibly swift on both sides of the aisle. So was the Minnesota Democrat’s apology. An ethics investigation already appears to be in motion. And by the end of the day, the accuser already accepted his apology.

“Leeann Tweeden’s post that Franken kissed her against her will – and photograph of him groping her while she was sleeping on a cargo plane in a flak jacket during a Middle East trip to entertain U.S. troops in 2006 – sent shock waves through Washington on Thursday. But lawmakers’ unity, and quick reaction, was notable for Capitol Hill, which has struggled to get anything passed all year on taxes or health care. . .”

Alan Butterfield & Cheyenne Roundtree, UK Daily Mail: “EXCLUSIVE: How Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan: Police report reveals girl claimed star made her give him and his bodyguard oral sex and threatened they would ‘beat her head in’ if she ever told”

16 is the age of consent in Nevada . . .
Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan girl while he was filming Over the Top in Las Vegas in 1986, according to a police report obtained exclusively by

–  The actor, who was 40 years old at the time, met the teenager while he was filming at the former Las Vegas Hilton hotel and she was given keys to his room 

–  Stallone allegedly had sex with the girl, telling her she was ‘very tight’, before asking the minor if she had ever had sex with two men at the same time 

–  The girl claims Stallone’s bodyguard Michael ‘Mike’ De Luca, who was in the bathroom until Stallone brought him out, ‘forced’ her to give him oral sex

–  After performing oral sex on De Luca for some time, the teen claims he penetrated her while she was made to perform oral sex on Stallone

–  The teen told police she became ‘very uncomfortable’ when De Luca joined in on the sexual encounter but said she felt she had ‘no choice’ in the matter

–  Afterwards, the teen claims Stallone said she couldn’t tell anyone because both men were married and if she said anything, ‘they would have to beat her head in’

–  Police said she decided not to press charges against the men because she was scared and humiliated . . .  

Drudge Links 11-16-17

‘He Didn’t Pinch It; He Grabbed It’… 
IVANKA: Special Place In Hell For Child Predators…
Alabama nightmare leaves Bannon ‘war’ bleeding…
Six scenarios for disaster…
Republican leaders weigh drastic plan… 


Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Virtue Signaling On Tax Cuts”

Authored by Gary Galles via The Mises Institute,

As happens every time any sort of tax change that can be demonized as “tax cuts for the rich” is proposed, the Trump administration’s framework for tax reform has been met with “tax me more” virtue signaling.

‘As a billionaire, I would profit substantially from the tax cuts proposed…

But I am strongly oppose to even one more penny in cuts for rich people and corporations,’ because it would ‘defund the critical public programs on which American families depend.’

Unfortunately, such a signal of virtue is actually a signal of vice. Higher income earners already pay a vastly disproportionate share of the taxes used to fund government programs. Since those far higher taxes aren’t paying for greater benefits, Steyer’s position is essentially once of coerced charity–higher income people should be forced to pay more so that the government can give more to others, who didn’t earn it—and if other rich people don’t volunteer for higher taxes like I do, it is only because they are selfish (though one wonders why those who want something for nothing aren’t considered more selfish).

Because individual rich tax volunteers would pay only a small fraction of the actual cost of the programs they favor, forcing others to pick up almost all the tab, they provide just one more example of how the immense payoffs to taking others’ property through government lead people to torture logic to justify why others deserve your money more than you do, with government merely the necessary mechanism to achieve the required charity.

“However, the coercive charity logic is faulty. Few have made that clearer than F.A. Harper. In Liberty: A Path to Its Recovery, over a half-century ago, he decimated the ‘charity’ excuse for violating liberty. . .”


NY PostThe Justice Department has a duty to consider a probe of the Uranium One sale

“If crimes were committed to further Russia’s nuclear goals here, Americans need to know. And if Team Obama suspected that but still OK’d the Uranium One sale to a Russian firm, Americans deserve an explanation of that, too.

“Yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ orders to prosecutors merely to see if a probe — perhaps headed by a special counsel — is warranted has critics in a lather.

“No surprise there: The left fears a probe into Team Obama and the Clinton Foundation could taint Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, even if it turned up no damaging evidence. Worse, it could draw attention from the FBI investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion by President Trump’s campaign.

“So critics predict doomsday, claiming a special-counsel probe “could spell the end of the DOJ as an independent institution,” as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) tweeted.

‘Well, yes, Trump did provide ammo for such a claim when he said prosecutors should be looking at Democrats and that he was “disappointed” in Justice for not doing so. That stirred speculation that Sessions may launch a probe to save his own job.

‘But if that’s the case, the AG just made it harder for himself. He told lawmakers Tuesday he’d set a high bar before tapping a special counsel: “It would take a factual basis that meets the standards of the appointment of a special counsel,” he said.

‘Sure, Trump’s comments on what prosecutors should probe were as foolish as, say, Obama’s 2016 claim that Clinton’s e-mail mess didn’t harm national security — even as the FBI was investigating that question.

“But Trump’s remarks shouldn’t keep Justice from looking into possible crimes merely because it would appear to be taking orders from the president. . .”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Israel Ready To Share Intel With Saudis “Against Iran” Ahead Of Possible War”

“This morning one of Israel’s largest international news broadcasters broke an explosive yet not entirely surprising story that Israel would take the unprecedented step of sharing intelligence with Saudi Arabia as both countries continue to ramp up efforts to curb what they perceive as Iranian expansion in the region.

Israel’s i24NEWS cited statements by the head of the Israeli army given to a prominent Saudia Arabian newspaper on Thursday:

‘In an unprecedented interview with Saudi Arabia’s Alaf newspaper on Thursday, Israel Defense Force (IDF) chief-of-staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot said that Israel is ready to share intelligence with Riyadh on their shared arch-foe Iran.

‘Eizenkot, who is the first senior Israeli military officer to be interviewed by a Saudi media outlet, called Iran the ‘biggest threat to the region’ and said that Israel and Riyadh – which he noted have never fought one another – are in complete agreement about Iran’s intentions to dominate the Middle East’

“The report continues, quoting the IDF chief:
‘The interview is a major public step forward in warming ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia – which do not share any diplomatic relations.

“Eizenkot said that Iran wants to take control of the Middle East by creating two Shi’ite crescent, ‘from Lebanon to Iran and then from the Gulf to the Red Sea.’

“‘We must prevent this from happening,’ he implored.

‘He said that Israel has no intention of initiating a conflict with Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah, saying that ‘we see Iranian attempts at bringing about an escalation, but I don’t see a high chance for this at the moment.’ . . .”


Sean Hannity: “Let There Be Light” Theater list at

Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (11-16-17)

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Sen Al Franken is being accused of kissing and groping Leeanne Tweeden. There is first hand evidence in a photograph of Franken sexually harassing her which is repulsive. Meanwhile, Roy Moore denies all allegations against him and disputes that a note alleged to be written by him in a yearbook was actually written by him. Gloria Allred is saying that a writing expert will not be allowed to look at the yearbook until there is a congressional hearing. Why doesn’t she just allow the yearbook to be analyzed by writing experts? In the case of Franken there is actually photographic evidence of assault. McConnell insisted that Moore is to be expelled from the Senate if he was to win. Why isn’t Franken being expelled from the U.S. Senate if this is the standard? The evidence is overwhelming that Franken assaulted Tweeden while she was asleep on a plane. Why the double standard from McConnell and the Senate? They are instituting really important sexual harassment training yet won’t expel Franken. The best the Senate and McConnell can do is refer this case to the Senate Ethics Committee. An allegation was made, evidence was obtained and an apology was offered. Franken should resign.

“Also, McConnell and Cory Gardner do not want the people of Alabama to make their own decision. The people of Alabama are intelligent and will decide who their representative will be.

“After that, the Republican tax bill was passed in the House. The problem is not with the corporate tax but with what is going to happen to individuals in this country. On the individual side it is an absolute mess with personal exemptions and certain deductions being eliminated. They should have just had cut taxes across the board. Later, Bret baStephens is engaging in character assassination by saying that Steve Bannon is bad for the Jews, which is false because Bannon is pro-Israel and pro-Jew.”

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Dead Cats: Moore/Biden, 11/15/17, (28)31: James Brody

Hanson – Let Down at the Top

HEALTH CARE: Hannity – Josh Umber Sites.

MORE MOORE/BIDEN: Poor – Moore ahead; Watson – Groper Biden; Marcos – Capitol gropers; Voliers – No surprise; Drudge Links 11-14-17; Williams – 13 in France; Lee et al., Capitol squeezes; Greenfield – 25 years of Dem pedophiles.

TAXES: CNBC – Risks ahead as Trump returns.

LEADS: Goldstein – Household debt climbs; Lemire & Colvin – Trump/Moore?; Bedard – Why was Rand beaten?; Shankland – Chinese supercomputers.

RECOMMENDED: Hanson – One frenzy to the next; Hannity Film – Let There Be Light; Convention of States; Mark Levin (11-14-17).



“. . . Political correctness has become Maoist: All art must serve progressive struggle, defined in Hollywood as good race and gender warriors pitted against bad racists and sexists. The result is monotony and boredom. All the cleavage, flexed biceps, cheap obscenity, rap-music scores, and car crashes cannot hide that lack of an idea. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Let Down at the Top”

“. . . The Harvey Weinstein episode revealed two generational truths about Hollywood culture.
“One, the generation that gave us the free-love and the anything-goes morals of Woodstock discovered that hook-up sex was “contrary to nature.” Sexual congress anywhere, any time, anyhow, with anyone — near strangers included — is not really liberating and can often be deeply imbedded within harassment and ultimately the male degradation of women.
“Somehow a demented Harvey Weinstein got into his head that the fantasy women in his movies who were customarily portrayed as edgy temptresses and promiscuous sirens were reflections of the way women really were in Los Angeles and New York — or the way that he thought they should be. It was almost as if Weinstein sought to become as physically repulsive and uncouth as possible — all the better to humiliate (through beauty-and-the-beast asymmetry) the vulnerable and attractive women he coerced.
“Two, Weinstein reminded us, especially in his eleventh-hour medieval appeals for clemency by way of PC attacks on the NRA and Donald Trump, that mixing politics with art was, as our betters warned, always a self-destructive idea.
Hollywood ran out of original thought about three decades ago, and the people noticed and so keep avoiding the theaters. How many times can a good-looking, young, green progressive crusader expose a corporate pollution plot, or battle a deranged band of southern-twangy Neanderthals, South African racists, or Russian tattooed thugs, or a deep-state CIA cabal in sunglasses and shiny suits? How many times can the nth remake of a comic-book hero be justified by updating him into a caped social-justice warrior from L.A.? “Ars gratia politicorum is suicide. . .”


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

“Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

“The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.   LEADS:


Jeff Poor, Breitbart: “AL Sen Poll: Moore Leads Jones 49% to 43%”

“. . .Tuesday, Mobile, AL FOX affiliate WALA unveiled the latest FOX10 News/Strategy Research poll on the December 12 special election for U.S. Senate between Republican former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and Democrat former Clinton U.S. Attorney Doug Jones.

“The poll surveyed 3,000 likely voters and was taken on November 13, days after a Washington Post report was published that accused Moore of engaging in inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls more than 34 years ago.

“The poll gives Moore a six-point advantage over shows Jones by a 49-to-43 percent margin with 8 percent undecided. . .”


“He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible”

“According to Big League Politics’ Cassandra Fairbanks, a Secret Service agent who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Biden “would mess with every single woman or teen,” and that a Christmas get-together at the VP’s house had to be canceled ‘because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.’

“He also said that the Service often had to protect female agents from him and that Biden was prone to parading around the VP residence late at night with no clothes on.

‘I mean, Stark naked… Weinstein level stuff,’ said the agent.

“During one alleged incident in 2009, Biden cupped the breast of a Secret Service agent’s girlfriend during a photo, prompting the agent to shove Biden and almost hit him. The agent was subsequently suspended for a week, according to the source.

Men would often stand in front of female agents and Navy women or create false pretenses to have them leave the room just to get them away from Biden, according to the agent. . .”

Cristina Marcos, The Hill: “Lawmakers describe pervasive sexual harassment on Capitol Hill”

“. . .Lawmakers in both parties had already expressed support for mandatory sexual harassment awareness training, which is currently voluntary for legislative branch staffers. But they went further in a House Administration Committee hearing on Capitol Hill’s harassment policies and said even more can be done in a male-dominated workplace where sexual harassment can be pervasive.

“Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), in testimony before the panel, said at least two current members of Congress have engaged in sexual harassment.

““In fact, there are two members of Congress, Republican and Democrat, right now, who serve, who have been subject to review or not have been subject to review, but have engaged in sexual harassment,” said Speier, who declined to name the male lawmakers.

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) offered another example. She shared a story of a male lawmaker — still in Congress — who asked a young female staffer to bring materials to his residence. He opened the door dressed in only a towel, invited her inside and proceeded to expose himself. . .”

Anna Claire Voliers, AL: “Gadsden locals say Moore’s predatory behavior at mall, restaurants not a secret”

“Roy Moore’s penchant for flirting with teen girls was ‘common knowledge’ and ‘not a big secret’ around Gadsden, according to some area residents.

“The Senate candidate has denied any wrongdoing in the wake of a report from The Washington Post in which four women accused Moore of inappropriate advances – and in one instance, a sexual encounter – toward them when they were teens and he was in his early 30s.

“One of the four women claims she was 14 at the time, making her the only one whose claim would represent a legal violation. Moore has said he never met her. A fifth woman came forward this afternoon.

“Moore and other Republican leaders have questioned why it took so long for his accusers, now in their 50s, to come forward publicly.

“And yet people who lived in Etowah County during that time have said Moore’s flirting with and dating much younger women and girls was no secret.

“‘These stories have been going around this town for 30 years,’ said Blake Usry, who grew up in the area and lives in Gadsden. ‘Nobody could believe they hadn’t come out yet.’. . . ”

Drudge Links – 11-14-17

Woman Says Judge Moore Tried to Rape Her at 16…
Locals say predatory behavior at mall not a secret…
Alabama newspapers blasts as ‘unfit for public office’… 
Ted Cruz pulls support… 
Write-in option for voters?
Republican leaders threaten to expel from Senate if wins… 

Again, Mary, no exception to local custom, was 14 when she had Jesus . . .

Thomas Williams, Breitbart/London: “France Debates Dropping Minimum Legal Age for Sexual Consent to 13”

“In the midst of allegations of sexual abuse of minors by Hollywood executives and politicians, France is proposing a novel antidote to child sex abuse: make the children into consenting adults.

“Currently, the legal age of sexual majority in France is 15, but a new bill put forward by the French government looks to set the minimum limit for sexual consent still lower. On Monday, the French Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, said that the age of 13 years could be a reasonable limit.

“Thirteen is a ‘conceivable limit’ for the upcoming legislation, she stated, with the caveat that judges should be able to rule whether someone was old enough to give consent in particular situations. . .”

MJ LeeSunlen SerfatySara Ganim and Juana Summers, CNN: “’Nothing about it felt right’: More than 50 people describe sexual harassment on Capitol Hill”

(CNN)Be extra careful of the male lawmakers who sleep in their offices — they can be trouble. Avoid finding yourself alone with a congressman or senator in elevators, late-night meetings or events where alcohol is flowing. And think twice before speaking out about sexual harassment from a boss — it could cost you your career.

“These are a few of the unwritten rules that some female lawmakers, staff and interns say they follow on Capitol Hill, where they say harassment and coercion is pervasive on both sides of the rotunda.

“There is also the ‘creep list’ — an informal roster passed along by word-of-mouth, consisting of the male members most notorious for inappropriate behavior, ranging from making sexually suggestive comments or gestures to seeking physical relations with younger employees and interns. . .”


Hat Tip – InfoWars

“The Clintons, Obama, Kerry and their pedophile pals.

“. . . The time was the 80s and the First Lady of Arkansas was chatting with Roy Reed. Reed was a New York Timesbigwig, a civil rights hero and is currently a speaker for the Clinton School of Public Service.

“Back then, Reed was working on a profile of the Clintons for Esquire. The profile was never published. The tapes of the interviews were stowed at the University of Arkansas until they were dug up in ’14.

“And there’s Hillary Clinton laughing on tape about how she saved a 12-year-old girl’s rapist.

“Kathy Shelton had been raped and beaten into a coma when she was twelve years old. Her rapist wanted a “woman lawyer.” Hillary Clinton took his case as a favor and used every dirty trick to get him off. Even though she admits on the tape that she knew her client was guilty, she accused his victim of being “emotionally unstable” and fantasizing about older men. And she used the little girl’s bloody underwear as the pivot of a blatant lie that got her client off with less than a year in prison.

“All of that is bad enough. . .”


CNBC/Reuters:  “Risks ahead for US tax push as disputes linger and Trump returns”

  • Congressional Republicans pushed ahead on Monday on a U.S. tax code overhaul as a Senate panel considered the issue, but risks lay ahead with major intraparty disputes unsettled.
  • President Donald Trump tweeted some tax bill suggestions early on Monday that were starkly different from the two Republican plans being considered.
  • Many Republicans view a win on overhauling the tax code as crucial to avoid having to go to the voters in 2018’s congressional elections with no achievements to show.


Steve Goldstein, Market Watch: “Household debt rises by $116 billion as credit-card delinquencies pile up”

The numbers: Household debt rose by $116 billion, or 0.9%, to $12.96 trillion in the third quarter, the New York Fed said Tuesday. That’s the highest level in nominal terms, though not when compared to the size of the economy. Credit-card debt rose by 3.1% while home equity lines of credit, or HELOC, balances fell by 0.9%. There were small gains in mortgage, student and auto debt.

Flows into credit-card and auto loans delinquencies rose, with 4.6% of credit card debt 90 days or more delinquent, up from 4.4% in the second quarter, and 2.4% of auto loan debt seriously delinquent, up from 2.3%. That’s still nowhere near the 9.6% of student loan debt that is delinquent, which itself is understated because about half of those loans are currently in deferment, grace periods or in forbearance. . .”

Jonathan Lemire & Jill Colvin, AP: “Trump faces new challenges in tax overhaul, Alabama race

“MANILA, Philippines (AP) — President Donald Trump headed home Tuesday buoyed by an Asia tour he called “tremendously successful,” but he’ll face immediate challenges with the Republican tax overhaul and the party meltdown in Alabama over a Senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct.

“Underscoring the sharp political stakes for Trump, who lacks a major legislative achievement after nearly 10 months in office, Trump will meet with House Republicans on Thursday ahead of an expected vote on the tax overhaul legislation.

“Republican leaders in Congress view passage of the first major tax revamp in 30 years as imperative for the GOP to preserve its majorities next year. Trump has urged GOP leaders to make steeper cuts for the wealthy, even as a nonpartisan analysis of the Senate version of the legislation showed it actually would increase taxes for some 13.8 million moderate-income American households.

“Also waiting Trump’s attention is a party crisis over the Alabama special election to fill former Sen. Jeff Sessions’ seat. GOP candidate Roy Moore is caught up in allegations of sexual misconduct, and many Republicans have said Moore should withdraw. Moore is backed by former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon. . .”,-Alabama-race

Paul Bedard, DC Examiner: “Rand Paul: ‘No justification’ for ‘hitting somebody from behind and breaking their ribs’”


“‘From my perspective, I’m not really too concerned about what someone’s motive is. I’m just concerned that I was attacked from the back and somebody broke six of my ribs and gave me a damaged lung where at least for now I have trouble speaking and breathing and now I’ve hurt for 10 days,’ the senator said after arriving back in Washington for a week of critical votes.”

Stephen Shankland, CNET: “China’s supercomputers race past US to world dominance”

“China doesn’t just have the single fastest supercomputer in the world. It now dominates the list of the 500 fastest.

“For the first time, China has the most systems on the Top500 list, 202, up from 159 six months ago. The US dropped from 169 to 144. And in terms of the total performance of those machines, China also overtook the US, the Top500 supercomputer list organizers said.

“The news underscores the relentless ascent of China’s supercomputing trajectory in recent years. It also marks a notable shift in the international balance of high-end computing power that’s closely tied to industrial, academic and military abilities. . .”


Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: “From One Frenzy to the Next”

“America is in another of its Salem moments. Frenzy is almost a living, breathing monster. It moves from host to host, fueled by rumor, gossip, and self-righteous furor.

“The Greeks knew well of the transitory nature of these mass panics. They claimed such fits were inspired by the Maniae, the three daughters of Night who were the goddesses of insanity, madness, and crazed frenzy. We’ve seen all three of them in action throughout the past year.

“. . . From Harvey to Everyone
The next collective furor arose over Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Sometime in October 2017, the progressive film titan was abruptly condemned as sick, evil, and unhinged—after 30 years of common knowledge that he routinely sought to use his power of hiring and firing to leverage or force sexual gratification.

“Once Weinstein’s progressive armor was pierced and he was exposed as a groper, assaulter, and likely rapist, then dozens, perhaps hundreds of similar stories of powerful media and film men surfaced. Some were not only pronounced guilty of past consensual though asymmetrical sexual relationships but of abusive sexual acts and cruelty. Apparently, the mostly progressive male entertainment and media hierarchy had long equated the 1960s-era liberal legacy of “sexual freedom” with a blank check for their own sexual coercion and phallic exhibitionism. We all had assumed a continuity of Hollywood culture of updated Harry Cohns, but Hollywood’s preemptive moral finger-pointing at others apparently allowed their hypocrisies to stay in-house.

“As the collective furor grew, the net widened. More stories, but from 10, 20, 30, and 40 years past, surfaced—calibrated to the current celebrity or perceived visibility of the perpetrator. The charges initially also ranged from horrific (and quite believable) allegations of rape and gross groping and assault to what used to be called male-power rudeness and bullying—and eventually including even the occasional crudity and stupidity that can accompany seduction.

“Soon, we assumed that if our celebrities, journalists, and politicians were power-hungry sexists and worse, then all of American manhood must be, too. Everyday Joes, for now, were saved from belated and embarrassing post facto accounting only by their ordinary stations that made confessions of their sins of little collective interest.

“As in the case of the other hysterias, such collective fits cool when they begin to snare the supposedly exempt—marque reporters, famous authors, prominent politicians—and morph well beyond the original and quite legitimate charges of sexual assault to include rude come-ons and callous, narcissistic and cruel behavior. But when married couples of 40 years begin to think back about whether they too were ever crude in their 20s and 30s or exploitive in their own courtship, then everyone is guilty, and thus no one is guilty and the hysteria subsides. . .”

Sean Hannity: “Let There Be Light” Theater list at

Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (11-14-17)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Rep. Jackie Speier testified that there are at least two sitting members of Congress — one Republican, one Democrat —who have engaged in sexual harassment of their own staff members. These 2 members need to be named! Also, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell need to resign for their failure in leadership and keeping silent on known creeps and a known widespread problem in the institutions they lead. What’s going on in the U.S capitol building, would not be tolerated in any other place. However, Congress exempts itself from the same laws that apply to us. Why isn’t the media investigating Congress and these predators? It’s like there’s a code of silence just like the mob.

“In addition, McConnell says we should consider a write in candidate against Roy Moore. He just told us how to defeat liberal Republicans in the Senate – support a write in candidate. “Later, the people of Alabama will decide the fate of Roy Moore. McConnell wanted to decide who Alabama would send to the Senate long before Moore; he wanted Luther Strange. “Finally, Paul Ryan says that he wants to make sure the people in the middle get the biggest tax break. This is not conservatism at all. We are not asking anybody to give us a break, we just want to keep our own money. This kind of propaganda is dangerous because it goes unchallenged by so-called conservatives. They are so desperate for a corporate tax cuts that they are willing to sound like socialists.”

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